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It has been announced that Olexander Usyk will face Anthony Joshua on September 25th, 2021, in a fight for the WBA (Super), WBO, IBF, and IBO heavyweight titles. The bout will take place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

We have selected the most popular bets and associated odds from the legal bookmakers on the Joshua vs Usyk fight for you in this article.

The fight will be broadcast by both Dazn and Sky Sports.

Anthony Joshua was expected to fight Tyson Fury in the unified bout. However it transpired that Fury has to face Deontay Wilder first, in their third fight for the WBC and also The Ring titles. Joshua's team started negotiations but the final decision of Fury’s team was for the fight against the Bronze Bomber. Thus the bout between Fury and Joshua has been postponed indefinitely.

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Usyk vs Joshua: Odds on the fight

Despite Usyk being undefeated in his professional career, the bookmakers consider the Ukrainian fighter an underdog in the upcoming bout. Most analysts believe that this fight will be just a formality for the British champion in preparation for the encounter with Fury. 

The best odds on Joshua's victory are at 1.4 or 2/5 The logo of the bookmaker Betfred -

Meanwhile the best odds on a Usyk’s victory are at 3.6 or 13/5 The logo of the bookmaker Smarkets -

Bookmaker Joshua Win Usyk Win Welcome Bonus
BetFred 1.4 3 £30
Smarkets 1.4 3.6 £10
Parimatch 1.36 3.25 £30
10Bet 1.35 3 £50
WilliamHill 1.36 3.25 £30
888Sport 1.36 3 £30

Bookmakers are also offering odds on a draw at 26 or 25/1 The logo of the bookmaker Smarkets -

Nevertheless, it is still possible for it to be a difficult fight for Anthony Joshua, so it’s a bad idea to follow these odds blindly.

Bets on the Joshua vs Usyk fight

Let’s start with looking at how long this bout is likely to last. Bookmakers anticipate that it’s quite likely for it not to go the full distance. Well, on the one hand that’s possible, both fighters are heavy weights, very strong punches, and have both recorded knock outs in their previous bouts. On the other hand you could argue that the fast knockout is unlikely to happen in this case. Both Joshua and Usyk have incredible stamina, they can withstand a large number of punches, and this will be an antidote to the blows coming their way.

Fight to go the distance?

There is a lot of logic to betting on the bout finishing beyond the half way point, assuming that both boxers will spend 4-5 rounds getting used to each other. They are unlikely to be looking for a rapid knockout. The middle of the fight will be the defining period. Both Joshua and Usyk will have to increase the pace here and maybe change their strategy to fight fiercely in the end, especially Usyk because he is unlikely to get another chance at this.

Will the fight last over 8.5 rounds?

Bookmakers are confident of a Joshua victory before the end of the bout. It’s interesting though that the odds on a win by decision for either fighter mirror each other until there is a huge gap between the odds for a knockout win. The reason for this is that the nookmakers are probably in awe of Anthony’s 22 knockout streak.

Win by decision

Win by KO, TKO,or DQ


Analysts believe that one of the boxers will be knocked down at least once for the fight. However, you need to remember that it is always possible for the referee to stop the bout while both fighters will be standing in stance. Should that happen then the fight will be over without a knockdown.

Statistics (Fight record) and physical data

The British boxer has two main physical advantages. He’s 7 centimeters taller and his reach is 10 centimeters longer. However Alexander has already fought opponents larger than him and still he moved well in the ring and demonstrated good defensive skills. Even when the offensive actions were rough.

Anthony Joshua

Olexander Usyk


Total Fights























Anthony Joshua

  • 24 fights, 23 wins, 1 loss.

  • IBF (2016-2019, 2019 - currently), WBA (2017-2019, 2019 - currently), WBO (2018-2019, 2019 - currently), IBO (2017-2019, 2019 - currently) Heavyweight World Champion. OBE.

Anthony Joshua to win

Anthony Joshua has been preparing to fight the extraordinary Tyson Fury and his style of fighting. Now his team has to change the game plan.

Joshua will put the first ever loss in his professional career to Ruiz Jr. behind him if he defeats Usyk. Besides many of the British fighters fans weren’t amazed by his win over the Bulgarian Pulev who clearly had boxing skills way inferior to the ones Anthony Joshua has. It’s obvious that Joshua really owes his fans a win against one of the top fighters.

What can we expect from Joshua in the bout versus Usyk?

Anthony Joshua is the favorite in this bout, so he is likely to occupy the central part of the ring from the very beginning. He will likely be relaxed, smiling, and trying to annoy his opponent. Anthony Joshua will be the first to start any offensive actions as he will realize that Usyk isn’t going to come at him. Usyk won’t have any desire to get knocked down by a strong punch from the British fighter in the first round.

Joshua will try to size up the reach of Usyk and see how often he counter attacks. Anthony will increase the pace in the middle of a round to make Olexander Usyk slow down. It’s highly likely that there won't be many accurate punches in the first 4-5 rounds.

What chance does Anthony Joshua have of winning?

The British fighter is the obvious favorite in the Bookmakers eyes. It is unlikely though that the bout will end early. Usyk is a cold blooded fighter who can slow his offensive actions down a bit to save stamina and choose a correct game plan.

However Joshua’s dangerous jabs may spoil the plans of the Ukrainian. Their chances are pretty equal really. Anthony Joshua has a small advantage because of his better speed, physical condition, and the pressure he can maintain.

Anthony Joshua’s last five bouts

Anthony has won 4 of his 5 last bouts. Twice he did it by KO or TKO, and twice he won by decision.





December 12, 2020

Kubrat Pulev



December 7, 2019

Andy Ruiz Jr.


By decision

June 1, 2019

Andy Ruiz Jr.



September 22, 2018

Alexander Povetkin



March 31, 2018

Joseph Parker


By decision

The only loss is in the first fight versus Andy Ruiz Jr.

Olexander Usyk

  • IBF, WBA Super, WBO Super, WBC World Champion. Mohammed Ali Cup holder.

  • 18 fights. 18 wins, 0 losses.

Usyk to win

Olexander Usyk has fought only twice since he started to perform in the Heavyweight division. It is not enough for the bookmakers to consider him a favorite in this match. Another problem is that the boxing community wasn’t particularly amazed by his two wins over opponents Witherspoon and Chisora. This is despite his obvious great technical ability and boxing IQ.

Many fans believe that Usyk’s journey to the most dangerous top fighters of the division was too short. Will this step from cruiserweight to heavyweight be a bridge too far?

What can we expect from Usyk in the bout versus Joshua?

Olexander knows perfectly well the physical attributes of Anthony Joshua. The Ukrainian does not match him looking only at the stats. The fighter will need to solve this puzzle in order to win.

Usyk will need to keep Anthony from the middle of the ring to keep him moving and get to tire quickly. At the same time Usyk should avoid attacking recklessly. He will need to keep his distance from Joshua. Just a couple of accurate punches from the British fighter can weaken the defence of Usyk.

Olexander will try to find the balance in the bout, attacking quickly with short series of punches to get the points. He will want to knock out the opponent for sure, but he will only start active attacking actions after the fifth or even seventh round.

What chance does Olexander Usyk have of winning?

If Olexander Usyk manages to control Joshua and lead him into behaving like a torero, making him move forward recklessly then the Ukrainian fighter will have a chance to exhaust Anthony. Nevertheless, even a tired Joshua is much stronger than Chisora.

Usyk will have to show the best of himself to perform well. His technique is good enough to be able to reach Joshua in the fight getting points. However there are going to be a few chances for Usyk to knock out the opponent. This is a side task which is impossible to complete without an accurate game plan in the beginning and a lot of stamina and patience. Now Usyk has less chances to win than Joshua.

Olexander Usyk’s last five bouts

Usyk won his five last fights. Although only two of them ended early. Witherspoon refused to keep on fighting and Bellew was knocked out.





October 31, 2020

Derek Chisora


By decision

October 12, 2019

Chazz Witherspoon



November 10, 2018

Tony Bellew



July 21, 2018

Murat Gassiev


By decision

January 27, 2018

Mairis Briedis


By decision

The last fight versus Chisora ended with an overwhelming  win for Usyk’s by decision.

Usyk vs Joshua: prediction for the fight

I disagree with popular opinion. The Ukrainian fighter can absolutely be competitive in a long drawn out bout against a boxer of the same level as Joshua. I’m sure that Usyk will be able to endure more than a half of the event and try to complete his task in the last rounds.

We saw Joshua being very careful in his bout versus Ruiz Jr. It’s unclear whether he will do the same this time or not.

The only thing I’m really sure of is that the boxers should stand at least 10 rounds, because of their physical attributes and stamina.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Usyk - Joshua fight start?

The fight between Olexander Usyk and Anthony Joshua will take place on September 25th in London at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Where will the Usyk - Joshua bout be broadcasted online?

It will be available online via Dazn and Sky Sports.

What are the odds of victory for Usyk and Joshua?

The British fighter is still the favorite. The odds on his win are at 1.4. The odds on Olexander Usyk’s win are at 3.25.

Olexander Usyk vs Anthony Joshua: Who will win?

Despite the fact that bookmakers believe in Joshua so much, Usyk shouldn’t be counted out. He has really great speed and defensive skills. The fight is going to be very equal, Anthony Joshua will have some kind of an advantage only due to his physical presence.

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