Quinnbet Mobile App – review of betting app for iOS & Android (2023)

Mobile betting

The QuinnBet app overall is a fairly good user experience. with a simple user interface which is very easy to navigate and find any of the sections you need. The intuitive nature of the app is very noticeable especially when looking for features which are normally buried deep in menus and subsections of an apps menu.

The QuinnBet mobile website is very similar to the app however not identical. Although many of the features such as the homepage and menu page are very similar to the app, the account page and deposit/ withdrawal sections are slightly different to the app. Even though there are some differences, the useability and intuitiveness of the app is shared with the mobile site.

Mobile app overview 

Upon logging in to the app for the first time the usual home screen will greet you. using the top right hand corner sign up or login options depending on if you have used QuinnBet before. Along the top of the screen is a slideshow of various images promoting upcoming sporting events as well as promotions currently on offer by QuinnBet such as a free £10 bet if your horse comes second to the favourite to win at the start of the race or the boosted odds on Kerry winning the irish football championship.

Below this section shows a live sports betting section. A list of currently live sports is displayed for you to bet on as well as a “show all” section which takes you into an expanded view of the various betting options.at the very bottom on the footer of the page shows these options menu, casino , football , horse racing and bet slip. in the menu is a list of all the available sports to bet on as well as the option to favourite them in order to access them quicker in future. as well as this the option to charge your Odds type from fractional to decimal as well as Casino/Sportsbook promotions the QuinnBet Blog, Terms and conditions, betting rules and various policies. The casino option actually redirects you out of the app and to the mobile site and therefore is not actually a section of the app. football and horse racing are both there for easy access as they are likely the most popular betting options for  QuinnBet customers. The bet slip is also available for easy access and shows all of the information about your bets such as the odds and stakes.

Mobile app and mobile site compared

Although the mobile app and mobile site are similar there are some distinct differences. An example of this is the homepage layout. The QuinnBet site layout shows an identical slideshow of  promotions and messages to the app. Some of the differences that the website has that the app doesnt are the sliding bar of options along the top header of the page with options such as Sports, In Play, Casino, Live Casino , Virtuals , Slots and jackpots. as well as this a sliding bar of all sports exists opposed to the Live sports sliding bar used by the app. This helps to quickly navigate the site without having to enter too many extra menus or other options. Although the mobile site feels better to use with a more intuitive layout and various extra features offered on the site the app is still a more than viable way for you to bet.

Mobile bonus offers:

1) Welcome bonus:

The current offers available to new UK customers are 50% back on anything up to a £25 bet as well as 100 free spins on grand spin. The requirements for the welcome bonus are to register with QuinnBet and make up to a £2 bet. to find the Welcome bonuses on the app navigate to the menu then scroll all the way down to sportsbook promotions and the very first option in that menu will be welcome bonuses. (please note that welcome bonuses are subject to change and will vary depending on the time that you wish to make your account)

2) Existing user bonuses:

Currently a variety of promotions are available to you to do with the Galway/Goodwood horse races such as paying out the top 4 places instead of the top 3 or the free £10 bet if your horse comes 2nd places within a length of the predicted winner at the start of the race. These promotions are available to you by tapping on them from the slideshow of available offers or by going to the menu then scrolling all the way down and selecting sportsbook promotions where a list of offers for a variety of sports is available. (all bonuses and offers are subject to change entirely depending on current sporting events)

How to download the mobile app?

For android users

  1. Search for Quinnbet in the google play store and select the Quinnbet app as highlighted in the red box below.

  2. Tap the green install button as highlighted in the red box and await the app to install on your android device.
  3. That is then it, once the app is on your device you can click on it to open it and begin using it straight away.

For iOS users:

  1. Search for QuinnBet in the AppStore.
  2. Locate the QuinnBet app as shown in the image below.
  3. Press the download button and enter any required information to apple to approve of the install.

App Key features:


Cash out betting is available to you during live betting. Cash out allows you to take the assumed result of the event and take a guaranteed profit for a smaller amount. For example if a football game was 2-1 with 5 minutes remaining the option would be available for you to take 80% of the winnings in exchange for a guaranteed win. This moves some of the risk to you however results in a lower reward. on QuinnBet if a bet is available for you to cash out with it will have 3 coins next to it to show you it is available to cash out. The below screenshot shows the cash out page. The 3 categories display a description for the bet the amount placed on the bet and the potential win/loss.

Live betting in-play

Live betting/ in play betting allows you to bet on an event as it goes on. This means you can make educated bets depending on the events of the match. The odds for the match change throughout the game depending on the ingame events.this feature is displayed on the QuinnBet home screen and is pushed heavily by them to place a bet simply locate the event you wish to bet on live and select it. then decide what you would like to bet on such as match result, goals scored or various other factors depending on the sport. After selecting what you would like to bet on you will be able to see the odds updating live and when the odds look good place your bet!

Live streaming

Live streaming is available on Quinnbet however not for all sporting events. Any event with a small TV symbol next to it is available to be streamed from Quinnbet

Other apps - Casino app, Live casino app, Virtuals, Lotto

Quinnbet only has one app being “Quinnbet” although the various sections such as casino, virtuals and lotto are available on the mobile site they aren't available on the app and will instead redirect you to the website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Compatible Devices and the system requirements?

iOS devices wishing to download the QuinnBet app require iOS 11.0 or later and the app is available to iPhone and iPod touch only.

Can you cash out on the app?

Yes cash out is available on the app and the mobile site however is only available for certain bets which are possible to see from the 3 coins showcased next to the bet.

How do you withdraw money from the app?

To withdraw from your account on QuinnBet first go to the account icon in the top right corner and then withdraw. After that select the amount you wish to withdraw as well as the way you would like to withdraw and enter any required information.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Payment methods available to you on Quinnbet are Visa, Visa direct, Mastercard and Maestro. Adding an E-wallet to your account is an option however you must have a balance of less than £1 in your account.

How do I deposit funds?

To deposit funds simply go to the account logo in the top right of the screen. then select deposit and select which method you like to deposit with. After entering any required information, select the amount you would like to deposit and finalise your transaction.

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