Fury vs Usyk: betting odds and prediction

Current WBF Super, WBO, IBF, IBO and the Ring champion Olexandr Usyk and WBC and the Ring champion Tyson Fury will contest the undisputed heavyweight championship. The bout will take place on May 18, 2024 at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Below you will find a prediction for the fight Usyk — Fury, odds, betting options, statistics and review of the chances of the fighters to win.

Lennox Lewis was the last crowned undisputed heavyweight champion. It was in 1999 after he’d beaten Evander Holyfield.


Fury vs Usyk odds

Tyson Fury is the favourite again. His last bouts haven’t been too impressive. However, the bookmakers don’t doubt that he’s able to win this fight and take the title. Odds for Fury to win are around 19/20 .

Fury vs Usyk betting odds


Fury to win odds

Usyk to win odds

Betfred 91/100 21/20
Star Sports



William Hill












Oleksandr confidently secured his title in the rematch with Joshua and defeated Dubois despite a controversial low blow. However, bookmakers doubt that even such a speedy heavyweight fighter is able to beat Fury. You can bet on Usyk to win at around 9/10 .

Statistics and Physical data

The difference in anthropometry looks terrifying. Tyson Fury has a huge advantage in height, reach and weight.

Olexandr Usyk
Tyson Fury
21 Fights 34
21 Wins 33
0 Defeats 0
0 Draws / NC's 1
191 Height 206
198 Reach 216
100.2 Weight 121.9
30 Age 35

Olexandr Usyk

  • WBA, WBO, IBO, IBF and the Ring heavyweight champion

  • 21 fights, 21 wins, 0 defeats

Some people didn’t believe that Usyk would be able to stand even a half of the fight against Joshua. However, a couple of bouts and confident wins have finally calmed the haters down, making them admit that Usyk is probably the only one who’s able to stop Tyson Fury.

What to expect from Usyk in the fight against Fury?

Usyk is in a very complicated situation. On one hand, he can't start fast right away as there’s a high risk that he will be exhausted before the middle of the fight without gaining something real.

On the other hand, he won’t delay the fight hoping that referees will take a positive decision. Many still remember that controversial low blow in the fight against Dubois. Referees will look at his actions and reactions very carefully in this bout. 

The only chance is to counter-attack to strip Fury of the chances to take some rest. 

Usyk’s chances of winning

He has really little chance to win. There’s no reason to deny what bookmakers believe. If Olexandr fails to knock out his opponent until the end of the sixth round, he will likely drown in the clinches of the Gypsy King, losing precious time to attack.

Usyk will have to start fast, trying to attack Tyson Fury from aside. If Olexandr remains in one place, he can be knocked out, so he will have to move a lot.

Olexandr Usyk's Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
August 26, 2023 Daniel Dubois Won K.O.
August 20, 2022 Anthony Joshua


September 25, 2021 Anthony Joshua



October 31, 2020 Derek Chisora


October 12, 2019 Chazz Witherspoon


Corner retirement

Tyson Fury

  • WBC heavyweight champion. 

  • 35 fights, 34 wins, 0 defeats, 1 draw.

Tyson could just be very careful in the fights against Chisora and Whyte. We couldn't see neither pressing, which was a usual thing when he fought against Wilder, nor long combinations to finish the bout.

The Gypsy King seemed to be so sure that he would win on decision. He never tried to make the pace faster or knock out the opponents. 

Let’s hope that it was just consequences of preparing to fight against Usyk, not losing form and motivation.

What to expect from Fury in the fight against Usyk? 

Tyson is far from being stupid. We won’t see that slow pace we saw against Chisora. He realises that now he will face a fighter who is ready to work on the fast pace all 12 rounds. The only correct tactic is to use pressing in the way Dubois did it.

Fury has unpredictable shots. This is his key feature. He will rely on it to protect himself from Usyk’s attacks. 

If the fight lasts long enough and Tyson realises that he has no strengths left to attack, he will rely on defence, and his opponent can win a couple of rounds.

Fury’s chances of winning

There are two ways to beat Fury in his best form. Either he will underestimate his opponent, or his opponent can shock Fury with his tactics. The first option seems to be way more real. However, Fury hides his nerves and respect for his opponent under a wall of mocking and insulting Usyk. 

The Gypsy King has already said many times that he wants to end his career. Probably, this fight against Usyk will be Fury’s swan song. If it’s really so, just imagine how focused, motivated, accurate and aggressive he will be in this bout. 

Tyson Fury's Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
October 28, 2023 Francis Ngannou Won Decision
December 3, 2022 Derek Chisora


April 23, 2022 Dillian Whyte


October 9, 2021 Deontay Wilder



February 22, 2020 Deontay Wilder



Fury vs Usyk prediction 

Fury is too self-assured. It’s terrifying. He’s about to have fights against Ngannou and Usyk with a very short pause. He has no doubt he will face no problem. Yes, new videos from his training show that the Gypsy King is in good form, with his speed being back. But is this advantage really huge?

With all due respect to Usyk’s legacy, it’s hard to doubt that Tyson Fury will win. However, probably it’s not just going to be on decision, but it will involve a very close fight where referees will really have to do their best to count the points.

Tyson will try to make more shots and use Usyk’s problems with stepping back. But it’s hard to say that Fury can knock out Usyk fast.

Our bet and prediction: Tyson Fury to win and Over 10,5 rounds.


When will the Fury vs Usyk fight take place?

The Fury vs Usyk fight will take place on May 18, 2024 at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What are the odds on Fury or Usyk to win?

Tyson Fury is the favourite, you can bet on him to win at — 1.63. You can bet on Usyk to win at 2.40.

Who will win: Fury or Usyk?

Tyson Fury holds all the advantage in anthropometry. He won’t lose his speed, having a way smaller opponent. Usyk will have to move a lot thinking through several tactics for each part of the fight.