Ante-Post Betting - The Key Features Explained

What is ante-post betting?

When it comes to Horse racing there are two markets for the race, the standard being NRNB which stands for No Runner, No Bet, however there is another. For major races which are held some time in the future it is possible to bet on the Ante-Post market. Ante Post betting rules mean that when you bet on a Horse to win a race (even before it is definitely due to run in that race), should it not run it does not matter, you still lose your bet. Because of this obvious negative feature the other side of the coin is that to balance this out the odds you can get Ante Post are usually much much higher than the odds available on the day of the race.

How to calculate your payout for a back bet on an ante-post market

The payout for an Ante-Post bet is exactly the same as for any other bet. There is no difference in the bet mechanics, stake multiplied by odds, from everything else. The difference lays not in the bet settlement but in the way the bet is treated should the horse not run at all in the race, With bets placed on the day (or day before) should a horse not run then stakes are refunded however an Ante-Post bet will see your stake amount be lost.

How to calculate your payout for a lay bet on an ante-post market

For a single lay bet on an Ante-Post market your payout (winnings) should the horse not win the race is simply the stake amount you entered onto the betslip when you submitted it. If by payout we are talking about the amount you lose, due to a payout when the horse wins, this will cost you your stake amount multiplied by the odds you gave. For example if you have layed a Horse for £10 at odds of 10/1, this would be 10 x 10, and therefore you lose £100.

The benefits of ante post betting

There is only one real benefit to Ante-Post betting and that is the very lucrative odds which can be had, far eclipsing the odds offered to punters on the day of the race. This is due to the risk of course that the horse does not even run in the race and you still lose your bet stake. It is worth noting that as well as higher initial odds, Ante-Post bets are never reduced by non runners instigating a Rule 4 deduction, which is another plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get your money back on Ante-Post bets?

No, you do not get your money back if your horse runs the race or not, that is the main ante post meaning. You WOULD get your money back though in the very very rare case of the race not being run at all (As happened in the 1993 Grand National). So don’t be afraid to back any Grand National ante post tips you get.

Is there Rule 4 on Ante Post bets?

No there is never a reduction in the odds given, regardless of how many horses eventually run the race. Rule 4’s do not apply to Ante-Post bets and any ante post odds you get are essentially set in stone.

Do you get Best Odds Guaranteed on Ante-Post bets?

This would vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and each is free to offer any specific concession that they see fit. At the time of writing though, to the best of our knowledge, there is no UK bookmaker that offers Best Odds Guaranteed on ante post horse racing bets.

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