Sportingbet Mobile App – review of betting app for iOS & Android (2023)

Mobile Betting

The Sportingbet mobile app is pleasing aesthetically and then this is topped by the accessibility and excellent ease of use the app provides. Navigating around the app is simple and intuitive to use. This app is perfect for inexperienced users wanting an easy experience.

The Sportingbet mobile site is similar although has some distinct differences to the mobile app. An example of which is the image slideshow displaying welcome bonuses and other casino promotions on offer for you!

Mobile App overview 

The Sportingbet mobile app starts with a swipeable bar featuring a variety of excellent options for you to bet on! From live bets, today's bets on a variety of sports such as football, tennis and basketball and the popular accumulator bets, alongside virtual sports, all the currently available promotions and the new search feature. Following on from that is a swipeable list of all currently live or upcoming events. These upcoming events that are displayed are often starting within the next 3 hours. Continuing down the page is yet another swipeable bar with a similar however slightly shorter list of things available for you to bet on. From today's football to horse racing, today's tennis the Acca builder as well as a know your limits section allowing you to set limits on how much you can deposit in a set time period.(please note the “todays” section will obviously change depending on what events are happening that day. Next along is the live highlights. This feature on Sportingbet allows you to view all of the popular live events for each sport listed. As the days go on the sports listed will change entirely depending on what is currently taking place as well as what is currently popular. you can also use this section to filter by the type of bet per the sport. For example, rather than picking a specific football game you can filter by a category such as the total goals at the end of the first half and bet on that specific category live. Finally on the home page is the “next to go” area which shows events starting within the next 3 hours as well as the Trending now events which are the most popular events for each sport at the time of viewing.

The bar along the bottom of the screen features Sports betting jackpots, your Betslip, your “My bets” area and a link which takes you to the Casino section of the Sportingbet app.

Mobile bonus offers

1)Welcome Bonus

The current welcome bonus on the Sportingbet app is a 100% deposit bonus up to £150. This can be accessed by depositing more than £10 within 7 days of registering your account. To find this bonus use the top swipeable bar and locate the promotions section. then find the Sportingbet welcome bonus and tap it to read the extended terms and conditions as well as a step by step guide on how to add it to your account.

2) Existing User bonus: Price boost

Price boost allows you to access all of the events featuring boosted odds. These are odds that are more favourable than either they were or the industry average is, making them more attractive to bet on them now. To access the price boost using the search bar along the top swipeable bar search for price boost. After that all of the price boosted odds for any of the available sports will appear to you!

How to download the mobile app?

Instructions for android users

  1. After opening the google play store use the search function to search for “Sportingbet”.

  2. Locate the sportingbet app specifically the “Uk Betting” version of the app and not the “Uk Casino“.

  3. Press the install button and wait for the app to install.

Instructions for iOS users

  1. After opening the appstore search for Sportingbet using the search function.
  2. Select the “Sportingbet Uk Sports betting” app and press Get. after authenticating the download wait for the app to download.

App Key features:


Cash out allows you to withdraw winnings from certain bets before they have come to their natural close. This allows you to lock in any potential profit lowering your risk however also lowering the profits (a consequence of the lower risk). Cash out betting pairs naturally with In play betting, however it is limited to certain bets. To see if your bet is available to be cashed out you will see the cash out button appear on your betslip.

In-play betting

In play betting allows you to bet on an event that is still taking place. This allows you to place your bets on events that are taking place in front of you at the time. With in play betting the odds update live which allows what were once very poor odds to completely flip on their head making them a much more viable option for you to bet on! The below image showcased the odds changing live. The red arrow means that the odds have worsened and the green arrow means that the odds have improved. To tell if an event is live look for the red LIVE word on the event you are viewing.

Live streaming

Live streaming allows you to view a live feed of the event you are betting on or would like to bet on. After placing a deposit of £10 you may view the live feed of the event however if you are still yet to deposit an alternative animation depicting events taking place is still available to you giving you a good amount of info to bet with.

The below image showcases the Animation which will be seen on events that are live. To tell if an event has Live streaming offered, look for the small yellow play button next to the red LIVE text.

Smart notifications

The Sportingbet mobile app is fitted with a smart notifications feature which updates you on new offers, bonuses, casino games and also top-flight matches about to start. Each time there is something which may be of interest to you a pop up appears on your screen and you can dismiss it or click to learn more. You can easily activate or deactivate the notifications from the app’s settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are compatible with the app?

To see if your mobile device is compatible with the app use the google play store or App store to search for the app. On the Appstore scrolling down the app page a compatibility section will appear at the bottom informing you whether your device is compatible and available to be downloaded. On the Google play store if your device is not compatible the app will not show up however only very old devices are not compatible and anything made after 2014 will certainly be compatible with the app.

What are the Banking options and Deposit methods?

The methods available to deposit with Sportingbet are Visa, Mastercard and Maestro Debit cards. There are also the E-wallet options of Paypal, Paysafecard, Muchbetter and Trustly. Also exclusively to Apple devices is Apple Pay which allows you to deposit with Face ID or Thumbprint authentication.

Can you cash out on the app?

Yes! Cash out is available on the app. To discover if your bet is viable to be cashed out or not look at the bet in the my bets section. There will be a cash out button presented if its possible to cash out the bet.

How do you withdraw money from an app?

To withdraw from the app press the account icon in the top right corner of the screen. Then go down to the cashier and select withdraw. From the withdraw page you can enter the amount you would like to withdraw as well as any required information for your selected withdrawal method.

How to download?

To download the app use either the Appstore or the Google play store depending on  your phone's brand. After searching on your dedicated store for Sportingbet simply press “Get” or “install” depending on your selected device and await the Apple app or Android app install.

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