Guide To Placing an Accumulator Bet on Bet365

In this article we explain what an accumulator bet on Bet365 is and how it differs from the Bet Builder. We provide instructions on how to create your first Acca bet. We also describe the bet editing, cash out and enhanced odds functions, and explain how accumulator bets work with these options.

What Is A Bet365 Accumulator Bet

An Acca bet combines two or more selections into one bet which increases the odds. A winning accumulator will bring you more than if you had bet on each bet in the combination individually.

For example, you place 2 x £10 single bets at odds of 1/2 (1.50) each. If you win both, you will get £5 from each, the same as if you had bet at 1/1 (2.00). If you combine the same two winning selections into an accumulator, you'll get a higher odds: 1.50 x 1.50 = 2.25 (5/4 in fractional). So, for a £10 bet you could get £12.5 profit.

However, remember that all betting selections in the accumulator must win in order for this bet to be successful. Whereas two individual selections could have just one win and not the other which would lead to a partial loss, rather than a total loss.

An accumulator bet on the Bet365 betting site has different names: Acca, combo, parlay, express, double bet and triple for combination bets of two and three markets. They all mean the same sort of thing - you are combining the events of different matches into one bet.

What Is the Difference between an Accumulator bet and a Bet Builder bet?

With an Acca at Bet365, you cannot combine markets from the same match. But you can use different markets from the same match using the Bet Builder function. This is activated on the match page (tab under the event name). In the Bet Builder you can include up to 12 selections.

Bet Builder is available for the following sports:

How to Open an Account at Bet365

Creating an account at Bet365 is easy. Go to the betting site and click "Join". You will have to enter the following details:

  • Country of residence.

  • First and second name, form of address.

  • Date of birth.

  • Email address.

  • Mobile phone number.

  • Address.

  • Login name and password.

Bet365: Registration page for new users.

You can also set a deposit limit. If you don't want to limit yourself, select the "No deposit limit" option. And you can enter a promotional code from the betting promotions to activate the bonus, if, of course, you have one.

How to Place an Accumulator Bet on Bet365

It is easy to place an accumulator bet:

  1. Select one market.

  2. If you bet in the mobile version or app, a bet slip will automatically appear on the screen. Roll it up.

  3. Add the markets from the other events to the bet slip.

  4. Open the betting slip with the button at the top of the screen.

  5. Choose the bet type. By default, the Bet365 standard acca is offered. There are also Bankers (selections must be played in order), If Bet and Reverse If Bet systems (each action depends on the previous one).

  6. Enter the bet amount and confirm the bet.

Bet365: Accumulator betslip.

As a reminder, the betting accumulator is used for combining the betting options of different matches. To combine the selections of one event, go to the page of this event and click on the Bet Builder tab.

How to Edit Bet365 Accumulator Bet Slip

An accumulator can only be edited if a Cash Out option is available for each unsettled selection.

The Edit Bet function allows you to add, replace and remove markets from an accumulator. It also allows you to select another type of multiple bet: Bankers, If Bet, Reverse If Bet, doubles and trebles systems and others. In other words, instead of the usual Bet365 accumulator bet you can select a system that will increase the odds or, alternatively, change the type of combination to a simpler one, such as changing the accumulator to a doubles system.

You can replace and remove selections in bet365 accumulator bets even with already settled markets. The odds of the combination will be resettled according to the changes. After using the Edit Bet function the new bet amount will be equal to the Cash Out amount at the time the changes are accepted. The only exception will be if you add new selections to a combination where all selections are pre-match and their odds have not changed - in this case the bet amount will remain the same.

You can edit your bets in the following way:

  1. Go to the "My Bets" menu.

  2. In the unsettled bet slip, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Make the changes.

  4. Check the updated odds of the combination and confirm the bet.

Cashing Out

Bet365's betting site allows you to cash out bets before the end of the event. You can only redeem an Acca at Bet365 if the cash out option is active for each selection. This feature is not always available during the entire match, so be careful when you cash out. Do not wait for a dramatic ending.

Bet365 supports three types of early cash out for regular accumulator bets:

  • Full Cash Out. You cash out the entire available amount: the bet is settled immediately at the bookmaker's suggested price. For example, you place a bet of £20. The probability of winning as the game progresses has only decreased, so only £10 is available to you if you cash out. With a full cash out, you can redeem all £10 and no matter what happens next that is that, you in effect no longer have a bet. If you want to use this feature, click on the button in the accumulator bet slip.

  • Partial Cash Out. These are where you redeem a part of the bet amount, for example, if you decide that you want to take some winnings now but also have some still on the selections. Maybe 19 out of the 20 selections of your Legendary accumulator have already won, and you would like to take a portion of the winnings rather than lose everything, but at the same time you want a bigger win if number 20 does still cime in. To activate it, click on the icon to the right of the cash out button in the online bet slip and select 'Partial Cash Out', then mark the desired amount with the slider.

  • Automatic Cash Out. You can specify the amount at which the bet will be automatically cashed out. Click on the button to the right of the Cash Out button in the bet slip, enter a value and confirm the transaction. The automatic Cash Out will work even if you are not currently on the betting site.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds and Boosted odds are bonuses where the odds become higher than nominal and your potential winnings increase. Enhanced odds are selected by the bookmaker, where as boosted odds are applied to a selection by the customer. They are available for some football, horse racing and other sports markets. 

These bonuses have an important distinction in terms of accumulator betting. Markets with Enhanced odds can be included in the acca, while Boosted odds markets cannot.

Use Soccer Accumulator Bonus to Enhance Odds

Bet365: Up to 70% Acca bonus.

It is also possible to increase the payout of football accumulators without the enhanced odds bonuses. There is a Soccer Accumulator Bonus for this. Its terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. The combination must be made up of football pre-match events.

  2. If the bet wins, you will get a bonus from 5% to 70% of your winnings (the winning amount excluding the bet amount). Bonus percentage depends on the number of selections in the accumulator: you can include from 2 to 14 or more selections. For more details about the correlation between the bonus and the number of selections, please check out the Soccer Accumulator Bonus page.

  3. The bonus is paid in cash into your main account and is available for withdrawal without additional wagering.

  4. Only personal funds can be used for betting with Soccer Accumulator Bonus. Bet Credits are not accepted.

Mobile Betting

Accumulator betting works in the mobile app in the same way as on the website. You will only need to close the bet slip once the first bet has been added: it will expand to full screen after one selection has been added.

Also, remember that the Bet Builder is activated on the match page. To get there, select the sport from the side menu (A-Z button in the top left hand corner), then select the tournament and the event you wish to bet on.

Terms & Conditions

Accumulator betting has a number of requirements. If your bet cannot meet them it will not be accepted. You will not be able to place accumulators on:

  • The markets of a single match. Bets on a team to win and an over/under in the same match. Bet Builder can be used for this. It is also possible to place both bets as separate single bets.

  • Related markets within a tournament. A bet on a tennis player to win a semi-final and an outright bet on his/her win in the same tournament.

  • Related markets of different tournaments. Let's say a team has won two of the three trophies required for a treble bet. You cannot bet on them taking the treble and winning the last of the three tournaments with the same combination.

Leagues for Accumulator Bets

You can place bet365 accumulator bets on any unrelated markets, i.e. you can combine events from any sport, for example:

  • Football: UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro.

  • Basketball: NBA, Euroleague, Liga ACB, Serie A, FIBA World Cup.

  • Tennis: ATP, WTA and ITF tournaments.


Acca bets at the Bet365 betting site are one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to increase your betting odds. If you combine events, you increase the winnings by multiple times. But there is no room for error either, as all selections must win.

Bettors with little experience can combine markets with poor odds and high probability. Experienced bettors can combine long chains with great odds to claim a 100/1 payout with a single bet. In addition, Bet365 has several types of accumulator bets with additional conditions that allow you to create complex systems: Bankers, If Bets, and others.

For football fans, we recommend checking out their Soccer Accumulator Bonus, which gives a cash bonus of up to 70% of the winnings from bets with pre-match football markets. The selections with Enhanced odds are not compatible with Soccer Accumulator Bonus, but you still can combine them, you just will not get the bonus in case of winning. It is also possible to combine these bets by using Bankers, If Bet and other bet types. At the same time, the football accumulator is much more strict than many systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Accumulator Bonus at Bet365?

From the Soccer Accumulator Bonus promotion, the bookmaker pays out between 5% and 70% extra winnings from the accumulator, depending on how many selections are included. The bet must only contain pre-match football markets. The promotion is valid for certain markets and they are marked with "Accumulator Bonus" on the match page. The rules of this offer change from time to time, so make sure to check that the information is updated.

How To Place an Accumulator on Bet365?

Add two or more selections to your bet slip in either pre-match or In Play. The bet type will automatically switch to accumulator when the second selection is added. Enter the bet amount and confirm the bet.

What are the Best Bet365 Accumulator Tips?

Don't be greedy. It is best not to add more than three selections with high betting odds to your accumulator. For example, successfully guessing two outcomes for 2/1 is already lucky. The combination of three selections will bring 3.00 x 3.00 = 9.00, i.e. 8/1. The payout would already be decent, and adding one more selection would significantly reduce the probability of the bet winning. Please bet responsibly.

How Can I Place a Football Accumulator?

Select football from the list of sports and a tournament to access the list of football matches. If necessary, open the extended event list. Add bets to the bet slip. When you have completed the combination, enter the bet amount and confirm it.

How To Place a Multi Bet on Bet365?

All types of multiple bets, accumulators and systems, are made in a bet slip. You just need to add enough selections for the desired combination, select the type of bet in the bet slip, enter the amount and confirm the bet.

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