Tyson vs Paul Odds and Betting Prediction

YouTube blogger Jake Paul and professional boxer Mike Tyson will fight on July 20, 2024. The bout will take place at the AT&T stadium in Arlington, USA.

Below, you will find information about betting offers, exclusive prediction and fight odds for the Tyson — Jake Paul.

Who will win – Tyson or Jake Paul?

The format of the upcoming fight is to be announced later. However, currently some information provided on the internet says that the bout will consist of only 3 rounds with an exhibition status.

Tyson vs Jake Paul Odds

The talented blogger has a winning run. Obviously, the bookmakers don't doubt that he will easily beat the legendary old man. You can bet on Jake Paul to win at 13/20 .

Paul vs Tyson betting odds


Paul to win odds

Tyson to win odds

StarSports 13/20 3/2
Hollywoodbets 3/5 5/4

The comeback made by Mike Tyson in his fight against Roy Jones in 2020 was really successful. However, the experts doubt that the legendary boxer still has the same speed 4 years later. Odds for Tyson to win are around 3/2 .

Statistics and Physical Data

Jake has an advantage in height and reach. And he’s 30 years younger.

Jake Paul
Mike Tyson
10 Fights 57
9 Wins 50
1 Defeats 6
0 Draws / NC's 1
185 Height 178
193 Reach 180
90.6 Weight 99.97
27 Age 57

Jake Paul

  • American actor and blogger. Got famous due to the Vine platform and a collaboration with his big brother Logan. Made his debut in professional boxing in 2020.
  • 10 fights, 9 wins, 1 defeat

    Those who criticise Paul seem to be tired of themselves. They don’t pay attention to his wins in boxing. Yes, he lacks techniques, but he keeps on progressing, beating a rival after rival.

    Some blame the blogger for his decision to beat the old legend only for a profit. It’s getting clear that even many fans of Mike Tyson don’t actually believe in him now.

    What to expect from Usyk in the fight against Fury?

    Paul turned his jab punches into perfection in his fight against Bourland. He was aggressive, his punches were tough and he was capable of turning back into position to keep his opponent in the distance to avoid the punches.

    This is what he’s supposed to do against Tyson, too. Paul needs to keep the distance, avoiding the clinch.

    All Jake needs to do is to try to beat the opponent because of speed and his jab punches. If he manages to keep Myke in the distance, Paul can win by decision.

    Paul’s chances of winning

    Considering the age of Mike Tyson and how long he didn’t fight, we should admit that Mike Paul can win by decision.

    Jake’s unlikely to have enough techniques to break Mike's defence. However, double and jab punches from the distance can stop Tyson. He will miss some of them, trying to get closer.

    Jake Paul's Last 5 Fights

    Date Opponent Result Method
    March 2, 2024 Ryan Bourland Won T.K.O.
    December 15, 2023 Andre August


    August 5, 2023 Nate Diaz


    Unanimous decision
    February 26, 2023 Tommy Fury


    Split decision
    October 29, 2022 Anderson Silva


    Unanimous decision

    Mike Tyson

    • The youngest heavyweight world champion (at the age of 20). Undisputed heavyweight champion in 1987-1990. The toughest man in sports according to ESPN. Fought 6 out of the 10 most paid boxing bouts. Ended his professional career in 2005. 

    • 57 fights, 50 wins, 6 defeats, 1 draw in an exhibition fight.

    When Mike shares the video from his training, you always think how he manages to keep the speed of punches and strength at his age of 57.

    Even considering how fresh he looks, the fans didn’t expect him fighting the notorious 27-years old blogger in 2024. Mike has been trying to get his image back. He’s already given his prediction for the bout.

    I have started Jake's way in boxing and I will end it

    The main question we should ask before the fight is whether we believe that it’s going to be a real rivalry, or the plot of the event is already written as in a wrestling ‘competitions’.

    What to expect from Tyson in the fight against Paul?

    Mike will definitely try to make the distance shorter to punch with in his most famous style. The legend will make 3 or 4 consecutive punches to break the defence.

    He realises that Paul will not sustain the pressing, if he will be cornered and will not be able to have some distance.  Mike will keep his classic style with pressing and famous punches

    Tyson’s chances of winning

    He will have some chances to win only if he manages to devoid the blogger from punching. Mike is likely to surprise  his opponent in the first rounds. Yet he’s unlikely to be able to last long.

    To beat Jake in his current form, Tyson will need more than one perfect punch. He will need a couple of series of them with possible knockdowns and some breaks to change the position.

    Anyway, the fists of the legend still have something from the past. If Jake is cornered he can be knocked out.

    Mike Tyson's Last 5 Fights

    Date Opponent Result Method
    November 29, 2020* Roy Jones Jr. Draw Split decision
    June 11, 2005 Kevin McBride


    Corner retirement.
    July 30, 2004 Danny Williams


    February 22, 2003 Clifford Etienne


    June 8, 2002 Lennox Lewis



    *An exhibition bout.

    Tyson vs. Jake Paul: Prediction

    The main problem of exhibition fights is that the audience never knows what is the deal of both sides. Sometimes knockouts are prohibited, sometimes a fight is supposed to end in a particular round.

    Of  course, professionally, Mike has the advantage. He’s seen many various opponents in his career, Jake’s unlikely to surprise him. On the other hand, Jake is not a junior blogger anymore. His last fights have proved that he doesn’t take boxing as a hobby now. His timing, ability to feel the distance and jab punches will help him win by decision.

    The first thing we need to understand is whether this fight is to last only for 3 rounds. If so, Tyson will be super aggressive and Jake will show great speed.

    Although, betting on someone to win seems to be a bad option in this case. We’d better wait until many other betting options appear. Most likely, the plot of the fight is already written. It’s supposed to be a good farewell for the legend and transfer of the glory to a new generation.

    My prediction is Full fight.

    FAQ about Tyson vs Paul fight

    When will the fight Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson take place

    The fight Tyson vs Paul will take place on July 20, 2024 at the AT&T stadium in Arlington, USA.

    What are the Tyson vs Jake Paul betting odds

    Jake is the favourite of this event. You can bet on Paul to win at 3/5. The odds offered for Tyson to win are higher, around 5/4.

    Jake Paul vs Tyson: Who will win

    Jake has advantages, for example fast legs, good stamina and ability to keep the distance. It will help him avoid fierce attacks of the legend. Tyson has his legendary skills to fight back. However, Mike is likely to lack time to beat the blogger.