Euro 2024 Top Scorer Prediction


Simon Dalton presents his prediction for Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 starts soon, it’s high time to have a look at the Outrights.

Let’s pick a Top Scorer option. Currently, the favourites are Mbappé, Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The odds offered on Ronaldo to become the top scorer are very interesting. But it’s too risky to bet on him as I’m not that sure that he always will be in starting eleven, playing every game for 90 minutes. He’s about to retire, after all. And the level of the league where he plays is pretty low.

Choosing between Kane and Mbappé is way more interesting. Especially, if we talk about Kane. The whole team plays focused on him. He knows what to do in the penalty box, how to create an attempt. This is why I believe that betting on Kane in this case seems to be an interesting option.

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Harry Kane to be Top Scorer
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Harry Kane to be Top Scorer
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