Judd Trump vs Mark Williams

Judd Trump vs Mark Williams: prediction & betting tips 04/04/2024


Simon Dalton presents his prediction for the 2024 Tour Championship snooker match.

Judd Trump

A hypothetical final game between Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan is considered perfect. They can both reach the final according to the schedule. Trump is stable, not flawless though. He plays aggressively in an attacking style. However, he commits mistakes time after time. If a game has many frames this style is a problem. His opponents win some frames. Sometimes it happens even in some short games and the ones against some underdogs.

Mark Williams

I can’t see why bookmakers consider Mark Williams an underdog. Yes, I agree that Judd Trump is a favourite, but not that obvious. Mark has let his opponents win some games quite frequently, recently. He’s one of the strongest players in modern snooker. Williams plays positional snooker professionally, this is bad tactics for the opponents who play aggressively.

Judd Trump – Mark Williams prediction

Williams beat Trump in the last head-to-head game (6:2). I guess betting on Williams in this game can be a reasonable option.

Betting prediction
Mark Williams +4,5
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Mark Williams +4,5
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