Double Results Bets - The Pros and Cons

Double results betting is a type of betting where you place a bet on the score of a game at both half and full time. Double betting is, all things remaining equal, twice as hard to win than standard match odds bets. This is because you are essentially betting on two matches now, within one, the first 45 minutes and then the second 45 minutes. Because of this there is going to be much higher odds, potentially giving high rewards!

What is a double result in betting?

A double result is a bet placed on the result of a game both at full time and . This is opposed to a standard straight forward bet on just the result at 90mins. There is less chance of a double result bet winning than just at 90 minutes because there are many more potential outcomes and this makes the odds much better.

How does double result betting differ from straight forward bets?

Double result betting differs from straight forward bets as with a double result you have to bet on two correct outcomes in one event however using only one stake. This differs from straight forward bets which only have to win once. Due to the larger amount of potential bets (9 different combos, 3x3) there are overall higher odds on double bets making it a much more rewarding (but higher risk) way to bet.

How are odds determined in double results bets?

Odds are determined by the exact same factors as normal match odds, only now because there are so many more outcomes possible, they are higher. Factors taken into account are team strength, current form, and whether your chosen team is home or away to name but a few.

How do you place a double result bet?

Placing a double result bet works similarly to placing normal bets. Simply go to the event you would like to place a double bet on and find the double bet section. Then make your selection for the first half for example team A to be winning and then your selection for the second half for example team A to be losing . You will then have a bet of Team A win/loss and your odds will be calculated in the betslip page where you are able to place your wager.

Double result betting examples

  1. Double result bet: Football
    With football the regular double bet rules all remain standard, you place a bet on the result of the first half of the match, and then also place a bet on the second half of the match. 

    For example Chelsea vs Manchester City at Chelsea's home stadium. You place a Draw/Win bet on Chelsea meaning that the home team will tie the first half of the match however go on to take a win at the end. Should the first half end up a draw you can sit and await the final result of the match to see if you have got a winner! The football double result odds are always higher than the simple one legged match odds.
  1. Double result bet: Basketball

    Double result basketball betting is popular due to the high volatility of basketball games making predicting outcomes at Half and Full time quite difficult. Betting on basketball allows you to take advantage of potential comebacks by placing win/loss or loss/win bets as Ties in basketball are rather unlikely due to the intricate point system which can often end up in the range of 90+ points per team

  2. For example a bet could be placed on the Lakers v Warriors game with a Win/loss for the Lakers meaning they win the first half however concede more points in the second.

  1. Double result bet: Hockey

    Hockey rules mean that it is split into 3 periods opposed to the usual two. This means that typically bookmakers operate using the 1st and 3rd periods and the results at the end of those sections.

    For example Golden knights vs Vraken and a bet of Win/Win on the Golden knights. For this to be a winning bet the Golden knights would need to score more points in the first and also second halves of the game.

Double result betting "pros" and "cons"

One of the main Pros of Double result betting is that there are higher odds than standard bets. This allows for you to bet smaller amounts and still come back with reasonable profits (should your bets win that is) 

As well as the higher odds much more variation is possible in regards to your bets with 9 different possibilities giving you much more control and the possibility to place a variety of different bets!

The main con is of course the increased risk of losing the bet opposed to a straight bet. With the nine possible outcomes available the chances of you picking the correct one are significantly slimmer. As well as this both selections must be correct so even if you guess your first leg correct the second leg may be wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bookmaker has the best double result odds?

From our research the best bookmaker for double result bets is Betfred closely followed by Marathonbet, who both have the most generous odds.

Can I bet on a double result in Horse racing?

Well the answer technically is yes but because of a different definition of the term “double result”. You can not bet on a Horse to be winning the first half and also the second half of the race. However some bookmakers offer a concession called “double result” where they will pay out on the first past the post, however it will also payout if your horse ends up “winning” due to a stewards inquiry after the fact.

Is double result the same as double chance betting?

No. Double result meaning and double chance meanings are different. A double chance bet is effectively placing one wager on two results (for example in football you could place a double chance bet on Chelsea winning OR drawing the match. This is opposed to a double result bet which is effectively betting on two different results during the same event, you must predict Chelsea's performance in the first and also second halves.

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