Bivol vs Carnero: Betting odds, tips, predictions for the WBA Light heavyweight title 8th of May 2022

Current WBA Super, WBC, and WBO world champion in different weights Saúl Canelo Álvarez will fight against Dmitry Bivol who will defend the WBA (Super) light heavyweight title. The Russian boxer has been holding the belt for several years. This is going to be the main event of the tournament that will take place at T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas on May 7 (May 8 UTC).

Here are the possible betting options and corresponding odds as well as an exclusive tip for the Bivol vs Canelo fight.

Streaming platform DAZN will broadcast the fight. The bout is set to start at around 5am BST for UK viewers who want to get up early and watch.

Álvarez - Bivol: odds for the fight

Canelo is something more than just a boxer. It’s a living legend, a trend, a school, and a phenomenon. Countless names may be given to him. Numbers can tell us more. The Mexican has had 60 fights. Only Floyd Mayweather managed to beat him and that was by decision. It was almost ten years ago. Now you can make a bet on Saúl’s victory at the odds of 1/4 1/4  at Betfred

The Russian boxer hasn’t lost a fight in his career but his record is far from what Canelo has. Bivol’s a good boxer but analysts are sure that he can’t do much harm to Álvarez. The odds on Bivol’s victory are at 4/1

Statistics (Fight record) and physical data

The fights against Plant and Saunders have proved that high reach alone can’t win when you fight against Canelo. The Mexican boxer cuts the distance in the blink of an eye and he’s comfortable with being  at any distance from an opponent. Bivol is taller and he has a higher reach but it’s unlikely to give a tactical advantage. 




Total Fights









No Contest / Draw














Saúl Canelo Álvarez

  • WBA Super and WBC champion, WBO world champion. The best-paid boxer of the world.

  • 60 fights, 57 wins, 1 loss, 2 draws.

Everybody’s sick of the phrase about the “cyborg multiplied by eternity”. However, what else can describe Canelo’s greatness? The Mexican legend is only 31 years old, but he’s already had 60 professional fights and won almost everything which is possible for him to win.

This is a case where we can say something about “uncompetitive opposition”. Álvarez has had bouts with all the opponents that he was supposed to fight in his fans' opinion. He’s had bouts moving up through the weights, proving that his fighting intelligence erases the opponent's weight and height advantages.

Now he’s about to fight the Russian boxer who really hopes to compete in this bout.

What can we expect from Álvarez in his fight versus Bivol?

It’s hard to say what are the main abilities of the Mexican fighter. He’s good in all aspects. However it is probably how he handles pressure and the way he thinks that create a base for his success. Saúl is an elaborate tactician. Sometimes he can lose particular rounds without making a normal punch just to evaluate the opponent's ability to cut the distance, to understand how strong his punch is and how fast he can make a block or step backwards.

Fighting versus Bivol, the Mexican boxer will keep to the absolute defensive style. He will occupy the centre of the ring making his opponent execute jabs and move fast leaving a comfortable distance. Pressing is the main aim of Canelo so he will open for punching only when at close distance as he did when fighting Plant.

There’s no reason to wait for frequent series. The Mexican fighter is obviously ready for a long fight. However, every punch he will make will be as precise as possible. If you wonder whether Canelo’s punches are dangerous you may ask Joe Saunders about that!

What chances does Álvarez have to win?

The chances are very high that Álvarez will win as usual. Álvarez is in top shape now. Some may think that he’s become a bit slower. But you need to rewatch his fights from the past to realise that he has just got rid of many extra punches.

Álvarez doesn’t need to get his weight lower before the fight so he can astonish Bivol by the force of the punches. He’s already proved fighting Kovalev that he can knock out even a heavyweight boxer. There’s no reason to wait for a fast knockout, but the Mexican boxer should be better than his opponent at the end of the bout.

The last five bouts of Álvarez

Only one fight was finished by decision. In all of the other cases the Canelo´s opponents either were knocked out or gave up.





November 6, 2021

Caleb Plant



May 8, 2021

Billy Joe Saunders



February 27, 2021

 Avni Yıldırım



December 19, 2020

Callum Smith


By decision

November 2, 2019

Sergey Kovalev



Dmitry Bivol 

  • WBA World super champion. 283 amateur fights in record. 

  • 19 fights, 19 wins, 0 loses. 

It´s now or never for Bivol. He’s been keeping the WBA belt for ages. He’s known that he will have to face Canelo one day and that day has come. He’s been preparing for this. He said in one of the interviews that he didn’t think that Álvarez was a unique fighter seeing nothing supernatural in his performance.

If Bivol manages to win he’ll become the king of the division. But he should understand first how to be able to do his 200% best. There’s no other way to beat Canelo.

What can we expect from Bivol in his fight versus Álvarez?

The main features are clear in this case. A sharp jab and fast moves. Bivol, just like Plant, will try to cut the distance in the first half of the bout. Then he will change the tactics trying to make Canelo attack him.

Dmitry is focused on jabs and side counter attacks. He realises that staying focused on the torso of Álvarez is a bad idea. The Mexican fighter will make a strong side punch or an uppercut immediately. And this can knock out anybody.

Bivol is not going to do anything to make this bout be over as soon as possible. He will need all the stamina after the first half is over. The opponent will get more fierce after that.

The main problem that Bivol has is a torso protection. If he keeps working in a frontal position, the opponent will likely break his ribs. 

What chances does Bivol have to win?

Ironically, the main chance to win is in abandoning the classical scheme. Bivol is unlikely to knock out an opponent six fights in a row. It all ends with the referees’ decision. The problem is not that he lacks some strength, but that he makes badly timed moves and has poor strength distribution.

Canelo is not invincible, but the only way to beat him is to break the traditional system. This is why there is another scenario. If Bivol starts the bout with fierce attacks in the first round there is a chance that he can make his opponent panic which will do harm to the Mexican fighter.

This is very risky. But otherwise there’s only one option left to choose which is a long punching exchange. There’s also of course the faint hope that Canelo will be under prepared. Dmitry Bivol is unlikely to be able to win in the last rounds. The only thing he’ll be able to do is to stand up until the end. The referees will then remain his last chance.

The last five bouts of Bivol

Cardio is fine, but knockouts leave much to be desired. He can’t knock out anyone in the last six bouts.





December 11, 2021

Umar Salamov


By decision

May 1, 2021

Craig Richards


By decision

October 12, 2019

Lenin Castillo


By decision

March 9, 2019

Joe Smith Jr.


By decision

November 24, 2018

Jean Pascal


By decision

Canelo vs Bivol: tip for the bout 

Álvarez is not just a talented phenomenon. He’s a strategic fighter who has the greatest sport skill - he always prepares for the next fight very seriously. Bivol is not a very famous name in the West. Everybody expects that Canelo will win. This is a big motivation to the Mexican fighter.

Álvarez will not be quite so audacious and sharp as he used to be. He monitors his stamina, he evaluates for how long he will be able to keep blocking, how much energy is lost. He can compare his recent fights with the ones from the past. He will be absolutely calm in this bout and we are sure that he will be able to stand for 12 rounds.

Can we expect a miracle and a lucky punch? No, we can’t. No one has ever argued against Canelo’s persistence. No one is going too. Álvarez should win in the 7th-12th rounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Saúl Álvarez vs Dmitry Bivol fight take place?

Canelo vs. Bivol will take place on May 7 (May 8 GMT) at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Where can I watch the live broadcast of the fight Bivol - Canelo?

The live broadcast of the fight can be viewed on the website of the DAZN streaming platform. Estimated start time of the battle is 5:00am London time.

What are the odds for the Bivol vs Álvarez fight?

Canelo is back as the bookmaker's favorite. The odds of his victory are 1.25. Bookmakers believe much less in the success of the undefeated Russian, offering odds of 5.

Canelo vs Bivol: Who will win?

Álvarez is ready for a long fight. He will have the initiative after the 7th round. The only real chance that Bivol has is that he will be able to knock out his opponent before the middle of the fight.