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When looking to choose a boxing betting site there are many things to consider, and boxing betting odds is just one thing to consider. UK players have a large choice of online boxing bookmakers to chose from, here we look at everything you need to know.

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Boxing is defined as "a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring". The first ever recorded bout was set in England during January 1681 and has been an Olympic event since 1904. From these beginnings it has evolved into a vast network of professional and amateur associations with a myriad of titles, weight categories, and spin off associated sports worth several Billion £s a year!

How to bet on Boxing

The simplest type of bet is obviously just who will win. This is commonly referred to as either the "match odds" or the "fight winner". Since there is only two outcomes here there is not much nuance to the betting and so to cater for this bookmakers have added extra options, such as who will win AND in what round? What will be the method of victory? Will the event go the distance? and more!

Betting Strategy For Boxing

Boxing more so than other sports will usually have a favourite and an underdog, with the weight of money going onto the favourite. This makes the boxing betting odds on the favourite remarkably low and even though they are probably going to win part of any successful boxing betting strategy is knowing when to avoid placing a bet even when you think that it will win but there is no value there.

Professional gamblers who consistently make money in the long run from betting on boxing online know that avoiding negative value bets is just as important in the long run as the ability to bet on positive value ones. The key element is getting a highest possible return on your bet than the probability of the bet happening. It is often the case that gamblers who win in the long run are those who specialize in niche markets like boxing. More mainstream sports have more publicly available data and more competition for customers so the odds more often accurately represent the probabilities, where as boxing can present anomalies. Following boxers more closely than the bookmaker, for example on social media platforms such as Twitter and following online boxing communities on Facebook or Reddit can assist you in compiling odds for fights yourself. These communities can also provide some usefull boxing bets tips and point you towards any boxing betting offers. This is a great way to beat the boxing betting sites.

An example would be rumors circulating of a fighter looking off the pace in training or suffering from illness before a big fight can help gamblers gain an edge on the bookie if you can get this information first and place bets before the odds have changed to take this new information into account. Accurate and timely information is the single most important factor behind any winning boxing betting strategy.
Where boxing betting is concerned it is important not to get too emotionally attached to fighters and become fans. To profit you have to bet with your head not with your heart. This can be hard to do when researching boxers to such a high degree because you can easily form an emotional attachment and want them to win, which can cloud your vision.

The final point is to remember that unlike other sports which follow a set pattern of events and it is either random or inevitable who faces who, in boxing the matches must all be sold to the public in order to turn a profit. Promoters will try to make a storyline and use this to sell a fight and whilst the narrative to a fight might be interesting, it will have very little effect on what happens on the night in the squared circle. There is an old adage, "Good stories might sell fights, but only good fighters win them".


Bets on boxing matches have always been a popular choice and there is certainly the possibility for a knowledgeable gambler to have an edge.

  • Firstly boxing has been the wide range of outcomes which can be bet on, not just who will win but also round betting, method of victory, and proposition bets.
  • Secondly, due to the nature of boxing and its unpredictability (one punch at any moment can change everything), this gives a certain advantage to the bettor. It certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat.
How do betting odds work in boxing?

When betting on a boxing match odds work in exactly the same way as any other sport. The odds may be displayed the UK way with fractions, such as 2/1, or it may be the European decimal system which would be 3, or even sometimes you will see the American system +200. All of those are the same thing and mean that if you place £1 on the selection, if it wins you will get £3 back, £2 of which is profit.

What is round betting in boxing?

When betting on boxing you have the option to bet on who will win but sometimes because that is so obvious you can also bet on boxing round betting. This is basically what round they will win it in. This is there to add a bit more excitent to a fight and you can use it to get value when you think two boxers are evenly matched by betting on a victory coming in the later rounds.

How does boxing betting work?

Boxing betting works the same as any other type of betting, you go to the market you are interested in, then look at the odds. If it is something you think offers value you click on what you want and it is added to your betslip. Then you can enter your required stake and click on confirm. You will be shown a confirmation slip with a reference number, you now know your boxing bet is on.

How can I handicap my boxing bets?

You can not handicap boxing bets.

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