Formula One: What is it and how do you bet on it

Formula One is the world's premier racing series. This is where the best drivers of the planet compete, and this is where a huge share of all motorsport money revolves. Naturally, there are a lot of bets on this sport, and it is very difficult to find a bookmaker who would not take bets on a series of "royal races". In this article, we'll look at the main things you should know before betting on Formula One.

The Formula One season runs from March to November and includes about 20 stages, the composition and number of which vary literally every year. New tracks appear old ones come out of the calendar, but there are a number of Grand Prix that belong to the classic and untouchable. Winning a race in Monaco, Belgium or Italy is very prestigious, and that's why races here are always extraordinary.

Each stage (Grand Prix) consists of three sessions of free races, during which the drivers get used to the track; Saturday qualifying, which distributes places on the starting grid, and Sunday's race. At the end of the race, the top ten drivers receive points.

The number of teams in Formula One is also unstable. At the moment there are 10, each with two cars, a total of 20 riders. Each team has its own chassis, which means that all cars are controlled differently. However, there are only four-engine suppliers, and this aspect is also worth paying attention to when betting. Three teams are customers of Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes, and another team races with Honda.

Historically, the most powerful and reliable engine is Mercedes, close to it and Ferrari, and the relatively young Honda - on the contrary, the most unstable and short-lived. French motorists "Reno" from year to year trying to get closer to the leaders, but so far do so in vain.

Types of racetrack

All routes are divided into three types: slow (e.g. Singapore and Monaco), high-speed (Italy and Mexico) and medium-speed (France and Great Britain).

Naturally, the higher the average speed on the ring, the greater the role is played by the engine power, which means that it is worth paying special attention to cars with a Mercedes engine. On the slow circuits to the fore comes the chassis - and here you can focus on the customers of Renault and Honda. On medium-speed tracks, it is important to combine the engine and aerodynamics of the car.

Types of bets on Formula One

Formula One bets can be divided into three big groups: season bets, qualifying bets and race bets. With the first everything is clear: these are predictions for the winner of the championship and the winner of the Constructors' Cup (team standings). The other two types need to be discussed in more detail.

Betting on qualification

For qualification, bookmakers, as a rule, do not give a wide line and are limited to comparing drivers and the winner of qualifications. And for the most part, it is a comparison of two representatives of the same team, and the ratio for one of the riders is usually noticeably less than on his partner. This is due to the fact that with identical technique in the qualification everything is decided by the skill of the driver, and to predict who will lead who is quite simple.

Betting on the race

The same line is offered for the race but much wider. You can also compare the two pilots. This is one of the easiest options. The winner is the driver who is higher in the final classification, and only if they both leave the race after a collision with each other, the bet is calculated as a return.

You can bet on what place a particular pilot will take in the final classification. 1xBet, for example, gives the following options: the winner of the race, the place from the 1st to the 3rd, the place from 1st to 6th and the place from 1st to 10th.

Betting on gatherings is also extremely popular. To be more precise, it is a bet on whether a particular pilot will get into the final classification.

It is important: if the rider has passed 90% of the distance, but never got to the finish line, he still gets into the classification and is not considered to have come down.

You can bet not only on individuals but also just on the total number of finishing pilots. There are also accepted and very common bets on whether the safety car will enter the track. The important thing to note here is that after the introduction of the virtual safety car (VSC) it began to leave much less often. This is especially true for non-urban racetracks with wide safety zones. However, on the narrow same routes, the appearance of a real safety car is almost guaranteed.

How to bet on Formula One?

Formula One is a very difficult sport for betting. The result of the race is influenced by a huge number of factors. Among them are the weather, the physical and moral condition of the pilots and mechanics, tactics for the race, the degree of wear and tear of the units, fines during and before the race, along with some other unforeseen circumstances.

The fate of the race can sometimes be decided by a fraction of a second, and they can be influenced by anything. That is why it is considered that in "F-1" it is unprofitable to bet on small odds, which means that you need to choose such options, so that the quote was at least about 2.00, and the probability of passage was high. Beginners are not recommended to immediately start betting money on these races, it is better to first train on a virtual account.

There are two strategies for betting on the race. You can bet before qualifying, not knowing how the seats will be allocated on the starting grid, you can put after the qualification. The first option is suitable for fans of predictions on total finish drivers and other general bets, which do not directly affect the order of riders in the classification. The second option is a great chance to bet on a strong pilot who failed to qualify highly, or he was fined for losing seats on the starting grid. The odds will be higher, and the chances of success are not much lower.

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