Kylian Mbappe transfer saga – what's next?

The Mbappé transfer saga

Mbappé to Real Madrid - Yes or No

We are all waiting for that tweet (or should I say "X") from Fabrizio Romano confirming: "Here we go!". But it's not coming. The Mbappé soap opera continues for another year, where it originally seemed like there are only two options: stay at PSG until the summer of 2024 (when his contract expires) or sign for Real Madrid.

There have been plenty of rumours pointing to an agreement between Real Madrid and the French superstar for anything up to a staggering 250m Euros. However, PSG will have to decide whether to sell him now and bank that profit, or hold on to the end of his contract making the most of him for another year before having to let him leave on a free transfer. (I know which I would choose!)

From Real Madrid's point of view, after the departure of Benzema, they are looking for an international standard striker and one of the best from that elite group. It remains to be seen if Joselu can fulfil that role and that is why Mbappé is once again very close to signing for Real Madrid this summer, given the tensions with PSG, who have officially put him up for sale.

There are several offers on the table though. According to the latest news, there are other teams involved and vast sums are apparently being offered from Saudi Arabia and Al Hilal. Bookmakers have taken note and are including this potential destination in the equation.

Betting odds on the Mbappé signing

Given the hype surrounding the signing, there are many bookmakers offering odds. The market is who will be Mbappé's club at the end of the Summer transfer window (Sept 3rd). There are not many teams with pockets deep enough to afford him and the front runners are therefore:

Mbappé's club

Odds (Decimal)

Available at

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PSG 1.8 Unibetexternal linkExternal links are prohibited
Real Madrid 2.1 Bet UK
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Any Saudi team 5.6 Spreadex Sport
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21 Leo Vegas
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Man City



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The odds, after the latest rumours and events which lead us to believe he is going (such as leaving the player out of PSG's Japan tour), have been moving in reaction to all the news. Since last summer PSG have always been favourites to retain him. However, in recent weeks, they have begun to go out due to the increased offers from other clubs. Both the Real Madrid option and the latest news about Al Hilal and their offer that has trumped everybody.

If you want to bet on the option of him staying at PSG, he is now at a higher odds than ever before. It has been odds on for the most part but now is available at near enough to evens. If we assume it is 50/50 whether he stays or goes, the question, if you do think he is going, is... Where is he going to?

In short, there is a good chance that the Mbappé soap opera comes to an end this summer. It will be interesting to see which way it ends.