Edwards vs. Muhammad Odds & Prediction

The current UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards (UK) will face Belal Muhammad (USA) in a rematch. Their bout is scheduled for the UFC 304 tournament on July 27 at the Co-op Live Arena in Manchester, UK.

Below you will find a prediction for the fight Edwards vs Muhammad, odds, betting options, and an exclusive prediction.

Who will win – Edwards or Muhammad?

The main card UFC 304 fights are scheduled to start at around 3 AM BST. The Edwards — Muhammad fight will be broadcasted on ESPN+.

Edwards vs Muhammad Odds

Betting sites believe that the current champion will defend his title. He’s on an impressive winning streak with no plans to stop. Edwards has good techniques and he’s not afraid of ground fighting. His successful bouts against Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman have already proved it. You can bet on Edwards to win at 9/20 .

Edwards vs Muhammad odds to win


Edwards to win odds

Muhammad to win odds

Betfred 9/20 7/4
Unibet 1/2 33/20
10bet 9/20 33/20
Copybet 1/2 8/5
Hollywoodbets 9/20 3/2

Their first fight lasted for 1 full round. Belal was confused, he couldn’t do anything against Leon. Now Muhammad has to work a lot on his mistakes and tactics to avoid the same situation as Edwards has become even stronger. The odds for Muhammad to win are at 33/20 .

Statistics and Physical Data

Edwards is taller than Muhammad, and he also has a 2-inch advantage in reach.

Leon Edwards
Belal Muhammad
26 Fights 27
22 Wins 23
3 Defeats 3
1 Draws / NC's 1
6' 00“ Height 5' 11“
74 in Reach 72 in
170.00 lb Weight 169.50 lb
32 Age 35

Leon Edwards

  • Current UFC Welterweight Champion. Ex-BAMMA Welterweight Champion. Winning 2 UFC Performance of the Night awards. Second to best winning streak in the UFC Welterweight history.

  • 26 fights, 22 wins, 1 defeats, 1 NC. 

Leon Edwards is on the 13-fight winning streak in the UFC. His opponents could hardly understand what to do, fighting against him. One can make Edwards start ground fighting, but it's not going to last for long.

Edwards isn’t the one to scare an opponent with his punches. However, he can stand the other fighters’ punches too well to win by decision eventually. His fight against Colby Covington has proved that Edwards is in perfect form.

What to Expect from Edwards in the Fight against Muhammad?

Edwards will start with a lot of kicks and punches targeted to Muhammad’s torso to keep him away from the average distance. Leon will try to corner Belal at the net with some strong cross-punches and hooks. He will also use some long-distance direct punches. If the fight continues in short distance, Leon will kick with his knees and make short punches with his elbows. Edwards will try to start ground fighting to control his opponent from above to win the ending of a round.

The current champion will try to keep the steady rhythm of the fight, continuously pressing Belal. In this case, Muhammad’s takedowns will be more predictable. Leon will block al leg kicks and push his opponent back during the fighting while standing. If Leon ends up in ground fighting without a chance to stand up, in the next round, he will keep closer to the net to make counter attacking punches.

Edwards’ Chances of Winning

The main advantage Edwards has is his skill to break through an opponent’s defence. Edwards has a chance to knockout Belal because Muhammad forgets to avoid his opponent’s attacks. If Leon fails to knockout his opponent, he will do his best to win by decision.

Leon can defend from a danger in ground fighting perfectly well. In theory, this should help him neutralise the main weapons Belal has. However, it’s hard to predict how good Muhammad will be in ground fighting. He will use a chance to capture an Edwards’ leg. Leon should be careful with his low/high/middle kicks.

Edwards' Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
December 16, 2023 Colby Covington Won Decision
March 18, 2023 Kamaru Usman Won Decision
August 20, 2022 Kamaru Usman Won K.O.
June 12, 2021 Nate Diaz Won Decision
March 13, 2021 Belal Muhammad NC Accidental eye poke

Belal Muhammad

  • Titan Fighting Welterweight Champion. Winning 2 UFC Performance of the Night awards and 1 UFC Fight of the Night award. Currently, #2 in the UFC welterweight rankings. 

  • 27 fights, 23 wins, 3 defeats, 1 NC.

Belal wants to take the title and put an end to his own conflict with Leon. Besides, if he wins, Muhammad will prove that one can reach the MMA heights without talking skills and bright finishes record. He’s been waiting for this fight for so long. Belal will be highly focused to make his haters admit that he’s a new champion.

What to Expect from Muhammad in the Fight against Edwards?

Muhammad will make fast double punches and middle kicks. He will start to move and make some unexpected cross punches to break through Leon’s arms. He will attack from the middle distance, but he will be ready to make it shorter to punch with a jab or an uppercut.

Belal will constantly use low kicks to make Leon change his stand. His opponent will be vulnerable in this case and Belal can bring him to ground fighting. Muhammad will try to break through Leon’s legs and try to make chaotic take downs.

Edwards can easily stand up from ground fighting. Muhammad will be ready to control fight next to the net. While ground fighting, Belal will be focused on decisive punches. The situation will change in round 4 and 5. Belal will be focused on dominating position to control his opponent.

Muhammad’s Chances of Winning

Muhammad perfectly feels the distance. He has fast punches, threatening his opponents with take downs. He has a chance to make more punches than Edwards. This is a very important bout, Belal will be focus in every attack to finish his opponent standing. 

Muhammad knows how to make his take downs effective as he saw what Edwards did to protect himself in the last fights. Belal will be highly focused on wrestling from the 3rd round to win in grappling. Muhammad believes he can have a better stamina to win the last 2 rounds and win by decision eventually.

Muhammad’s Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
May 6, 2023 Gilbert Burns Won Decision
October 22, 2022 Sean Brady Won T.K.O.
April 16, 2022 Vicente Luque Won Decision
December 18, 2021 Stephen Thompson Won Decision
June 12, 2021 Demian Maia Won Decision

Edwards vs. Muhammad Prediction

The first fight took place in 2021 and it was declared non-contest. Edwards won the only round because Belal was confused by his opponent’s deceptive actions becoming an easy target. The upcoming bout is unlikely to be the same as both fighters have reached significant progress.

Leon and Belal are used to winning their bout by decision, they know how to do it. Fighting until the very end is a mutual risk. They have perfect boxing skills and will do their best to knock out an opponent starting from the 2nd round. This is why Rounds: Under 4.5 seems to be an interesting betting option.

Muhammad seems to be a favourite in this fight, despite the betting sites’ opinion. He’s improved his standing skills enough to fight with Edwards on equal terms. Belal may have a better stamina and can beat his opponent in ground fighting. Muhammad hasn’t had a fighting practice for a year. However, it can be a good thing for him as he’s been expecting this bout for so long. Belal’s likely explored everything about his opponent.

My prediction is Muhammad to win + Under 4.5.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ When will the Edwards - Muhammad fight take place?

The fight is scheduled for the UFC 304 tournament on July 27 at the Co-op Live Arena in Manchester, UK.

❓ What are the odds on Edwards vs Muhammad?

You can bet on Edwards to win at 1/2. The odds on Muhammad to win are at 7/4.

❓ Edwards vs Muhammad: Who will win?

Belal Muhammad has a better chance to win as he's improved his punching skills since the first bout. He will be better than Leon Edwards with stamina and wrestling. Belal is highly motivated, he will do his best to win, trying to knock out his opponent.