What does double chance mean in betting?

What is a double chance bet? Double chance betting, is as the name suggests, a bet where you have two (rather than one) outcome which results in a profit. The most common type is in football match odds but can technically apply to any market where there are three or more potential outcomes. This sounds on the face of it fantastic and who in their right mind would NOT want a double chance bet? Unfortunately, the odds that you are given for this bet are considerably lower than a straight (one result) bet and are also incredibly unlikely to be offering value.

How does double chance bet work?

People often ask “So what does double chance mean in betting?”. Using Norwich and Brighton as an example we will explain here and now. The game is being played at Carrow Rd which means Norwich are the home team, they are represented with a 1. Brighton the away team are 2, and the draw is an X.  You have three possible double chance bets available.

1/X = Norwich or a Draw

2/X = Brighton or a Draw

1/2 = Norwich or Brighton

So in the first example if Norwich win the game, or if it ends in a Draw, your bet is a winner. In the second example if Brighton win or it is a Draw your bet wins. In the final example if Norwich win OR if Brighton win, the bet wins. In the first betting option, you win if either the match ends in a draw or Chelsea wins. 

These examples answer the question, “what is a double chance bet?”.

How do you place a double chance bet?

The majority of bookmakers will have a dedicated section of the betting options for any football match displaying the various double chances and the odds for each.

Much like any other bet you will place, you can click on the available odds next to the selection you want, in this example Norwich City or Brighton & Hove Albion to win the match. This will open up a new betslip for you to check, any odds changes (although unlikely) will automatically transfer to the bet slip and you will be given a chance to confirm them. You simply enter your desired bet stake, in this example £5, and click “Place Bet”.

Double chance betting examples

Examples of Double Chance betting are mainly found in events with three roughly equal outcomes such as football. You are essentially betting on something NOT to happen, as this is what it means for either of the other two out of three bets outcomes to occur.

If I bet on the Norwich vs Brighton match, and I bet on Norwich city to win OR a draw, they are my two, double, chances, it is the same thing as saying Brighton will not win.

Double chance betting Pros and Cons

The double chance betting meaning is self explanatory but why would you want to do it? The main advantage of this bet type is that it is more likely you will win, but of course the disadvantage is that the amount you win will be less. It is quicker to place just the one bet, but the same effect could be produced by placing two separate bets one at a time, there is no real advantage to combining them other than it is slightly quicker to do and can be added to an accumulator.

It is not a “Pro” as such but it has been argued a double chance bet should be used when one team is an extreme favourite, but you think it is not as nailed on as the odds suggest. You think there will be an upset but you are not sure if the other team will actually win, or just be able to hold their own. In that case betting on “Double Chance” covers your bases. Some people use this as the main part of their double chance bet strategy, making double chance predictions and even offering double chance tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Double Chance Bet?

A double chance bet is one which combines two possible outcomes of a match into a single bet. What that means is that you can back two results, either “Home win and Draw”,  “Away win and Draw”, or “Home win and Away win”) with a single bet. This increases your chances of winnings but obviously you have to accept lower odds and less profit if you are correct.

Why should you bet with this market?

Well what “should” be bet on is a matter for each individual, and will depend on a huge number of personal factors as well as the actual features of the bet. All things being equal it can be argued that it is a good strategy for betting on the weaker team to perform well, since you will have high odds and still not require them to win.

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