Premier League predictions 23/24: odds to win

With Manchester City having been crowned Premier League 2022-23 winners, it is time to turn our attention to the upcoming football season. who is most likely to win the Premier League 2023? Can Manchester City make it a record four years in a row, or will there be a surprise upset on the cards? We look ahead to next year and make our 2023-24 Premier League predictions.

Odds to win Premier League 2022/23

TeamBetwayWilliam Hill
Manchester City 11/25
Arsenal 5/1
Liverpool 11/2
Tottenham 28/1
Newcastle 100/1

Who will win the 2023/24 Premier League?

Of course, we know who it is not going to be. Having experienced the ultimate success in the 2015-16 season, Leicester City have sadly been relegated to the Championship, alongside Leeds United and Southampton, who had a frankly abysmal season, having won a mere six games in the 38 they played.

Newcomers Burnley, Sheffield United and Luton Town take their places having been promoted upward, but I think we can all agree that they are a very long shot as predictions for taking charge of the trophy next year. Having said that, Betfred are currently offering odds on 5000/1 for Luton Town to win the Premier League next year, so if you fancy a fantastical punt on the off chance that dreams do come true, then this might be the bet for you. Leicester City had the same odds before the 2015-16 season kicked off, and we all know how that famously ended. So while it certainly seems like an impossibility, experience has taught us that the impossible really is sometimes possible. 

Man City

Of course, Manchester City are the current favourites to top the table next year, making for a never-before-seen four Premier League wins in a row and seven victories in a decade. Pep Guardiola has honed his side into a title-winning machine over the past seven seasons, and he is showing no signs of stopping now. Betfred are currently offering odds of 4/7 for Manchester City, so they clearly think City are odds-on to clinch a quadruple title. But who are the other contenders, likely to make life difficult for Manchester City next season?


Arsenal are the natural second choice for Premier League winners next season, as they finished second to Manchester City by a mere 5 points this season. However, Mikel Arteta’s team were a new and surprising prospect during the 2022-23 season, but now that their opponents know what they are about, they are likely to be all over them next season. Not only that, but Arsenal are a young team and may struggle with the psychological element of having lost the title this year with some sloppy performances in the final handful of matches. 

While BetUK are offering odds of 6/1 for Arsenal to take the Premier League title from Manchester City’s clutches next year, City are highly unlikely to let it go without a fight when they are on track to make history, and Liverpool and Manchester United will also be snapping at their heels. Even the bookies agree that there are likely to be more than two horses in the race.


While Liverpool are the most recent team who aren’t Manchester City to win the Premier League (in the 2019-20 season), they seem unlikely to take the title based on their current performance, having finished in fifth place this season, a whopping 22 points behind the champions Manchester City. Of course, the playing field will be levelled come the start of the new season, so Liverpool need not concern themselves with that. However, they are going to need to pull up both their literal and metaphorical socks in order to achieve greater success next season. 

BetUK are offering odds of 8/1 for Liverpool to top the Premier League next season, so if they can bring their midfield and defence up to the standard of their forward line, they might give Manchester City a run for their money.

Manchester United

Manchester United finished third in the Premier League this past season, but their goal difference wasn’t anywhere near as impressive as Manchester City’s or Arsenal’s. Frankly, it was something of a miracle that Manchester United fared as well as they did, with the Glazers’ poor finances and the antics of Cristiano Ronaldo casting a shadow over the team. If a takeover can be achieved before next season, then Manchester United might be in with a better chance of stopping Manchester City from making it four in a row. 

The bookies seem inclined to agree, with BetUK the best odds at the time of writing, offering odds of 10/1 on Manchester United topping the Premier League table next season. If Erik ten Hag can secure better funding from new owners, then Manchester United could be in with a chance. Let us (well, not us, Manchester United fans…) hope that the takeover saga does not drag on for much longer.

Newcastle United

Newcastle United finished in their highest position in two decades by ending the season in fourth place. No doubt they will be keen to stay at the top of the table and will be chasing the tails of the top three finishers, with plenty of money from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund to help them on their way. 

Smarkets are giving odds of 20/1 on Newcastle to win the Premiership next season, so they must also think that the team are in with a decent chance.


Far from being a two-horse race, the fight for the top position of the Premier League next season is more of a six-horse race, plus a wild card or two. Chelsea make up the sixth contender alongside Newcastle United, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and, of course, Manchester City. While Chelsea may be gutted to be out of Europe next season, it does mean that they only have the Premier League to focus on. If Mauricio Pochettino can kick off next season with some strong leadership, the talent in the squad is there for them to entertain the possibility of a better finish than this past season, even if they do not finish top.

Spreadex Sport are offering odds of 15/1 on Chelsea winning the Premier League next season, completing their top six list of most-likely champions for the Premier League 2023-24 season.

Wild Cards

While one of the six clubs we have previously mentioned will almost certainly win the Premier League next season, some bettors might like to take a punt at a wild card. Our wild card picks for next season, while not being quite as wild as Luton at 5000/1, are Brighton and Aston Villa.

Aston Villa are currently at odds of 200/1 to win the Premier League next season, but they are doing pretty well, having made their way into Europe next season, under the leadership of Unai Emery, who has an incredibly successful history in Europe. If Villa can translate that success to the Premier League, then they could be in with an outside chance and bring a brave punter a tidy sum in winnings.

Brighton are slightly less of a long shot, with current odds of 66/1 to top the Premier League, having finished just above Aston Villa this past season and also qualifying for Europe. If Roberto De Zerbi can continue the trajectory that he has put Brighton on over the 2022-23 season into the next, they could be worth a punt.

In conclusion, while Manchester City are odds on favourite to win the Premier League next season, it is far from a done deal, with the top four positions being wide open. The 2023-24 season promises to be exciting and unpredictable, which means that while it is very difficult to say who is going to win, it makes placing a bet on the outcome just that bit more thrilling.