Fury vs Ngannou: prediction and betting odds

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou will face boxer and reigning WBC world champion Tyson Fury. Their boxing bout will take place on October 28th in Saudi Arabia.

In this material  we will provide information on betting odd and prediction for the Ngannou – Fury fight.

The whole fight will be shown live on TNT Sports Box Office. UK customers can access this through BT Sports premium package. The fight is scheduled for October 28th the bout is scheduled to begin at 10pm UK time.
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Fury – Ngannou: Betting Odds

I don't think you'll be surprised that the odds on Tyson Fury’s victory are obviously devastating. His rival has no idea of what professional boxing even is, so it’s pretty possible that he won't be able to survive all the rounds. You can bet on Fury’s win at odds of 3/25

Fury vs Ngannou Odds

Francis seems to want the fight only because of the number of zeros in the paycheck. Obviously, he has been too inspired by Jake Paul’s story and now definitely hopes to repeat the blogger’s success. The winner odds for Ngannou are 15/2

Statistics and Physical Data 

Although Francis was a giant in the UFC, he now faces a truly huge boxer: Fury has advantages in both reach and height.

Tyson Fury (Boxing)

Francis Ngannou (MMA) 













6' 9''


6' 4''


Reach, cm



Weight, lb





* The indicated weight is from the last bout. 

Organisation and Rules of the Fighting 

Many may not be aware, but the ban on boxing matches was the main reason for Ngannou's departure from the UFC. Meanwhile, the fight against Tyson was actively hyped: the parties dreamed of a contract, but spent a lot of time settling other obligations and financial issues.

Francis was looking for a promotion that was willing to accommodate his nonsense like a seat on the board of directors, a guaranteed fee for his rival, and the opportunity to participate in fights outside the MMA cage. Tyson, on the other hand, found a million excuses to avoid a fight with Alexander Usyk and offered the Ukrainian fighter humiliating contract terms, which, of course, he did not accept.

In the end, the MMA fighter and boxer managed to resolve all issues and have already signed contracts for this bout. We don't yet know the exact payments agreed upon by the sides, but one can be sure that this sum will be several times higher than what Ngannou earned in all his years in the UFC.

The main question remaining for combat sports fans is just the rules of the upcoming event and the number of rounds. According to Frank Warren, promoter of Tyson Fury, the bout will take place under the official rules of professional boxing. That is, this matchup will truly enter the records of both athletes and definitely won’t be an exhibition. Additionally, Warren noted that there will be no limitations on knockouts either, so fans can expect an absolutely brutal slugfest. However, the number of rounds remains in question. Most likely, we'll see either 8 or 10 three-minute rounds.

Tyson Fury

  • An undefeated British-Irish boxer. The WBO world champion and the EBU European champion.

  • 34 fights, 33 victories, 1 draw, 0 losses.

There are suspicions that after the fight with Ngannou, Tyson may actually retire from boxing, as he has threatened to do many times before. Essentially, he has achieved everything he wanted, and most likely, he will leave his flawless record intact.

It is barely real that after a possible success in the fight against Francis, Fury will want to return to gruelling trainings for a highly dangerous bout against Alexander. In any case, he definitely has nothing to worry about now, since a fight with the MMA fighter is unlikely to be a difficult task for him.

What to Expect from Fury in the Fight Against Ngannou

Even though Tyson understands that his striking game is on a completely different level, he still has no intention of playing to the crowd and relaxing, dropping his guard or engaging in aggressive exchanges.

On the contrary, Fury will keep a huge distance, methodically breaking Fury down with his trademark double or even triple jabs.

As soon as Francis starts getting angry and rushing forward, Tyson will catch him with side punches, which could even lead to an early end to the fight.

Fury's Chances of Victory 

They are extremely high, and this is precisely because of his class, statistics, technique and experience.  In short, all factors favour the boxer, as is often the case. Tyson is capable of taking several accurate hits from Ngannou and even countering with fierce uppercuts in the clinch.

All he needs to do is withstand 2-3 waves of aggression, after which the Predator's speed will begin to drop at incredible rates. It is precisely at this moment that the boxer will engage his amplitude punches to the body, which will ultimately tire Francis out.

Of course, we cannot rule out that Fury may find himself in 1 or even 2 knockdowns due to mistakes, but taking into account the weight of the gloves, as well as the Gypsy King's resilience, there is no doubt that he will easily get back on his feet and continue the fight.

Tyson Fury's Last 5 Fights 





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Francis Ngannou  

  • A former UFC heavyweight champion. 

  • 20 fights, 17 victories, 3 losses.

The entire MMA world watched Francis' dramatic departure from the UFC for a whole year. And the fighter ultimately got what he wanted  – he signed a contract with a promotion where they will keep throwing bags of money at him, and, on top of that, he will have a boxing match against an undefeated phenomenon. 

Unlike most of his colleagues who left the UFC, Ngannou is clearly experiencing a career peak, even if not in terms of his physical shape, then certainly in the context of media attention and earnings.

What to Expect from Ngannou in the Fight Against Fury

Francis understands that his only chance to win is a quick knockout. He has to do everything to take Fury out within the first 3-4 rounds, as that’s likely the limit of his endurance.

Let’s not forget about the Predator's injuries and surgeries.  He is clearly not in his peak shape right now, and it's unlikely that he has become faster and stronger during his time off.

Ngannou will press a lot and try to get into the clinch, hoping that it will be difficult for Tyson to fight him there due to his reach. In any case, Francis clearly doesn’t fully understand what exactly awaits him.

Ngannou's Chances of Victory

They are almost nonexistent, especially if we believe dry facts and statistics. Conor also taught us how helpless all MMA fighters look as soon as they put on boxing gloves.

And considering how quickly Ngannou drops his hands to his body even in 4-ounce gear, imagine how quickly his huge hands will swell with blood in 12 ounce gloves.

If Francis fails to quickly shake his rival up and disrupt his game plan, he’s unlikely to survive even rounds 6-7. 

Francis Ngannou's Last 5 Fights





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Fury vs Ngannou Prediction

We are awaiting for a technical knockout from Tyson, and it won't be due to the force of his punches but rather the complete exhaustion of Ngannou. Imagine how slow  the Cameroonian will be in the ring and how quickly he'll run out of breath if he tries to copyTyson's footwork.

Fury can only lose if he completely neglects his preparation for this fight and risks with every attack. That, of course, is not something we expect from him.

Let's not forget about Tyson's endurance level. Even if by some miracle the early rounds don't go according to his plan, he can still activate himself and  step up the pace after the midway point and regain all the points lost.

If you don't believe that Ngannou will quickly knock out his rival, then you certainly shouldn’t hope that the Predator can overturn the fight by the end or win it on points. The gap in striking between the boxer and the MMA fighter is just too critical. Even if Francis had trained exclusively on the bag for 5-6 years, he would hardly have been able to reach even 50% of the Gypsy King's level.

Bet and prediction: an early victory of Tyson Fury.