Hockey (Field): What are the rules and how can you bet on it

If you thought hockey was only on the ice, you were wrong. There are athletes who don't like cold, ice and skating, rather preferring the non-slippery green coating and soft shoes. In this article, we will talk about the sport of field hockey, or rather, about betting on this sport.

Features of the sport

Two teams of 11 people each compete in a field hockey game. The game takes place on an artificial lawn on the court, the size of which is almost identical to a football field. Athletes use clubs with swirling hooks and an ivory ball slightly larger than a billiards ball. The match takes place with two halves of 35 minutes each or in 4 quarters of 17 minutes 30 seconds (European Hockey League). The goal of the game is simple - to score more goals than your opponent does within the 70 minutes.

During the match, the coach has the power to make only two substitutions. Also, the referee of the meeting can remove the player of any of the teams for 2, 5, 10 minutes or the rest of the match for a foul- depending on the seriousness of his violation.

Types of field hockey bets

Outcomes. As in other types of hockey, in this sport, there are bets on the victory of one or the other team or on a draw result (P1, X, P2). This is what is called the main outcomes of the match, and bets on outcomes are considered to be among the most popular types of bets.

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Handicap. The superiority in the class of one team over another in field hockey can be significant: in such cases, bettors, to receive higher odds, make a bet with a handicap placed on one of the teams. A bet with a handicap implies an initial advantage or a barrier for one of the parties in the final score of the match, the number of cards received, etc.

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Total. Each bet on total goals in field hockey is numerical and is a bet on the total number of goals in a particular indicator, for example:

  • Total score (the number of goals scored by both teams for the entire match)
  • Team total (the number of goals scored by a certain team)
  • Total goals in each half (could be both teams or just one team)

It should be noted that the greats of field hockey are the national teams of Argentina, the Netherlands, Pakistan, India and New Zealand: traditionally the games of these national teams, as well as the championships of these countries are very popular.

According to statistics, on average, teams score 4.5 goals per match. After the initial stage of the championship (8-10 matches) the player, having studied statistics, can choose for himself "top" matches with the participation of teams that have already "played out" and know how to score.

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Long-term bets. Many betting companies offer the chance for players to make long-term bets on the outcome of the tournament or season. In the line with long-term bets, you can bet, for example, on the number of wins for a team in the season, on a specific place in the standings at the end of the season/tournament, etc.

How to make the best bets on the field hockey

As with any other sport, the advice here is quite simple: you need to know the specifics and rules, understand the rules of tournaments, understand the teams and the style with how they approach the game. There is no method that allows you to win consistently or guarantees you to win your bets. Except for this method of betting on forks. However, we remind you that such a strategy can entail bookmaker sanctions against the player. Unfortunately, even an excellent knowledge of a particular sport cannot guarantee a constant profit in the game on bets but helps to properly analyze and minimize risks.

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