Euro 2024 Group B Prediction


Simon Dalton presents his prediction for Euro 2024.


I believe that Spain are the main favourites of the tournament in general. Well, along with England. It’s obvious as they have one of the strongest leagues and top players. Spain are unlikely to have any problems during the group stage.


Italy are the current champions. We kind of don’t have to cross them out. But they failed to qualify for the last World Cup. And again, they have less potential compared to Spain. The squad has changed a bit and the ones who used to the leaders have left.


This is not the Croatia we used to know. They’re not that brilliant. They’re weaker than Spain, only strong psychological traits are not enough. Of course, they’ll do their best to advance to the knockout phase, they can do it.


Everything’s clear about Albania. It’s going to be extremely hard for them to advance to the knockout phase. However, I believe that they can surprise everyone as they can struggle and be a tough opponent.

Euro-2024 group B prediction

I think that Spain will top the group, with Italy occupying second position and Croatia finishing third. However, I’m only really sure what Spain will achieve. The teams below may switch. But it doesn’t matter in our case.

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Spain to win Group B
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