McGregor vs Chandler Odds & Betting Prediction

Former UFC champion in two weight classes simultaneously, Conor McGregor is to face former belt contender Michael Chandler. Their welterweight bout is scheduled to take place On June 29 at the UFC 303 tournament at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, USA.

Below you will find a prediction for the fight Chandler — McGregor, odds, betting options, statistics and review of the chances of the fighters to win.

Who will win – McGregor or Chandler?


McGregor vs Chandler odds

Defeat in the bout against Poirier, long pause and poor form in the last bouts don’t seem to affect the odds. The experts obviously believe that a new Conor will be able to perform well even versus the best version of Chandler. You can bet on McGregor to win at 19/20 .

McGregor vs Chandler odds to win


McGregor to win odds

Chandler to win odds

CopyBet 2/5 19/10
StarSports 3/10 9/4
10bet 2/5 19/10
Hollywoodbets 2/5 2/1
Unibet 7/20 7/4

Chandler has spent many months in a gym, preparing to perform in welterweight. Will he have enough speed to stand against the fast southpaw punches of the Irish? The odds on Chandler to win are at 9/10 .

Statistics and Physical Data

Conor has an advantage in reach and his southpaw. Michael has a good stand and long attacking punches.

Conor McGregor
Michael Chandler
28 Fights 31
22 Wins 23
6 Defeats 8
0 Draws / NC's 0
175 Height 173
188 Reach 182
70.21 Weight 70.10
34 Age 36

Conor McGregor

  • Former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion, first UFC fighter to earn $1 million for a bout.

  • Conor has knocked out José Aldo in 13 seconds and Paddy Doherty in 4 seconds, these are among the fastest knockouts on the UFC record.

  • Earned $30 million for a boxing bout versus Floyd Mayweather.

  • 28 fights, 22 wins, 6 defeats.

MMA fans are to believe in the transformation of the Irish once again. Conor has only beaten withering and obviously weak Donald Cerrone in the last 5 years.

McGregor never managed to knock out Nurmagomedov and repeat his success in the first fight versus Poirier. Conor used to talk about his perfect form a lot, yet he failed to improve his stamina. Sometimes it seemed that he couldn’t defend at all.

Conor has recently been mentioned only in the titles of some yellow press. No great fights have happened in recent years. The TUF show is likely to be his last chance to have a bright UFC fight to earn good money.

What to Expect from McGregor in the Fight against Chandler?

Conor doesn’t have perfect form now, but he’s still dangerous due to his strategic mind. He won’t move forward, he will try to make Chanler make the first punch instead. Conor is glad to work passively to make a couple of perfect punches against an attacking and aggressive opponent.

He will start making low kicks almost right away. The way he tried to beat Poirier, although Conor only broke his own leg back then. Michael will get a lot of these low kicks because of his stand. It will slow him down.

The next step that Conor will make is defending from ending up in ground fighting. McGregor will have to recollect all defensive tactics he used in the fight against Nurmagomedov, to make Chandler slow down and get back to fighting on the feet.

McGregor's Chances of Winning

Conor only has a chance to win if he manages to knock out Chandler in the first two rounds. This is the only period when Conor is focused and cold blooded, being able to use the mistakes his opponent makes. 

If McGregor tries to play the same game that Chandler does, Conor is likely to face the greatest failure in his career. Yes, Poirier and Gaethje did the same and succeeded, but they met a lot of punches and managed to remain standing and fight back. 

McGregor is likely to panic and retreat to the net after missing a couple of Chandler’s punches. 

Conor McGregor's Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
July 10, 2021 Dustin Poirier Lost T.K.O.
January 24, 2021 Dustin Poirier


January 18, 2020 Donald Cerrone


October 6, 2018 Khabib Nurmagomedov


November 12, 2016 Eddie Alvarez



Michael Chandler

  • Bellator Lightweight Champion on three occasions. 
  • Bellator Season 4 Lightweight Tournament Winner. 
  • Former contender to get a UFC Lightweight title. 
  • 31 fights, 23 wins, 8 defeats

It’s hard to avoid comparison, talking about Michael. The year of 2011, Chandler was very young, strong and reckless, fighting for the Bellator Lightweight title against Eddy Álvarez. At the same time, Conor was only striving to get to MMA via some local Irish promotions.

This fight versus McGregor isn’t just about money, it’s about the recognition for Chandler. Michael has been a top fighter in the main two world promotions. He’s seen a lot of things in his career for all these years. Conor can’t even imagine it.

Iron Mike (not Tyson) is why contemporary MMA fans like this promotion. It’s hard to call him an old fighter, he is some kind of a bridge between old school punchers of Rizin and Strikeforce and modern PR machines.

What to Expect from Chandler in the Fight against McGregor?

Chandler is supposed to be himself completely this time. No careful actions, only pressing and fast series of punches. He’s going to shock Conor right from the start, without letting the Irish fighter use his southpaw.

Chandler is well aware that intimidated Conor will try to hide next to the net in deep defence. This is the time to involve him into the ground fighting. If Mike succeeds, then he will be able to exhaust the opponent, take some rest, make a couple of punches and repeat.

After a long ground fighting Chandler will not be afraid of Conor’s boxing. Michael will be ready to make a series of punches once again.

Chandler's Chances of Winning

It sounds quite simple. However, Michael will have to follow difficult timing. In another situation he would be advised to improve boxing and defending. But instead of pursuing the best of Conor, Chandler will focus on his own best features.

Pressing, standing, inconvenient approach with double punches. He’s definitely got something to surprise careful McGregor. Conor will try to strike back and he will definitely make Chandler start ground fighting a couple of times. However, Mike’s likely to be able to get back and make some punches. 

Chandler needs to make Conor angry, so that the Irish lose control as Gaethje did once. If Michael succeeds he will have a huge advantage.

Chandler's Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Result Method
November 12, 2022 Dustin Poirier Lost Submission
May 7, 2022 Tony Ferguson


November 6, 2021 Justin Gaethje


Unanimous decision
May 15, 2021 Charles Oliveira


January 24, 2021 Dan Hooker



McGregor vs. Chandler Prediction

Total Rounds is the thing worth paying attention to. Imagine how many dirty talks we’re going to hear before the fight starts. They won’t focus on defensive actions for sure, Chandler is ready to make Conor fight right from the start.

It’s going to be a surprise if this fight reaches the middle of the third round. We have two fighters who can knock out an opponent perfectly well. They will do their best to do the same in this fight too. By the middle of the first round one of them is going to be injured after a series of punches.

Chandler is likely to be very dangerous because of his severely aggressive pressing. The last time that McGregor was able to defend properly was in the second fight versus Nate Diaz. It was 2016. He’s never performed that well again.

However, Chandler hasn’t been progressing technically and tactically either. He will miss a couple of McGregor’s punches and Michael will definitely be knocked down. We’d like to believe in Chandlers’ strength of punches, pressing, and fighting skills. However, it’s suspicious that Dana White has been promoting this fight so long, letting Chandler miss doping tests and preparing for a long period of time. We’re unlikely to see the fight coming to the very end. It’s hard to choose a favourite, though.

Possible options for betting:

  • The fight ends KO, TKO, DQ.

  • Total Rounds Under 3.5.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ When will the McGregor - Chandler fight take place?

The fight is scheduled to take place on June 29 at the UFC 303 tournament at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, USA.

❓ What are the odds on McGregor vs Chandler?

You can bet on McGregor to win at 10/11. The odds on Chandler to win are at 5/6.

❓ McGregor vs Chandler: Who will win?

Footwork and accurate punches will be the Conor's advantage. He can shock Michael with his punches. However, if McGregor fails to knock out Chandler fast enough, Conor will miss the pressing. In this case McGregor is unlikely to stay until the very end of the fight. Chandler has more chance to win because of his stamina.