Premier League Finances

The English Premier League is a global business, and this means it is a global marketing opportunity for the worlds biggest brands. The value attached to advertising in a Premier League stadium is massive, reportedly between £700k and £2m per match.

Adverts in different areas will have a different value, and the prime location is on either side of the halfway line which could generate anywhere from £200k to £600k per match. This is surprisingly large when you consider it is more than a branded LED scoreboard display would generate, and that is typically one of the most valuable branded assets available. What is even more surprising though is that the lowest value is assigned to behind the goals, ranging from £70k to £200k per match.

Given that TV Rights are the main source of income for most clubs, the changes to the restart schedules Post COVID - 19 could have a significant impact going forward. There is a widely accepted view that audience figures across Sky Sports and BT Sport will increase against the season average, we just don’t know by how much.

It is too early to say if other branding value will increase significantly based on the fact that most matches are being broadcast in the UK because there will be a saturation point of how much people can take in over the new shorter space of time, even if overall coverage increases.

The key to whether revenue will grow or not compared to before is if the games are viewed more internationally. European broadcasters have the right to increase their coverage (in line with the UK) which is what could provide a real and significant boost for advertisers.