Euro 2024 Golden Glove Odds – Who Will Be The Best Goalkeeper?

There is no Golden Glove award presented by UEFA after a European Championship, as it is in case of the World Cup. Betting sites don't offer the odds on the Best Goalkeeper of Euro 2024. However, the best goalkeeper can be determined by the number of clean sheets and saves he makes during the tournament, which will be held in Germany from June 14 to July 14. Below, there’s a review of the best goalkeepers of Europe. Let’s find out which one of them will be the best after Euro 2024 is over.

Favourites to become the Euro 2024 Best Goalkeeper 

Currently, it’s hard to say who is going to be the Euro 2024 best goalkeeper. We may still have a look at the performance of some players this season and in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. You can also have a look at the betting odds on the Player of the Tournament.

Marc-André ter Stegen

This option is not that obvious. Last season he performed in an impressive way, conceding 0.48 goals per game on average and having 26 clean sheets. Today, he seems to be a pale shadow of what he used to be, with his statistics have fallen twice. 

Marc-André ter Stegen may be a substitute goalkeeper for this tournament. Manuel Neuer has worse statistics in the German Bundesliga (6 clean sheets, 1.45 goals conceded per game). However, Neuer has only recently recovered after a severe injury. And he’s already set a record in clean sheets in the Champions League. It’s a mystery who's going to be the main goalkeeper of the German national side, as 3 players are included in the squad.

Mike Maignan

Mike Maignan had a bright start in his first season in AC Milan, helping his team gain the domestic title and becoming the Serie A best goalkeeper with 18 clean sheets. Maignan is the only goalkeeper in the top 5 European leagues to make assists in 3 consecutive seasons.

He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He has perfect leadership skills. Maignan has become a key player of the French national side after the 2022 World Cup as Hugo Lloris has retired. Mike Maignan conceded only 3 goals in the Euro 2024 qualifying tournament, saved a penalty kick in the game against the Netherlands (4:0) with 92.9% saves in total. France topped the group.

Jordan Pickford

Jordan Pickford played perfectly. Just like the whole English national side did. They never conceded a goal in the first 5 games of the tournament. Only Mikkel Damsgaard (Denmark) finally managed to score a goal in the semi-final game versus England.

This Premier League season saw Jordan Pickford helping Everton avoid relegation. His team was deducted 8 points for breaching financial rules. Pickford kept 13 clean sheets (only David Raya had 16), taking third position in saves percentage (73,9%).

Unai Simón

The last season was perfect for Unai Simón. He finished on top of the Zamora Trophy list with 17 clean sheets, and 0.92 goals conceded on average.

Last European Championship saw Unai Simón playing each game. Along with Pedri they made a mistake which led to an own goal in the game against Croatia (won by Spain in extra time 5:3). He saved 2 penalty kicks in the following game to help his side eliminate Switzerland and become the best player of the match.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

It was yet another top season for Gianluigi Donnarumma. PSG became champions and Gianluigi was the leader in saves (84,5%). The Champions League performance could have been better, though (only 3 clean sheets). However, he made 37 saves which allowed him to be second best along with Jan Oblak.

Donnarumma is considered to be Buffon's ancestor for his skills and cold blood. Last Euro was a triumph for Donnarumma. He won the title, after saving 2 penalty kicks in the final against England. Donnarumma was the best goalkeeper of that tournament.

Who was Named the Euro Best Goalkeeper Before?

Goalkeepers are often criticised extensively for the mistakes they make. Their contribution to the successful results may be underrated. The Golden Glove can be awarded by FIFA if a goalkeeper is stable throughout the whole tournament or performs perfectly in the knockout stage. As for the European Championships, the best goalkeeper is almost always the one who gets the trophy. In the last 6 European Championships, only Petr Čech was in the Team of the Tournament, while the Czech Republic finished 3rd. This time, England, France and Germany are the main favourites.


Best Goalkeeper

Euro 2020

Gianluigi Donnarumma

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Rui Patrício

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Iker Casillas

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Iker Casillas

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Petr Čech

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