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Online UK Cricket Bookies

Cricket is a complex sport with a rich history and an exciting future as even today its evolution and growth in popularity continue unabated. Its initial success actually stemmed in part from the possibility to bet on cricket matches, at a time when there was not too many sports which had professional players and it was possible to do so. In fact gambling on sport became a problem significant enough for Parliament to pass the 1664 Gambling Act, limiting stakes to £100 (although back then this was a colossal sum exceeding the annual income of 99% of the population).

Cricket Betting Odds

Selecting a cricket betting site isn't always simple. There are a large range of factors to consider with online cricket match betting and the first one people normally look at are the odds. 

Cricket Betting Sites

There are a few cricket bookies online who offer legal cricket bets on virtually every professional match there is, with In-Play cricket betting as well. We list some of the available sites below:

As well as the odds other factors to consider is how much attention cricket gets as some will only offer the big events like the IPL or World Cup, while other UK cricket betting sites will give you odds on everything from international matches to Indian domestic games. In-play betting options are rarer to find than other sports but are available. Finally you want to make sure you have plenty of deposit options and quick payout times, and you can check our reviews for the latest information about that here.

Cricket Bet Types

Betting on cricket has a number of options segregated by the time period you want, you can bet on the next ball or over, to the winner of the match, or even in Test Cricket the winner of the Series. Most of the cricket bookies will offer all of these options, meaning there is always something for you to consider.

If you are online betting on cricket matches the most common bet is simply on the match winner, which can be done before the match or In-Play. In Test match cricket, there is also the possibility of a draw if the game is not finished after 5 days, and also much more rarely there is occasionally a tie!

As any good UK cricket betting site will tell you the most common market people bet on is the match winner market. Bets can also be placed on individual player performances, with markets ranging from how many runs they will score, how many wickets they will take, or even who will get man of the match. Interestingly cricket also has ‘spot betting’ with bets placed on the very next over or even next ball!

Live Cricket Betting

Live cricket betting is known as betting "In-Play" betting and this is a VERY popular way to bet on cricket, especially Test cricket that can take several days to complete. At any time a few wickets falling in quick succession, a new batsman hitting their stride, or even a sudden change in the weather can have a dramatic effect. Any of those can be what is known as a "Game Changer" and therefore can introduce whole new betting possibilities. This is the main reason why in-play betting is such a popular feature of cricket betting.

Cricket Betting Strategies

Cricket is a game of many short term events which come together to form a bigger picture. When you are betting on cricket it is always worth stepping back to see how far away a team really is from winning a game. For example, a team may be looking favourites to win steadily reeling in a target for the win but the very next bowl could always result in the loss of a player who could well be their talisman. A cricketing collapse of the lower order is always possible. It could be a value bet to look at the outsider, whose odds can often overstate the true probability of them winning.

The biggest and most unpredictable variable when betting on cricket, and particularly when online cricket match betting, is the weather. If you can accurately predict how much rain there will be then you can better understand the probability of a draw and adjust your cricket betting strategy accordingly. If rain is likely then using the ‘draw no bet’ market should definitely be considered over the regular match odds.

Cricket Betting Promotions

At present there are no specific cricket promotions available although a number of bookies have ongoing general promotions which you can combine with cricket bets. Three examples are:

The Most Popular Cricket Tournaments

Cricket has grown over the years, over the Centuries in fact to become a Global sport. As such it has a large number of tournaments, cups, league competitions and specific rivalries. We will look at some of them here and now.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup (50 Overs)

The inaugural Cricket World Cup was held in England during the Summer of 1975. Eight Nations took part, Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, The West Indies, Sri Lanka and a composite team from East Africa. By 2007 the number of teams had risen to 16 but has since declined down to just 10, South Africa, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh replacing East Africa. By 2011 the final was broadcast live to almost 200 countries and reached 2Bn people making it the most viewed sporting event of all time.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup (20/20)

In 2007 the ICC organised the first ever World Cup using the shorter (and arguably more exciting) 20/20 format. There has been 6 World Cups so far usually held every 2 years apart. The West Indies are the only country to have won the tournament multiple times, and India are the only team to have ever won it on home soil.

The Ashes Test Series

The Ashes is a Test cricket series played between England and Australia. The winner of the most recent series (5 Test matches played during a tour) is said to currently hold the Ashes and retains the trophy. The term originated in a satirical obituary published in a British newspaper, The Sporting Times, immediately after an Australian victory in 1882. It was the first test win on English soil. The obituary stated that English cricket had died, and "the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia". Of all the cricketing rivalries only India vs Pakistan comes close to the level of significance attached to being the victors in this clash. In the approximately 130 years since 1883, Australia have held the Ashes for approximately 80 years, and England for 55 years.

Cricket Betting Tips

When you are online cricket betting you should look at our various ratings. Everybody has different preferences and the most important thing will be different for each person. Therefore we have ranked the bookmakers by a variety of parameters.

Range of betting options: The number of cricket betting markets available to bet is a major criteria that seperates good bookmakers from average ones. If you are not sure about anything then go to our Betting School which will help you to understand all the different types of bets you need to know.

The Odds: This one is obvious. We have looked at real life examples to get an understanding of how much value each bookmaker offers. It may look as if there is little difference, but in the long run even slight differences can add up.

User Opinions: This is the combined opinion of Legalbet users, ranking which of the bookmakers they claim to bet at regularly.

Live Betting: In 2021 this is a service nearly all bookmakers provide. Often each offering is customised in house by that bookmaker so but there can be huge differences in the overall product quality.


Cricket is a great sport to follow due to its diversity, you can have the high impact thrills and spills of a 20/20 big bash or the leisurely Gentlemans game of a 5 day Ashes Test match. The range of markets is immense and online cricket match betting lends itself perfectly to In-Play betting. Like other team sports who have key players, betting on cricket involves specific player markets mean that gambling on cricket can be very lucrative, especially for fans who keep up to date with player statistics, as well as following them on Twitter and other Social media to always have the inside edge. With many leagues spread all across the world, combined with the many international matches and test series, cricket fans (once Covid19 abates) will be spoilt for choice when it comes to betting on their favourite sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Best Cricket Betting Site?

As to the very best cricket betting site in the UK this is a tricky question to answer as there are so many variables. When choosing a bookmaker it is a good idea to consider the range and depth of betting markets they offer, the level of the odds you can get, the quality of their in play betting and also what other users typically use for their bets. Every individual has different preferences and different needs so it is important that after considering all these factors you choose the bookie who is best for you.

What Types of Bet Can be Made?

By far the most common form of cricket betting is on who will win the game, other names for this that you may see are “Match Odds” and “To Win the Match”. On a longer time frame you can bet in International cricket on the “Series Winner“ as it is quite common for International teams to play a three or five-game series rather than a single match.

There are a huge number of possible markets available for each and every game which include: Win the Toss, Odd or Even Run Scores, First Innings Score, Match Scores, Over/Under Scores, Team Innings Runs, Series Scores, Partnerships, Most Match Sixes, Total Fours, Most Run Outs, Highest 1st 15 Overs, Top Batsman, Team of Top Batsman, Top Bowler, Man of the Match, Century to Be Scored in the Match, Batsman Runs, Runs Off Next Ball, Method of Dismissal. All of these are legal cricket betting markets for UK residents as long as they are not connected to the game.

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