England vs Switzerland: Prediction & Betting Odds

England will face Switzerland in the quarter-final of the UEFA Euro 2024. England miraculously defeated Slovakia in the Round of 16 (2:1), equalizing the score at the end of the game. In contrast, the Swiss confidently defeated Italy, scoring two goals. Now, Switzerland has the chance to knock out another big-name team from the tournament and reach the Euro semi-finals for the first time in their history.

England vs Switzerland will take place at the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf on July 6. The kick-off is scheduled for 17:00 BST. Let's see what odds the bookmakers are offering, analyse the profitable betting options, and make a prediction for the match.

Who will win: England or Switzerland?

England vs Switzerland Betting Odds

Bookmakers put England as the favourite, offering odds of 6/5 for their win. Switzerland's success is estimated at 59/20 . A draw can be taken for 39/20 .

In the match against Italy, the Swiss were also considered underdogs by the bookmakers, but in the end they won, so the bookmakers are underestimating Switzerland again.

England vs Switzerland: Betting Odds


England to win


Switzerland to win 

Betfred 6/5 2/1 3/1
Unibet 6/5 39/20 59/20
10bet 23/20 39/20 11/4
Copybet 23/20 19/10 14/5
Betway 6/5 2/1 14/5

England national team

England’s passive and chaotic attacking play almost led to their elimination from the UEFA Euro. In their match against Slovakia, England were on the verge of a failure, but they were saved by Bellingham's goal in the end of added time, making the score 1:1. In the extra time, Southgate's team managed to score one more time and reach the quarter-finals.





30.06.2024 Euro 2024 England — Slovakia 2:1 (ET)


Euro 2024

England — Slovenia



Euro 2024

Denmark — England



Euro 2024

Serbia — England


The odds for England's win are lower than their opponent's – 6/5 . Bookmakers still consider the English to be the main favourites of the tournament, despite their unimpressive performance. It seems that this is due to the team's star-studded line-up, but famous names alone are not enough to win the Euros. If England doesn't improve their game, they will be heading home soon.

Switzerland national team

The Swiss remain undefeated at Euro 2024. They had a perfect game against Italy in the Round of 16, winning convincingly. Switzerland completed more attacks (53 against 46), took more shots on goal (16 against 10), and surpassed their opponent in xG (1.54 against 0.84). Switzerland finished the game with 91% pass accuracy.





29.06.2024 Euro 2024 Switzerland — Italy 2:0


Euro 2024

Slovakia — Romania



Euro 2024

Slovakia — Ukraine



Euro 2024

Belgium —Slovakia


It seems that the bookmakers were not impressed by the Swiss success in their first play-off match, as the odds for Switzerland's victory in the upcoming game are high – 3/1 .

However, England have not yet faced such a powerful opponent as Switzerland at this Euro. The Swiss definitely look stronger than Slovakia and Slovenia and those two had been a struggle for England. That’s why chances of reaching the semi-final are roughly equal.

England - Switzerland betting odds

England's average ball possession is 60,5% – the 3rd highest at the tournament after Germany and Portugal. At the same time Southgate's team handle significant problems when trying to score. The problem mainly lies in the midfielders making rare sharp passes and the attackers being isolated from the rest of the team.

However, thanks to their pragmatic approach and well-coordinated defensive play, England have conceded only two goals in the tournament. Yes, they didn’t face the top teams, but Switzerland, also, is not known for its bright attacks. Switzerland play second fiddle against strong opponents, relying on counterattacks, as they did in the match against Germany, where the Swiss had only 38% possession.

The teams prefer not to take unnecessary risks, so we can expect a careful game with few goals. We recommend betting on Totals Under.

Handicap Betting

The English national team lacks creativity and speed, despite having many talented players. They even lost in xG to Slovakia, which sticks to a defensive strategy (1.61 against 2.4).

Switzerland usually plays carefully and focused from the first minutes of the match, they conceded a goal in the first half only against Scotland during the tournament. Currently, nothing suggests that the English will be able to quickly break through the organized Swiss defence. Everyone saw the reliability of Switzerland's defence in the last 16, where Italy failed to make any real scoring chances. Plus, the English will be wary of the opponent's fast counterattacks and won't immediately go forward with all their strength. It's worth betting on Switzerland going into half-time without conceding, at least.

Totals Betting

England has kicked 18 corners at UEFA-2024, 9 of them were taken during a match against Slovakia in the extra time. Southgate’s team is focused on control and short passes, rarely using a crossing strategy for scoring. For this reason, England is only ranked 13th in the championship in terms of crosses/passes (64) after the last 16. This approach is unlikely to allow the "Three Lions" to often take a corner kick, given that the Swiss are good at defending and will not let the opponent near their goal.

Statistics Betting

England has only hit the target 12 times in 4 matches, most of their shots had been blocked or missed. Southgate has enough players at his lineup who can shoot, but they rarely have the opportunity for a targeted shot.

Switzerland have built a dense defense, allowing opponents an average of no more than 2 shots on target per game. It doesn't look like England will get many chances to test the Swiss goalkeeper. It makes sense to bet on England's individual total of shots on target under 3.5.

The Swiss behaved correctly in the match against Italy, not receiving a single warning. Throughout the tournament, they were given only 8 yellow cards (an average of 2 per game). England didn't break the rules too much either — they have 7 yellow cards (an average of 1.75 per game). So we expect the teams to have a minimum of fouls and yellow cards.

England - Slovakia predictions and betting odds

Switzerland does not look like an underdog in this game at all. They have already shown that they are not afraid of opponents who are in a higher position. In the group stage, the Swiss did not break under the pressure of Germany, drawing with them (1:1), and in the last 16 they played boldly and confidently against the current European champion, Italy. The Italians could not figure out how to score for 90 minutes. A similar turn of events awaits England, as they also have serious problems with creative football.

If not for a brilliant goal at the end of England’s match against Slovakia, we would not even be talking about them now. Southgate's team is too slow and predictable in attack, most often they simply don't know what to do when the opponent is solid in defence and does not allow a free space.

To add to all of England's woes, their main defender Mark Guéhi will miss the quarter-final due to an excess of yellow cards. We believe that the Swiss will take advantage of their opponent's shortcomings and will not lose within 90 minutes. Our choice: