Novibet withdrawal methods & “How-to guide”

Novibet closed to UK customers in February 2022

Novibet Withdrawal methods

Novibet is a fully regulated gambling website regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. They use data security procedures that exceed e-gaming standards and take the privacy and protection of their customers very seriously. Novibet has some of the best online betting options for UK players looking to bet on a wide range of top sporting events from around the world. They have a large range of deposit methods available, meaning there is bound to be a quick and convenient method for you to use. Funds are credited to your account instantly so there is no waiting around.

Novibet Withdrawal Options and limits

Withdrawal Method


Processing time

Min limit

Max limit

Debit Card

(Visa or Mastercard)


1-4 days





1-4 days





1-4 days





1-4 days



Trustly (Instant Bank Transafer)


1-4 days



Online Bank Transfer Free

1-4 days



Novibet Withdrawal Methods – Debit Card

Novibet accepts all debit cards, Visa, Maestro, or Mastercard, and you can deposit with all varieties with anything from a minimum of £10 up to a maximum of £10,000 per transaction. Debit card deposits are credited instantly and always free. It is similarly free when you withdraw (providing the funds have been wagered through 1x) and the minimum withdrawal amount is £10, the maximum withdrawal amount will vary from player to player. 

(Please note that you can not use a Credit Card to transfer funds into Novibet)

Novibet Withdrawal Method – Skrill

To withdraw with Skrill is incredibly simple, once you are logged in navigate to the withdrawal page and then select Skrill as your desired method (if it is not selected automatically). On this page you will see the Skrill Email address you used to deposit with and you are shown how much you can withdraw at this moment in time. It is likely to be your total balance but in theory there is a withdrawal limit although this is unique for each player rather than a general rule. Simply put the amount you want in the box and push “Withdraw”.  There is no fee for this withdrawal. Note that unless you have deposited with Skrill, you shall be unable to withdraw with Skrill.

Novibet Withdrawal Method – Neteller

Neteller is the sister company of Skrill and many of its features are the same, it is just as easy to withdraw here. Once you have selected Neteller as the method you wish to use in order to withdraw you will see either your Neteller Email or account ID filled in for you, which will match the details you used to deposit. You can withdraw your funds with no fee, the minimum amount per withdrawal being £10. 

Novibet Withdrawal Method – paysafecard

Paysafe card allows you to use cash to fund a debit card directly and then use a 16 digit PIN which is generated as the code to transfer money when you purchase something online. The process is done without having to confirm or verify your ID. For this reason not many UK bookmakers allow withdrawals back onto paysafecard but some do if they have been authorised to issue PINs. Novibet is a bookmaker that does allow withdrawals, and with no fee.

Novibet Withdrawal Method – Trustly

Trustly is another name for the instant bank transfer withdrawal method. They claim that “Paying with Trustly means instant satisfaction, watertight security and super simple payments”. It is reasonably flexible to use at Novibet but has a slightly higher minimum withdrawal amount of £20 rather than just £10. 

Novibet Withdrawal Method – Bank Transfer

A traditional bank transfer is the method of last resort at Novibet since it is the least flexible, having a £30 minimum amount and also likely to involve the most ID checks and take the longest. On the plus side there is no maximum limit per withdrawal and it is likely this option will work when all others have failed.

How Long Does A Novibet Withdrawal Take?

There is no clear answer to this as it will depend on a large number of factors exactly how long a withdrawal will take. It will depend on if it is your first withdrawal or not, how much you are withdrawing, and what payment method you are using to name but a few. The range of times is somewhere between a few hours for the quickest method and up to 5 days if you are very unlucky and it takes a while for one reason or another.

Step by Step Guide

How to do make a Novibet Deposit

  1. To deposit into Novibet you must first make sure you are logged into your betting account. You can then see in the top right hand side of your screen a large red “DEPOSIT” button, click on this
  2. Once you have entered the deposit screen you will be faced with all the different deposit options available to you, you can also see on this screen
  3. Click on the deposit option which you want to use and that box will enlarge
  4. In this example we have chosen to deposit with a debit card, which can be either Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro. You can now enter:
    A) The amount of money you wish to deposit.
    Also you are also informed of
    B) The minimum amount you can deposit, and
    C) The maximum amount you can deposit
  5. The final screen is where you confirm all of your financial account details
    As we selected to use a debit card we have to enter:
    A) Your 16 digit debit card number
    B) Your full name as it appears on the card
    C) Your cards expiry date
    D) The 3 digit security number on the back of your card

Once all that information is correctly filled in simply push the orange “pay” button and your money will be credited to your account straight away.

How to do make a Novibet Withdrawal

  1. How to withdraw from Novibet is simple, you must be logged into your account and from there in the top right hand corner click on the profile icon and then from the drop down box select the quick link to “Account”
  2. On the account page you should select “WITHDRAW” from the left hand side bar and then in the centre of the screen the various withdrawal methods available to you will be displayed.
  3. If you click the large orange “Withdraw” button underneath the one you wish to use the following will appear
  4. Now you just need to enter
    A) The amount you wish to withdraw
    B) Your Novibet password

Then click the orange “Submit” button on the right hand side and Novibet will transfer money to you as soon as possible. The exact payout time will vary depending on which method you have used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view my withdrawal history?

To view your Novibet withdrawal history is simple to do, the first thing to do is make sure that you are logged in. Once logged in click on the small profile icon in the top right of the screen and then select the “Transactions” option. This will bring up a new page with two date range options, enter the time period you wish to view details of and all your deposits and withdrawals in this period will be displayed.

What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts?

The most common minimum deposit amount by most methods is £10 but there is one method, paysafecard, which has a minimum deposit amount of just £5. The minimum withdrawal amount across the board is £10, although some types of bank transfers can be higher.

How can I cancel a withdrawal?

Unfortunately no you can not cancel a withdrawal once you have submitted it and it is pending in the Novibet system. This is true of all UK bookmakers and is a restriction placed on them as part of their licence.

I am having problems with my withdrawal, what can I do?

If you have tried to withdraw funds and find yourself with a withdrawal time longer than you expected, it is possible there is a problem with your withdrawal and you may not have met all the payout rules. To fix this problem the first thing that you should do is contact the Novibet customer services department and ask if they know what the problem is. They will either be able to fix the problem there and then if you are lucky but if not they will be able to spell out the steps that you do need to take to rectify the problem from here.

Is Paypal accepted?

At the moment, at time of writing (August 2021) PayPal is not available as a deposit method into Novibet, although it has been available before in the past.

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