Pimblett vs. Green: prediction & betting odds

English MMA fighter Paddy Pimblett will fight against American Bobby Green at UFC 304. Their lightweight bout will take place on 27 July (28 July MSC) at the Co-op Live Arena in Manchester, UK.

Below you will find betting odds and our exclusive predictions for the Green vs Pimblett bout.

Who will win – Pimblett or Green?


Pimblett vs Green Odds

Bookmakers consider Pimblett an underdog, while Green is a favourite. Bobby is good in striking punches and is ready to counter Paddy’s takedowns. You can bet on Pimblett to win at 7/5 .

Pimblett vs Green odds to win


Pimblett to win odds

Green to win odds

Betfred 7/5 3/5
10bet 7/5 11/20
Copybet 7/5 3/5
Hollywoodbets 5/4 1/2
Betway 7/5 3/5

Despite the fact that Green is older than Pimblett, he is still in good shape and has not lost his competitive potential. In the last 5 fights he lost only once, while in other cases he successfully countered younger fighters. You can bet on Green to win at 3/5 .

Statistics and Physical Data

Pimblett is 8 years younger than Green and his reach is 1.96 inches longer.

Paddy Pimblett
Bobby Green
24 Fights 49
21 Wins 32
3 Defeats 15
0 Draws / NC's 2
5' 10“ Height 5' 10“
73 in Reach 71 in
155.50 lb Weight 156.00 lb
29 Age 37

Paddy Pimblett

  • FCC and Cage Warriors featherweight champion. Three-times UFC Performance of the night award winner. Pimblett achieved a 1st degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • 24 fights, 21 wins, 3 defeats.

Before his bout against Tony Ferguson Paddy had changed his haircut. Known for his longer hair and old-style combed look, Paddy decided to dramatically change his style. When explaining his decision, Pimblett said that long hair will no longer get into his eyes, giving him sort of a tactical advantage.

Pimblett is very likely to start the upcoming fight with heavy low kicks and jabs. If Green gets too close, Paddy may land a decent high-kick and a right cross. He is also expected to unload front kicks and side kicks to destabilise the opponent. In the beginning of the bout Paddy may move away from the center of the octagon, but later he might launch a quick attack.

After a series of kicks Pimblett may catch Green’s leg, taking him further away from the cage fence and trying to make a takedown. Paddy will try to bend Bobby over and go for a rear naked choke or guillotine. In the third round, Pimblett will be fresher, which will allow him to stop the American on the ground or control him until the end of the fight.

Pimblett's Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
December 16, 2023 Tony Ferguson Won Unanimous decision
December 10, 2022 Jared Gordon Won Unanimous decision
July 23, 2022 Jordan Leavitt Won Submission
March 19, 2022 Rodrigo Vargas Won Submission
September 4, 2021 Luigi Vendramini Won K.O.

Bobby Green

  • King of the Cage, TFA and WFC lightweight champion. Three-times winner of the UFC Performance of the night award. He is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • 49 fights, 32 wins, 15 defeats, 1 draw and 1 n/c.

Green competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship for 11 years. Even now, in the age of 37, he is ready to impress the public. A year ago he knocked out Grant Dawson in just 35 seconds. Nine fighters before Green couldn’t have done that. Green’s fighting style is active, unique and unconventional. He is well-known for his fast attacks. Be sure that he will be trying to provoke Pimblett to attack and make subsequent mistakes in the octagon. 

Bobby will start getting closer to Paddy, landing left jabs and side kicks. Sometimes Green is expected to rise his hands to make deceptive movements to then land unexpected head strikes. Bobby will constantly target opponent’s shin and hit his body with middle-kicks. When Paddy tries to attack, Green will meet him with a power hook or a roundhouse kick. 

The American is good in wrestling, but he will do his bet to continue the most part of the bout standing. To do this, he will constantly move, approaching the opponent with a series of strikes and then moving back to the cage. If Bobby gets caught in a grip, he will try to push the opponent and then make a takedown to finish the fight.

Green's Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
April 13, 2024 Jim Miller Won Unanimous decision
December 2, 2023 Jalin Turner Lost K.O.
October 7, 2023 Grant Dawson Won K.O.
July 29, 2023 Tony Ferguson Won Technical Submission 
April 22, 2023 Jared Gordon NC Accidental clash of heads

Pimblett vs Green prediction

Usually Green tries to mislead the opponent by making deceptive movements to then be able to shorten the distance and make a sudden attack. It is not that easy to stick to this plan with Pimblett, as he always pushes the opponent away and can make a fast attack in the first seconds of a bout.

If this fight lasts longer than 5 minutes, then the first two rounds are most likely to take place standing. Pimblett can win at least one of the rounds using his chaotic and fast punches. This tactic may result in a takedown when Green gets tired and looses concentration. So, my favourite in this bout is Pimblett.

I think that in this bout you can bet on under 1.5, as both fighters are motivated to finish this bout fast and often lack effective head protection.

Our prediction: Pimblett to win and under 1.5

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ When will the Pimblett - Green fight take place?

Paddy Pimblett will face Bobby Green on July 27 at the Co-op Live arena in Manchester, UK.

❓ What are the odds on Edwards vs Muhammad?

You can bet on Pimblett to win at 7/5. The odds on Green to win are at 3/5.

❓ Edwards vs Muhammad: Who will win?

Pimblett may win Green thanks to his unpredictable fighting style. He will land a number of significant boxing combo strikes. Pimblett has more stamina and is better in blocking punches.