Joe O’Connor vs Luca Brecel

Joe O’Connor vs Luca Brecel: prediction & betting tips 14/02/2024


Simon Dalton presents his prediction for the 2024 Welsh Open snooker match.

Joe O’Connor

Joe O’Connor beat Stephen Maguire in the first round of the German Masters (5:3). But he lost the game against Mark Allen in the next round. Joe O’Connor is still a young and promising player. Just take a look at the recent result of this player, to start following his career with a real interest. Even if O’Connor loses, he never gives up without fighting, winning some frames. He needs more practice performing on big tournaments. He deserves some attention.

Luca Brecel

The current world champion Luca Brecel won the first game, but he was too unconfident. He made many unforced errors, hardly managing to hit the ball at his hand. He was lucky enough to have a Chinese player with a ranking beyond 100 as an opponent. If Brecel keeps on playing this way, he may forget about advancing to some late stages.

Joe O’Connor – Luca Brecel prediction

Joe O’Connor won a decisive frame in the last head-to-head game. If the English player will perform in his best way, making century breaks, Brecel is unlikely to advance.

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Joe O’Connor +1.5
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Joe O’Connor +1.5
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