Extra Place Betting Offers & Promotions in June 2023

The best UK Extra Place Offers from the UK bookmakers, Betfred, PaddyPower, William Hill and more!

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Extra Place Offers on Each Way Betting in the UK 2022

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The best UK extra place offers from the UK bookmakers: Betfred, PaddyPower, William Hill and more!

What is an Extra Places offer?

An extra place offer is a promotion run by bookmakers for the benefit of their customers who bet on Horse racing, and specifically Each Way betting on Horse Racing. An Each Way bet splits a bet into two, one half betting on the Horse winning and the other half betting on it winning or finishing what is known as “amongst the places”. How close to winning the “to place” half of the bet has to be depends on the size of the field and the type of race:

Number of Horses in the race Top X “place” % of the Odds
1 - 4 To win only N/A
5 - 7 First two Horses 1/4
8+ in a Non Handicap First three Horses 1/5
12 - 15 in a Handicap First three Horses 1/4
16+ in a Handicap First four Horses 1/4

An extra place offer will pay the place portion of your bet out as a win for more finishing positions than is standard. It could be the top 4 instead of the top 2 for instance. In The Grand National it is quite standard for bookmakers to offer the top 5 to place instead of the top 4 and it has be known for them to go as high as the top 10!

How Do Extra Places work?

The vast majority of extra places offers are applied automatically and there is no need for you to do anything differently to placing a standard “Each Way” bet. It is the same procedure as always you find the Horse you want to bet on and click on the relevant odds to open a new bet slip. On this you enter your stake and then click on the “each way” box as you normally would. This is one of the reasons why they are a popular type of bonus.

You will only notice the bonus once the race has been run and the bet settled. Where as usually, for example it was a 7 horse race and your horse finished 3rd that bet would be settled as a loss, in the case that an “extra place” was offered the place part of your Each Way bet would actually win.

What Sports Are Available In The Offers?

Horse Racing

The main sport for which extra place offers apply is Horse Racing, because there is a set format for how many places are standard. In order to stand out from the competition some bookmakers on selected races may push out the number of horses who place in a race and add an extra position, or even two extra positions in some rare cases.

All bookmakers are slightly different with their approach to Extra Place races some doing it every day regularly and some doing it for feature races only, or even just The Grand National. We will quickly look at three of the best bookmakers for Extra Place races.

Betfred Extra Places are available on races every day and can be seen by viewing the days races, those listed with a Green header have one extra place added, perhaps from 3 to 4 or 4 to 5, those listed with a yellow header have TWO extra places, perhaps 2 to 4 or 3 to 5!


Paddy Power extra places races can be found from the Promotions page once logged in and they list them all there each day.


Other bookmakers may vary though and the William Hill extra places offer(s) for each day can be found from the homepage on the scrolling promotional banner. You can wait for it to come up and then click on it for more details and be taken to the race.



Golf tournaments can sometimes benefit from paying out extra places as well as just the winner of the tournament. Because tournaments can have well over 100 players entered picking the winner is obviously not going to be easy and often it is obvious that your player won’t win well before the final hole on the final day. To increase the chances and encourage bets to be placed on these events you can simply bet on markets such as “Will your player finish in the top 5” or “Will your player finish in the top 10”. The odds will obviously be less for this, usually paying either ¼ or ⅕ of the odds. Unlike horse racing terms there is no fixed formula so all bookmakers are free to offer markets and place terms as they wish.



There are markets which have more then one winner and could arguably be described as an extra place. For example some bookmakers offer what is known as “double chance” and you can bet on your chosen team but also win on the draw. This is not really an “extra place” though in its truest definition. The closest to an “extra place” you can probably get is when some bookmakers run a First Goal Scorer promotion but also pay you out as a winner if your player provided the assist, as well as the goal itself. This is not a particularly common promotional offer but we have seen it before.

Terms and Conditions for Extra Place Offers

The offer is generally applied automatically so there are not many terms and conditions to adhere to as such. You will want to make sure that the minimum number of horses for the standard number of places to apply are running in the race though. Furthermore there could be a time frame (for example after 9am on the day of the race) for which the bet must be placed. It is very unlikely that any “in play” bets would qualify for the promotion.

Which Bookies Are Paying for 5 Places?

There are a number of bookmakers who regularly offer “extra places” for selected Horse races each day, but none (at the moment) who offer it consistently for all races. The bookmakers who regularly offer one or even two extra places for certain races are:

  • BoyleSports
  • 888Sport
  • Bet365
  • Betfred
  • WilliamHill
  • Betfair
  • PaddyPower
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes

The races which have the extra places change day to day, and some days will have none, so it is advisable to check whether it applies to the race you intend to bet on before you actually place the bet. Often these races will be well advertised on the bookmakers homepages on the day of the race.



How can I profit from bookmakers offering an additional place?

You profit by picking horses who either win or finish in the place positions just like normal, the difference is that there is more chance of profiting because bets which would ordinarily be losers are in fact now winners, should your horses finishing position be that extra place.

How do you place on each way bet?

Whilst every bookmaker is different and can have any functionality they wish at present the only way to place as Each Way bet is to go to the Horse race you want to bet on and select your horse opening up a new betslip showing the desired odds. You enter your stake as normal but you will also see a small box labled as “each way”, you need to tick this. You will notice your stake amount doubles now, and you have bet on the horse to win and also to place. This is an Each Way bet.

How does extra places promo work with ante post bets? 

An extra place promotion would work in exactly the same way with “Ante Post” bets as they would with “Non Runner No Bet” bets. There would be no difference whatsoever.

Are extra place offers worth it? 

Well this is a question which does not have a definitive answer. IF you do not need to deposit new funds into your account and you were going to place that bet anyway and IF the odds are odds you believe to be good value under normal circumstances then YES they definitely are as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. However if the odds are lower than other bookmakers who have normal place terms, depending on the exact make up of the market and quite how different the odds are, in all probability, no simply offering an extra place alone would not be “worth it”.

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