Dylan Emery vs Noppon Saengkham

Dylan Emery vs Noppon Saengkham: prediction & betting tips 14/02/2024


Simon Dalton presents his prediction for the 2024 Welsh Open snooker match.

Dylan Emery

The local fans will support Dylan Emery, it’s a huge advantage for him, despite his opponent is much stronger. Emery never played many games until recently. The last year saw the Welsh player actively participating in the tournaments. He doesn’t often win, he plays poorly versus top opponents, but practice is an advantage anyway. Emery is good at maximum breaks.

Noppon Saengkham

Noppon Saengkham has started to perform poorly recently. He can lose any game. But he used to play in the Scottish Open final, losing the game (5:9) to Gary Wilson. The Thai player is still dangerous, however, he’s unstable. Attacking actions are a strong side of Noppon. The success of his game depends on this component. However, maximum breaks suffer from an aggressive style.

Dylan Emery – Noppon Saengkham prediction

Bookmakers have made their choice. They believe that Noppon is an obvious favourite. Emery has won their last head-to-head game (4:2), the entire arena will support him. I believe he can perform well.

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Maximum breaks: Dylan Emery to win
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Maximum breaks: Dylan Emery to win
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