Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins

Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins: prediction & betting tips 05/04/2024


Simon Dalton presents his prediction for the NHL match.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes still have a chance to be the 1st in their division. In the last 20 games the Hurricanes have performed in the best way in the Eastern Conference. The Rangers were the only ones to beat the Hurricanes at their arena, with the other 6 games being won by the home side.

Boston Bruins

The Bruins don’t have as many players in the squad as the Hurricanes. The only head-to-head game played this season ended with the Hurricanes winning 3:2. Hurricanes were better during the most of the game, with only the part of the squad containing David Pastrnak (46+58) and Brad  Marchand (27+37) performing well.

Carolina Hurricanes – Boston Bruins prediction

The Bruins are about to end their away games series. The have been away from home for over a week. The have played many tough games, being able to beat their opponents either in overtime or with a one-goal lead. Playing at the home arena of the Hurricanes is one of the toughest things in a season. The home team has had 4 extra days to prepare for this game.

The Hurricanes will beat their opponents in regular time.

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Carolina Hurricanes to win
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Carolina Hurricanes to win
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