Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte betting odd, tips, predictions for the fight 23rd of April 2022

Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte have agreed to fight for the WBC title. The bout is scheduled to take place on April 23rd at Wembley stadium in London, England. We have looked at the market and collected the best bets and odds on this fight.

Subscribers of ESPN+ and BT Sport are able to watch the bout live.

The background of this fight (as any other where Tyson takes part) has been full of classic trash talk in the “You’re a coward! No, you’re a coward!” style. Fury claimed that Whyte was avoiding the bout in every way he could and was supposed to get only $500,000 for fighting him and losing.

Well, Tyson was pretty close. His promoters Frank Warren and Bob Arum won the bid at $41.25m stake and gained the right to stage the fight. Whyte will get only $8 million of this.

“It’s pretty much, 7,5 million more than you cost” - Tyson commented.

Odds for the Fury vs Whyte fight

Tyson is a clear favourite at the bookmakers. Two consecutive victories over Deontay Wilder have ascended the Gypsy King to the undisputed throne. The odds on a Tyson Fury victory are offered as low as 1.27 27/100

Dillian Whyte has recently managed to beat Alexander Povetkin, the only thing that really deserves mentioning. The other names in his record have no pedigree and mean nothing to boxing fans. You can get odds on Whyte’s victory around 5/1 5/1

Bets on the fight between Tyson Fury and Dillion Whyte

It’s unlikely that this bout will last 12 rounds. Both boxers are hard hitters, they’re ready to exchange the punches and they’re not afraid of taking a blow. Don’t forget about the personal hostility as well. They exchange heated words even before the boxing event itself began to be promoted. Whyte intends to knock out his opponent to finally shut Fury up. Tyson will respond and he will be ready to risk all in order to knock out Whyte in the middle of the bout.

Full fight

The Gypsy King has had 22 knockouts over his career. Whyte has had 19 of his fights end with a knockout. A lucky punch that will lead to a knockout is the only real chance for Whyte to win this fight as he is unlikely to have the endurance Fury does. The Bookmakers realise this which explains the odds being offered.

Fury to win

Whyte to win

Analysts of the fight tend to believe that the fight will be finished between the 7th and the 12th round and that Fury will win it. It takes some time for Fury to get up to speed, he prefers to exhaust such aggressive fighters like Whyte in the early rounds. Besides, Dillian is a pretty firm fighter, he is very unlikely to be knocked out just by a couple of Tyson’s jabs.

Statistics (Fight record) and physical data

Fury is going to use his quick jab and a jab-cross combination throughout the fight as he likes to use them a lot. He will have a great range advantage, Tyson’s reach is 18 centimeters more, and he’s 13 centimeters taller.




Total fights









No contest/Draw









Weight, kg





Tyson Fury

  • Unbeaten British and Irish boxer. Ex IBF, WBA, WBO, IBO world champion. EBU European champion.

  • 32 fights, 31 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses

Fury to win

Not everyone has been able to see the rise of Mike Tyson or the first famous victories of Roy Jones with their own eyes because those greats were fighting quite some time ago. But we’ve got a phenomenal fighter in Tyson Fury who is equal to them and he is here now. He’s a boxer that is unique, there has never been someone quite like him before.

Fury has already beaten Klitschko, Chisora and Wilder (twice). He has fought with various boxers over the years, managed to adjust to their styles, and always made them follow his rules.

Tyson has no doubt that he will face Anthony Joshua sooner or later. This is his main and probably last remaining target. This bout versus Whyte is just a training exercise that will bring some extra money and pass the time.

What can we expect from Fury in his fight versus Whyte?

Tyson is probably prepared to spend two rounds to understand how to act in this fight. He knows that Whyte is going to perform his mad overhands from the very beginning of the fight. Then he will slow down. Fury will start with jabs trying to exhaust the opponent from distance and forcing him to get closer in order to land anything at all.

The jab-cross will follow when this happens. Left hand, right hand - he does it so fast that punches go almost simultaneously. It confuses his opponents as no one expects such a fast second punch. This style deprives Fury of protection as he won’t be able to get his arms back to his chin however you will notice that the Gypsy King solves the problem by bending back.

Fury will become very aggressive after the fourth round. Whyte will be exhausted. Tyson will then do his best to knock his opponent out.

What chance does Fury have of winning?

The chances are very high and it’s quite hard to argue against the odds the bookmakers offer. Fury is way faster, he has better technique, and he has a cooler head than his opponent. A fast jab and punches from aside will break Whyte's confidence and he won’t be able to withstand much more than five or six rounds tops.

It is highly likely that Fury will be dominating throughout the fight. There is a chance based on past performances that he will even mock his opponent. He’s not afraid of Dillian’s rough punches as they’re too slow. Fury will be able to see when a punch is on its way and take evasive action so we’re unlikely to see serious exchanges of punches in this fight.

If Tyson is in the same form as he was prior to the third fight versus Wilder he will be able to finish the bout just as the second half begins.

Tyson Fury’s last five bouts

The only draw is the result of the first fight against Deontay Wilder.





October 9, 2021

Deontay Wilder



February, 2020

Deontay Wilder



September 14, 2019

Otto Wallin


By decision

June 15, 2019

Tom Schwarz



December 1, 2018

Deontay Wilder


By decision

Dillian Whyte

  • WBC interim champion and WBC mandatory title contender (since 2019). Ex heavyweight WBC Silver (2017—2019) and WBO International (2018—2019) world champion.

  • 30 fights, 28 wins, 2 losses.

Whyte to win

Whyte’s last fights were against the Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin. The first bout was lost by knockout in the fifth round. The second bout was completely different with Whyte attacking aggressively, shocking the Russian with a series of side punches.

Whyte also has two wins over Chisora in his record which is probably the highlight. There’s nothing more interesting for boxing fans. He’s not popular in the media and his style is pretty simple.

Tyson is probably right that Whyte isn't worth $8 million.

What can we expect from Whyte in his fight versus Fury?

Dillian knows that he has five rounds tops to knock Fury down, that or finishing him on the ropes. It is unlikely that he is thinking too much further than this. Even if he manages to still be standing at the end there is almost no chance of him winning by decision.

His strategy will be built upon coming closer and clinching. Dillian has to suppress Tyson all the time which won’t let his opponent go the distance. Constant aggressive and dangerous pressing is what Whyte’s game plan is.

Dillian will have to go all-in to turn this plan into reality. It’s not only the belt that he will lose in case of defeat but probably the chance of fighting for the belt in future will be lost too.

What chance does Whyte have of winning?

There is only the chance of a lucky one off hit or a series of side punches helping Dillian. If he manages to confuse Fury, he will have a chance to clinch and perhaps finish him. However, we need to remember that in the past Tyson has always got up a couple of seconds after a knockdown. He proved that even a series of knockdowns in a row can’t break him in the bouts versus Wilder.

It’s a big question how Whyte is going to resist Fury’s style after two bouts versus a terribly slow Povetkin. Dillian missed several  pretty slow jabs and didn't always manage to counterattack. What can he rely on in a fight against 120 kg of lightning like Tyson Fury?

Dilllian Whyte’s last five bouts

He has lost only once. It was the result of the first fight against Povetkin.





March 27, 2021

Alexander Povetkin



August 22, 2020

Alexander Povetkin



December 7, 2019

Mariusz Wach


By decision

July 20, 2019

Óscar Rivas


By decision

December 22, 2018

Derek Chisora



Fury vs Whyte: Tips for the fight

Everybody loves Fury for his showmanship and his passion. Even if an opponent changes tactics fast, choosing a highly unpredictable game plan, the Gypsy King adjusts to this without fear. He needs little time to see the weak points of an opponent and exploit them.

Tyson had to endure a tough first round first round during the fight versus Wilder. Yes, he was surprised by the punches his torso received, which had been a good idea of Malik Scott, the coach. They made Fury slow down, take some time to think, and calm down. However, they didn’t make him angry. He didn’t panic. This is the most important thing. Tyson always looks for the root cause of a problem and acts to neutralise it rather than panicing.

Dillian has yet to face a puncher like Fury and will struggle to endure 12 rounds against him. The last time he had to work so hard was in 2019 when he fought versus Chisora and Rivas. But those guys are not that strong compared to Fury. They can’t keep the same speed going in the second half of a fight. Tyson can keep on performing perfectly well until the very end.

The Gypsy King talks about retirement almost every month. He keeps on repeating that there’s no real opponent for him in the boxing world. He says that he has no motivation to go on. But why is he fighting Whyte then?

This is the thing that looks dangerous. Tyson is like a gambler who just likes the risks. Fury is unlikely to knock down his opponent early on as he probably won’t start fiercely. Whyte will need some time to start noticing the opponent’s punches. The fight will cross the half way stage. What happens next? Who knows. Fury is likely to endure at least one more fight though.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Tyson Fury versus Dillian Whyte fight take place?

The fight is scheduled to start on April 23, 2022 at the Wembley stadium in London.

What are the odds on Fury and Whyte?

Fury remains the favourite as you would expect. The odds on his victory are at 27/100 Bookmakers don’t believe in Whyte at all. The odds on his triumph are at 5/1

Fury vs Whyte: Who will win?

Tyson has better techniques, he’s faster and smarter than his opponent. Only a miracle (or a lucky punch) can save Whyte. Dillian will be dangerous during the first rounds. However, if the fight goes further than the sixth round, Whyte will have very very little chance of winning.