Euro 2024 Best Goalkeeper prediction


Simon Dalton presents his prediction for Euro 2024.

Many things depend on a goalkeeper. Remember how many goalkeepers’ mistakes have been decisive in the games! It’s hard to predict who will be nervous, but we can speculate on who’s going to be the best.

I believe that Jordan Pickford is the main candidate to become the best goalkeeper of the tournament. First, England are one of the favourites. I’m pretty sure they will reach at least the semi-finals. Second, Pickford has a perfect Premier League season, playing for Everton, with 14 clean sheets. Only the Arsenal’s goalkeeper had more. Everton and Arsenal are the teams of different levels, after all. Third, Pickford almost has no rivals. Mike Maignan had a pretty bad season in AC Milan, missing the last part of the season due to an injury. It’s hard to say what his form will be in the tournament. Ter Stegen had a bad season in Barcelona, with many games missed to an injury, too. Unai Simón had an average season in Athletic Bilbao, being a substitute in many games, though. Gianluigi Donnarumma had an average season in PSG. And Italy is a weak team, I won’t be surprised if they fail to reach the quarter-finals.

That’s it! No strong goalkeepers left in the list. This is why Jordan Pickford is the main favourite!

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Best Goalkeeper: Jordan Pickford
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Best Goalkeeper: Jordan Pickford
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