Chris Wakelin vs Martin O’Donnell

Chris Wakelin vs Martin O’Donnell: prediction & betting tips 13/02/2024


Simon Dalton presents his prediction for the 2024 Welsh Open snooker match.

Chris Wakelin

Chris Wakelin has improved his skills compared to the previous seasons. He’s now in the top 20 in the world ranking. He plays well facing opponents of his level. However, games against top players are still a problem. Wakelin is eliminated by someone of the top players when he reaches a particular stage of a tournament. Chris often refers to some psychological issues. Probably, this is the problem in this case.

Martin O’Donnell

Martin O’Donnell is one of just a few players with low ranking (below 60th place) who qualifies for the tournaments of this kind. Martin does his best playing against each opponent. He uses tactics and he’s not afraid to play a long game. However, he makes a lot of mistakes, without making centuries.

Chris Wakelin – Martin O’Donnell prediction

Chris Wakelin will obviously win. However, I believe that O’Donnell will be able to resist his opponent once again. He will win a couple of frames but he’ll fail to win the game.

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Chris Wakelin to win + Over 5.5
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Chris Wakelin to win + Over 5.5
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