Sports Betting Loyalty Points & Rewards Programs June 2023

A round up of all the best betting loyalty schemes. How to join the clubs, and then collect and spend reward points in 2022.

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Sports Betting Loyalty Points & Rewards Programs

A round up of all the best betting loyalty schemes. How to join the clubs, and then collect and spend reward points in 2022. 

What Are the Bonuses For Loyal Players? 

Bookmakers like to reward their best (most profitable) customers in order to keep them happy and hopefully convince them to keep playing long into the future. The loyalty clubs are designed in two different ways. Some are designed in such a way that players gamble set amounts in order to receive a known reward at the end of it (these schemes are aimed at general customers). The bonuses for these schemes are usually Free Bets and / or Price Boosts. There are also schemes which offer nothing gambling related but in fact they give big rewards such as holidays abroad or tickets to major sporting events, these schemes are not so well advertised and are often available to VIPs by invitation only.

How Do Loyalty Programs Work?

Every bookmaker is entitled to run their loyalty program any way they see fit but there are general trends that they all seem to follow. As a rule the more you use them, being defined as the more you deposit and turnover, the more loyalty rewards you will receive. The rewards are sometimes known in advance and it is a trade, such as “Place £25 of bets a week and get a Free Bet” type of thing. They can also be more random than that and members of said clubs and VIP schemes can randomly find themselves taken to Premium Sporting Events and/or given gifts as well as gambling related rewards like Free Bets and Deposit offers. Some work automatically and there is nothing you need to do to take part, some of them you are required to “opt in” before hand, and some of them it is not up to you to do anything but you will be contacted if you are to be let in!

What Kind of Loyalty Offers Are Available? 

All loyalty programs are different but the most common seem to be rewarding certain betting milestones with a Free Bet. There is no set amount but the average seems to be betting around £25 a week. Sometimes the Free Bets can be used on anything but there is often a correlation between the type of bets to qualify and the type of bet given as a reward.

Other loyalty programs may require that your bets are on more specific types of bet of particular sport. They may be along the lines of make 10 seperate £10 Horse Racing bets for a £10 Free Bet, or place 2 separate £25 Acca bets for a Free £25 Acca bet. 

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