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On this page, complaints about the bookmaker «Betfair» are collected. Please take note that complaints about betting limits or "cut" odds will not be considered: you can instead write about these things in your review. We help to resolve complaints about blocking of game accounts, non-payments or delays of money, incorrect calculations of bets and other violations of the players rights. Please contact the bookmaker's support office before leaving your complaint. 

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I, the undersigned Nejib Ben Amer, born in Catania on 19/08/1991, declare the following: On 25/01/2020, I receive an email from the verification department for a routine check (so far all right) and I am asked: Proof of residence (invoice) Identity document (already provided but I send again) Selfie with the document Screenshot of my paypal account Card associated with my paypal account I immediately provide what is requested by the verification department in order to facilitate their work. After 3 days I try to log in but I continue to encounter the error (a technical error has occurred, contact customer support ". So I decide to get in touch with the Customer Service and ask for additional information. I turn the screenshot of paypal which I promptly send for the second time. Another 2 days go by and I return to live chat to ask for an update in this regard. I am asked for the source of the funds by making a screenshot of my financial transactions (I think it is a violation of privacy), but for fear of never revising my frozen funds in the account, I agree to the violation of privacy and I send the screenshot with detailed transactions and proofs of deposit on Betfair. I am told "do not worry, tonight it will 100%, if you are unable to enter please contact us again. "In the evening I try to log in but still nothing, so I go back to live chat to ask once again for information actions. A rude guy answers me, this Marco from the verification department, probably frustrated (I have the screenshots of the conversation) saying "look they replied that they need 24 hours for a last review, after which his account will be reopened", I just quote the salient message because the operator will probably have had a difficult day or is about to leave the company, otherwise he could not have sent insults for no reason, I have always been friendly until the greeting. I wait 24 hours and we arrived yesterday (01/02/2020). I am told that they have not yet received a reply and I have to wait another 72 hours. I now no longer having valid alternatives, I can only appeal to your help. I consider the work of the dealer in question against any privacy and data processing legislation. I request the immediate reopening of the gaming account (having approved any type of document in my possession). I did not specify in the request why I never needed it but in this historical and POLITICAL period, I feel compelled to tell you. My parents are from Tunisia, I am black. I DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE that this is the reason, but for the record I felt like telling you. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your help. Sincerely, Nejib Ben Amer
Administrator comment
Unfortunately, we are not able to help you with this, because we have not started to completely work with this bookmaker yet. Sorry for the late response... Best of luck!

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