New Betting Sites in UK

Do you think you have an account at every UK betting site? Well you are probably wrong, in total there are 916 Licenced operators regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and eligible to take bets from the public (although not all of these will have a website). The largest, oldest, and most trusted are big names on the UK high street as well as having an online presence. If you do not have an account with all four, then you should.

When choosing a new site to use there are a number of things to consider, some are obvious, others are less so…


Firstly I would consider their reputation and how old and established they are, if a site is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has been around for over 100 years then there is a very good chance that my money is safe and they will not go bust with me losing my money. This does happen. Quite a lot.

Range of Markets

Another more obvious thing to consider is do they allow me to bet on the Sports and Markets that I want to, not every bookmaker will cover every single event, so it is important to check that your new one does. Linked to this, and this is a big one, what are the odds like? The odds a bookmaker offers you is the single most important variable between betting profitably and at a loss. Also how much can you bet? Certain bookmakers are quick to set low limits and there is not a lot of point being offered 10/1 on a Horse whilst everyone else will give you 9/1 if the 10/1 site will only let you bet 20p. It is also important to look at any freebets or promotions available, this linked to the odds can make a poor value bet a good value bet, and some sites have A LOT of promotions.

Pay out times

Other considerations are what are the pay out times like, once a withdrawal is made it is not nice to have to wait a week or more to be paid. What is the customer service like, are they open 24hrs? Do they have a free phone number to call? Are Emails answered promptly? Linked to this, for those people who gamble a lot, is there a rewards scheme for loyalty and/or a VIP scheme for high rollers. It is worth wagering at a site that values your custom and will get you the most “bang for your buck”.

Mobile Options

Finally it is worth checking if they have a decent “App” to use since in the modern world much time is spent on the phone, it can sometimes be the only way to bet if you are not at home.