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Betting Sites that Accept Prepaid Cards in April 2023

The use of prepaid gift cards at online bookmakers is steadily increasing in popularity. In this article, we share the best UK betting sites that accept prepaid cards. We also discuss the different types of prepaid cards available, the pros and cons associated with using them, and the differences between regular visa cards and visa prepaid cards. Finally, we consider some of the alternatives to prepaid cards and conclude by answering your Frequently Asked Questions.

The Best Prepaid Card Betting Sites

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Top 5 UK Prepaid Card Betting Sites


Bet365 is probably the most successful privately owned UK bookmaker and the reason they are so successful is down to the quality of their product. Bet365 offers punters the opportunity to make online payments via the payment method PaySafeCard, which is one of the most popular prepaid cards.

✅ Pros:

  • Generous welcome bonus

  • Live Streaming of most “In Play” events

  • Five Star Customer Service


Boylesports are an Irish bookmaker originally but they also provide betting services to the UK market. They have a large range of markets covered and as you would expect more Irish sports such as Gaelic football and Hurling which some other sites won't price up. BoyleSports allow customers to deposit via PaySafeCard, a prepaid card. They also allow customers the opportunity to deposit funds via "gift cards" purchased in their own shops.

✅ Pros:

  • Large range of sports to bet on (Over 30)

  • Loads of bonuses and promotions for existing customers

  • “Cash Out” option available


Ladbrokes is a great online sportsbook, but not just that it also has a full range of casino, live casino, bingo hall, and poker room too. Ladbrokes allow customer deposits via PaySafeCard, a prepaid card. You can also load funds onto your Ladbrokes reward card in shop and this is credited to your online account.

✅ Pros:

  • Excellent odds

  • Loads of bonuses and promotions for existing customers

  • Online winnings can be withdrawn as cash


888sport is one of the largest sports betting sites in the UK . Online sports bettors can enjoy a wide range of markets at good odds as well as high-quality statistics centers and bonuses. At 888sport, bettors can deposit funds via PaySafeard, a prepaid card.

✅ Pros:

  • Excellent VIP rewards scheme

  • Generous welcome bonus

  • Lightning Fast Payouts


21LuckyBet is a relatively new betting company that offers their UK customers a great website that can be used on a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. They are part of the "Progress Play" group of betting sites so they have the same vast number of matches to bet on for virtually every sport. They have almost every possible payment method to choose from when funding your online betting account. This includes using a prepaid voucher or gift card.

✅ Pros:

  • Massive amount of payment methods to choose from

  • Large number of sports and markets

  • Many varied bonuses for the majority of sports.

What is a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards are cards that are purchased from a retail outlet, pre-loaded with funds. Bettors can then enter the prepaid card details at the online gambling site, in order to deposit funds.

Because of this, prepaid cards are not linked to the holder's bank account in any way. This allows bettors to maintain a level of anonymity as they are providing fewer personal details to online betting sites. It is worth remembering though that sports betting sites that accept prepaid cards rarely allow this method to qualify for any bonus promotions.

Types Of Prepaid Cards

There are different types of prepaid cards available. Some are physical cards that you can purchase in stores, while others are virtual and only exist online; some can be reloaded, while others are effectively single use. In this section, we explain the differences between the types of prepaid cards.

Prepaid Gift Cards

Prepaid gift cards come in a physical form, and look like a regular debit or credit card. These usually have set values and expiration dates. Some can only be used in certain places, so it is worth checking that they are accepted at your desired bookmaker, before purchasing. Others can be used more widely.

Often, prepaid gift cards cannot be reloaded and they usually expire a set period time after purchase and/or activation. Helpfully, it is impossible to build up debt with a prepaid gift card, as once the balance reaches zero, the card is no longer operational, so there is no overdraft of any kind.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards

A reloadable prepaid card would be more appropriate for bettors who want to fund their account regularly and would like to use a prepaid card for all gambling deposits. It makes sense to be able to use the same card details each time, rather than having to enter new ones all the time.

There are various ways that customers can reload a prepaid card; via the retailer it was first purchased from, using cash, or with a credit or debit card. Alternatively, it might be possible to fund a reloadable prepaid card directly from a bank account.

Sometimes, these reloadable prepaid cards can incur a monthly fee, which is important to consider when deciding whether to use them long term. Others may incur a transaction fee. However, these charges may be considered worth it to someone who does not wish to provide their personal bank account details to an online sportsbook.

Virtual Prepaid Card

Virtual prepaid cards work the same way as physical prepaid cards, they just don't exist, physically. This means that they are ideal for use online, and users do not need to worry about their physical card being lost or stolen.

In order to obtain this type of prepaid card, customers will need to create an online account with one of the online banks that offer them. This process can be considerably lengthier than simply buying a physical prepaid card, as users will need to provide the company creating the virtual prepaid card with a number of personal details.

That said, it may be worth the extra hassle as virtual prepaid cards still allow bettors to keep their personal banking details private from online bookmakers, and these cards often come with lower fees and higher deposit and withdrawal limits than physical prepaid cards.

Voucher Prepaid Card

Voucher prepaid cards are just like physical prepaid cards, but they are simply made of paper instead of plastic. Customers simply receive a receipt, which provides all of the information required to make a transaction.

As voucher prepaid cards require no personal information at all to purchase, they are completely anonymous and therefore ideal for using at online gambling sites.

Pros and Cons

As with other payment methods, there are pros and cons to using a prepaid card. We list them here:

✅ Pros:

  • Using a prepaid gift card allows punters to deposit funds instantly into their online gambling account, allowing bets to be placed without delay.

  • Using a prepaid card can help bettors to manage their money better. This is because prepaid gift cards can be loaded with a pre-determined amount of money, and once the card is empty, it is empty, which helps prevent users building up debts from gambling or over-spending in the moment.

  • Using a prepaid card allows punters to keep their personal banking details confidential, as only the details of the prepaid gift card are provided to betting sites when depositing.

  • Prepaid cards allow customers to keep any deposits at online betting sites confidential, as prepaid cards are not linked to a bank account, so there is no possibility of a bookmaker's name appearing on a bank statement, as there would be when using a debit card to make a deposit.

❌ Cons:

  • If a prepaid card is lost or stolen, the funds cannot be recovered.

  • Bookmakers often set comparatively low deposit limits when depositing with a prepaid card.

  • Sometimes there are fees incurred when using a prepaid card.

  • Using prepaid gift cards can be less convenient than using a debit card or online wallet, if bettors choose to use a physical prepaid card. This is because users will need to visit a retailer in order to purchase the prepaid card, before they can use it.

Regular Visa Card Vs Prepaid Visa Gift Card

There are several differences between a regular visa card and a visa prepaid card. We discuss them here.

Fees Structure

There are no fees associated with using a standard visa card. However, there is often a purchasing fee when buying prepaid visa cards. There may also be regular monthly fees if the balance of the prepaid card is not used within a given timeframe.

Safety and Security

Prepaid cards add a further layer of safety and security to online sports betting transactions, as no personal banking details are shared with the online bookmaker, unlike when using a regular visa card.

Convenience Factor

This depends on what you consider to be most convenient; the ease of using a regular visa card that has likely been in your possession for years, or the ability to keep your personal details private, as with a prepaid visa card.


The deposit limits that online sports betting sites set tend to be a lot higher on regular visa cards, than they are on prepaid cards. Therefore, a prepaid visa card might not be suitable for bettors looking to deposit large amounts at an online sportsbook.

Time Of Transfers

For both types of card, deposits are instant. However, there may be delays when bettors go to withdraw money to a prepaid card, as more checks may need to take place.

Alternative Payment Options


PayPal is a well known online E-Wallet. PayPal is widely accepted at online sports betting sites, and transfers are usually instant. Users' personal financial details are kept private. However, PayPal is also often subject to deposit limits and users can sometimes incur a fee for transactions.


Skrill is another popular deposit method accepted at online sportsbooks. Customers' personal financial details are kept secure, and deposits into a betting account are instant. However, Skrill is not accepted as widely as other deposit methods, and there are fees incurred by customers for withdrawals from Skrill into a bank account.


Neteller is another online wallet accepted by some online sportsbooks. However, many online sportsbooks do not accept it. It is convenient in that users simply need a username and password to deposit via Neteller, and there are no fees for deposits from and withdrawals to a Neteller account. However, there is a small fee for bank transfers from a Neteller account.


In conclusion, prepaid cards can be a good option when depositing funds at online betting sites. This payment method means that personal banking details can be kept safe and private, and of course, prepaid card deposits are instant. However, most online sportsbooks have low deposit limits on prepaid cards, and there are often fees incurred when using them. It is up to the individual bettor as to whether the pros of using them outweigh the cons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can I Deposit With A Prepaid Gift Card?

The amount that you can deposit with a prepaid gift card will vary between online bookmakers, so check the individual Terms and Conditions of the bookmaker you wish to deposit with.

Can I Make Multiple Transactions Using One Prepaid Card?

Yes, you can make multiple transactions using one prepaid card, as long as there is a positive balance remaining on the card.

What Are The Transfer Limits When Using Prepaid Cards?

Transfer limits when using prepaid cards will vary between betting sites, so check the Terms and Conditions of the individual bookmaker.

Are there any fees for depositing with a prepaid card?

There are not usually any fees for depositing with a prepaid card, although there may be other fees associated with their use.

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