Net revenue of the Russian bookmaker Fonbet reached almost €340 million in 2021

Financial report of the company has already been published. The information was published on the state financial reports source.

The Company’s gross revenue reached 66.12 Billion Roubles (almost €756.5m) in 2021, which is 14 Billion Roubles (over €160m) up year-on-year (around €595m in 2020). Net revenue reached 29.7 Billion Roubles (around €340m) while it was 23.297 Billion Roubles (€266.5m) in 2020.

According to the ‘Payments to suppliers’ field, the bookmaker spent over €343m for these services, over €45m was spent on salaries. The core cost of salaries was €318m. Fonbet also paid €144,000 for the services of BetGenius and over €1m for the services of SportRadar.

The company pays a little bit over €1m per year for the partnership with FC Real Madrid, €570,000 goes to AC Milan, and €500,000 is paid to PSG.

Fonbet has also created a reserve fund due to ongoing legal proceedings that accounts for €1.22m. The bookmaker gave over €2.5m to charity.

The bookmaker reported earlier this year that Fonbet made 40% of all target contributions (more details) in 2021.

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