England vs Netherlands Predictions: A Second Euros Final in a Row for Southgate's Team?

In the UEFA Euro 2024 semi-finals England face the Netherlands. England keep on the playing in their controversial way despite the criticism of the media and fans. The English side is two steps away from the title, though. They will gace their first top opponent in this tournament. The Dutch side has reached the semi-finals for the first time since 2004.

Who will win: Netherlands or England?

The match will kick off on July 10 at the Wesfalenstadion in Dortmund at 20:00 BST. Below you will find England vs Netherlands betting odds and other bets options.

Netherlands vs England Odds

Betting sites can't name a favourite in this game. They offer the following odds for England to beat Netherlands - 17/10 . The Netherlands odds to beat England are 11/5 . You can bet on a draw at 2/1 .

Netherlands vs England Best Odds


Netherlands to win


England to win 

Betfred 11/5 2/1 8/5
Unibet 11/5 9/5 8/5
10bet 21/10 9/5 8/5
Copybet 43/20 7/4 8/5
Betway 21/10 9/5 17/10


Only the Dutch side managed to beat their opponent in regular time in the quarter-finals. The other teams needed either extra time or even penalties to qualify for the semi-finals.

However, the game versus Turkey was hard as their opponents had a lead after scoring a goal in the first half. The Dutch defensive line looked quite poor, as Turkey had 15 attempts. Verbruggen saved the day for the Netherlands, though.

How Netherlands have played at Euro 2024





06.07.2024 Quarter-finals Netherlands — Turkey 2:1
02.07.2024 Last 16 Romania — Netherlands 0:3


Group stage

Netherlands — Austria



Group stage

Netherlands — France



Group stage

Poland — Netherlands


The Netherlands to win odds are higher compared to the ones offered for England to beat Netherlands - 11/5 . Basically the Dutch side has a good chance to win playing against such a boring English team. The Netherlands played well versus another top side in the group stage, levelled with France (0:0). The Dutch side even scored a goal that was disallowed due to offside. At least the Netherlands can reach the penalty shootout. The odds on such an outcome are 33/10 .


The side played against Switzerland in the same style as in the other matches of the tournament. Slow rhythm, defensive style, endless passing on their own side of the pitch. This is what we saw in the quarter-finals. England were pretty fast in the first half an hour only to get into hibernation. They woke up only after conceding a goal in the 75th minute. Saka saved the English side scoring a goal. England beat Switzerland on penalties.

How England have played at Euro 2024





06.07.2024 Quarter-finals England — Switzerland 1:1 (5:3)
30.06.2024 Last 16 England — Slovakia 2:1 (ET)


Group stage

England — Slovenia



Group stage

Denmark — England



Group stage

Serbia — England


Betting sites still believe England can win the trophy. The odds for England to win Euro 2024 are at 5/2 . It's hard to believe in this outcome so far, as the side depends a lot on some individual skills of the players.

Netherlands vs England Betting Odds

It's no surprise England have already played twice in extra time, considering the style of the team. Three years ago, in the semi-finals they beat Denmark.

This time the level of the teams are pretty equal. It's unlikely someone decides to lead the game. England have a better squad but they likely to play extra 30 minutes than risking to make more attacks.

It's quite likely that a winner will be decided beyond regular time. You can bet on a draw at 9/5 .

Both teams have scored in 3 games England have played. The same applies to the Neterlands, too. The opponents of the English side have scored the first goal in the knockout stage games. England play slowly in the beginning of their matches. The Dutch side can score in they start to play fiercely right from the beginning. They've already scored 9 goals. However, the Netherlands are unlikely to keep the clean sheet. The defensive line isn't really solid. We could see it in the games versus Austria and Turkey.

Handicap Betting

The Netherlands have taken more corner kicks on average than England in this tournament (6 vs 4.4). The Dutch attacks involve wingers to cross the ball to the opponent's penalty box. They've made 90 crosses in this European Championship (4th in this tournament). This is why they can have quite a lot of corner kicks.

England hardly reach an opponent's penalty box. They're unlikely to play better in the semi-finals and unlikely to have more corner kicks than the Dutch side.

Totals Betting

England have had only 15 shots on target (3 per game on average), they're 13th in this tournament. England made an attempt on target against Switzerland only in the 80th minute.

The Dutch statistics slightly better, with 20 shots on target (4 per game on average). They have more attamepts, though (74 vs 57). However, most of the shots are either missed or blocked. The semi-final game will not be different.

Statistics Betting

Neither of the sides has played aggressively in this tournament. England have had 44 fouls (12th position) with 8 yellow cards (1.6 per game on average). The Netherlands have 8 cards too, with 55 fouls. The sides are likely to keep the same style.

Netherlands vs England Prediction

England have 5.96 xG according to Whoscored, less than Croatia and Austria had, even though they're already eliminated. This perfectly describes the strategy of the English side. England are 3rd in Ball possession stastics (58.6% on average). However, this is not the way goals are scored.

England can hardly reach a penalty box of an opponent. Only individual skills of Saka and Bellingham help the side.

Southgate will keep the same style. This is a late stage of the tournament to start risking. The Netherlands will be careful too. This is why our prediction is the following: