Joshua vs Ngannou: betting odds and prediction

The Cameroonian Francis Ngannou will have a fight against Anthony Joshua. The heavyweight bout will take place on March 8 at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Here you will find a prediction for the fight Joshua – Ngannou, odds, options to bet on, statistics and review of the chances of the fighters to win.

The bout will be broadcasted by ESPN+ and TNT Sports
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Joshua vs Ngannou odds

Francis is an underdog again. Even his fight against Fury hasn’t made the analysts to change their mind. They keep on believing in Joshua. You can bet on Ngannou to win at 11/4 .

 Joshua vs Ngannou winner odds


Joshua to win odds

Ngannou to win odds

Betfred 91/100 21/20






Anthony Joshua is back on winning track after two consecutive defeats. He’s thoroughly examined the mistakes the Tyson Fury made in the last bout versus Ngannou. You can bet on Joshua to win at 1/5 .

Statistics and Physical data

Joshua is a bit taller than Ngannou. However, the Cameroonian fighter can deal with it thanks to his enormous reach.

Anthony Joshua
Francis Ngannou
30 Fights 20
27 Wins 17
3 Defeats 3
0 Draws / NC's 0
198 Height 193
208 Reach 211
113.8 Weight 116.6
34 Age 37

Anthony Joshua

  • Former WBA Super, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight champion. OBE.
  • 29 fights, 26 wins, 3 defeats.

Having recovered after 2 consecutive defeats from Usyk, Joshua is back to the fight. He has already beaten Franklin, Helenius and Wallin. All these fights were good sparrings for the British boxer. He’s either really wants to get back to struggling for titles or just hope to make good record before retiring.

Anyway, there’s a huge responsibility on him in this fight. He’s supposed not just win but do it before the final round to close the discussion about MMA fighters in boxing forever. 

What to expect from Joshua in the fight against Ngannou?

Anthony hasn’t been trying to rush in the first round. He carefully cut the distance, preparing for the right direct punch. 

He can try to make Ngannou get exhausted punching in his corpse. Joshua will play the second role until the 5th of 6th round, waiting for Ngannou to get tired. 

Joshua’s chances of winning

Chances are quite high. It’s hard to argue what bookmakers believe. Joshua reacts rapidly to any movement of his opponents, he can predict further actions. These are the things that Ngannou lacks so far.

Besides, the Cameroonian will often fail to react to double punches of Joshua. They’re not strong but they can be useful for Joshua, depriving Ngannou of some precious points.  

If Anthony is cold blooded, as he was in the fight against Wallin, he will either win on decision or end the fight on his own in the 8-th or 9th round.

Joshua’s Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
December 23, 2023 Otto Wallin Won Corner retirement
August 12, 2023 Robert Helenius


April 1, 2023 Jermaine Franklin



August 20, 2022 Olexandr Usyk


Split decision
September 25, 2021 Olexandr Usyk



Francis Ngannou

  • Former UFC heavyweight champion 
  • 20 fights, 17 wins, 3 defeats.

It was not a boxing debut expected from the former UFC champion. Francis surprised the fans breaking a stereotype of a huge difference between boxers and UFC fighters once again.

However, now his opponent knows what to expect and will be ready for this bout better than Fury was. But will Anthony be strong enough to beat a giant?

What to expect from Ngannou in the fight against Joshua?

The most important thing we could see in the Ngannou – Fury fight was the ability of the Cameroonian to defend, ducking the punches. This is what Francis is supposed to improve even more.

After a series of jabs in the beginning, Ngannou’s supposed to change the distance, trying to beat the direct punches of Joshua with his own side punches. Only these counterattacking actions can change the course of the fight to make Joshua slow down.

If at least a couple of Ngannou’s punches reach Anthony, the Cameroonian will have to do his best to end the fight as quickly as he will be able to. He will have to leave no second to Joshua to recover. 

Ngannou’s chances of winning

Even after a confident fight against Fury Ngannou deserves to be an underdog of the upcoming bout.

Yes, he proves that he could leave some stamina after the middle of the fight. Yes, he proved that he had pretty good boxing side punches. It’s still not enough to compete with the top boxers like Joshua. 

The Cameroonian can win only if Anthony relaxes and underestimates his opponent. If Joshua is focused, Francis will waste a lot of time searching for necessary distance and rhythm. However, he will fail to make significant damage.

Francis Ngannou’s Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
October 28, 2023
(boxing debut)
Tyson Fury Lost Split decision
March 27, 2021 Stipe Miocic


May 9, 2020 Jairzinho Rozenstruik


June 29, 2019 Junior dos Santos


February 17, 2019 Cain Velasquez



Joshua vs Ngannou prediction

Betting on Joshua to win in the 8th or 9th round seems to be interesting, considering the way Joshua uses his stamina in the long fights. He can easily survive the first rounds, which can be a problem for Ngannou.

Fury wasn’t ready and he was lazy. He could accidentally make Ngannoy believe that the Cameroonian was ready for champion run. Anthony is much smarter than Fury, he won’t play this game.

Joshua will gradually rise the pace, starting to make double punches with jabs. He will make Francis panic, move forward actively to make many mistakes in defence.

This is why the prediction is  Anthony Joshua to win in the 9th or 10th round or on decision.


When will the Joshua vs Ngannou fight take place?

The Joshua vs Ngannou fight will take place on March 8, 2024 at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What are the odds on Joshua or Ngannou to win?

Anthony Joshua is the favourite of this bout. You can bet on him to win at around 1.25. The odds on Ngannou to win are at around 4.

Who will win: Joshua or Ngannou?

Anthony Joshua deserves to be the favourite of this bout. He has better speed, technique and stamina. The only things Ngannou can rely on are mistake of the former champion and lucky punches.