Betway - Free Bet Club 2024

£ 10
Max bonus amount
Expired Bonus
Time left to claim
Wagering Requirements
Minimum Odds
7 days
Bonus lifespan
Minimum deposit
Betway offer their Free Bet Club. Betway customers opt-in to this promotion and can win £10 in Free bets each week, simply by betting on accumulators. As promotions go, this one is pretty easy to qualify for, though, as ever, there are terms and conditions to be met in order to receive your Betway Free bets.

In this guide, we’re going to explain exactly what you need to do in order to qualify for this Betway promotion. Read on to learn more about the t’s and c’s and how you can take part in Betway’s Free Bet Club.

What is the Betway Free Bet Club?

Opt-in required. Single Line Multiples including 3+ selections. Min. overall odds: 2/1. £25+ of real money bets must be settled between Saturday 00:00 GMT and the following Friday 23:59 GMT. 18+. Further terms apply.

The Betway Free Bet Club is available to all eligible customers. An ongoing Betway promotion, every week you can get two £5 Free bets when you place an accumulator or other Multiple bet or Bet Builder bet that has at least three selections. 

The minimum stake required in order to claim your Free bets is £25. Ensure your bets are settled in the qualifying period, and you’ll receive your Free bets the following week.

What is the qualifying period? The bets you place need to be settled between Saturday to Friday. Once you’ve met these terms, you’ll receive your first Betway Free bet the following Saturday. Your second Free bet will be credited to your betting account on the Monday after.

Let’s take a closer look at what this Betway offer entails and how you can claim it.

It’s very easy to qualify for the Betway Free Bet Club. There are no deposit requirements that you might find with other offers at other bookmakers. To take part in the Free Bet Club, you will need to opt-in to the promotion. Doing so is a simple task, head over to the Promotions tab once you’ve logged into your Betway account and hit the Opt-in icon on the Free Bet Club page.

Once you’ve clicked on the Opt-in icon, you can then place your qualifying bets. A minimum total stake of £25 is required to earn your Free bets. You can spread this amount across a number of bets, so long as all of your bets are settled within the qualifying period. In other words, all of your bets must be settled within a week, from between the Saturday and the following Friday. From the Free Bet Club page, you’ll find your individual bet tracker that shows how much you’ve staked and how much you need to stake in order to reach the qualifying amount.

Your bets must contain at least three selections in order to qualify for the Free bet offer. So, trebles or other Multiples with three or more selections will qualify. Bet Builder bets can also qualify for this offer, as long as they have at least three selections within it.

Once you’ve met these terms, you can receive your Free bets. The total Free bet you can receive is £10, which is split into two £5 Free bets. The first of these will be awarded to you at 10:00 on the Saturday after you’ve met the qualifying terms. Your second Free bet will be credited to your account at 10:00 on the following Monday.

Once you’ve opted in to this Betway promotion, you become part of the Free Bet Club. You don’t need to continuously opt-in each week, instead each bet you place is added to your individual tracker. Remember, your stakes need to have an accumulative total of at least £25 each week in order to meet the threshold.

So, what sports and markets are eligible for this Betway promotion? You can bet on almost any sport and almost any market in order to qualify for this offer. The only exceptions are Betway Boosts and any enhanced odds offers or prices that may be available. In addition, any bets placed on Esports will not be eligible.

Each qualifying bet must have odds of at least 2/1 (3.0). This means the total odds of the bet, not the selections within it. 

If you place a bet and one of your selections becomes void, such as an abandoned football match or horse race, the bet could still qualify for the Betway Free Bet Club, as long as the total odds of the rest of your selections still meets the odds requirement, and as long as your bet still contains at least three selections. 

Onto bet types. As we’ve touched upon, your bet must contain at least three selections. However, your bet must be an accumulator bet. System bets, like Heinz bets or a Lucky 15, for example, will not qualify for this offer. If you want to qualify by placing a Bet Builder bet, make sure your bet contains at least three selections

If you cash out your bet, either in full or partially, this bet will then become ineligible for your stake requirements.

The maximum number of Free bets you can receive each week is two. Once you’ve earned your Free bets, you have 30 days in which to use them. This is different to the general Free bet terms Betway have, where you have seven days in which to use a Free bet. For this particular offer, the Free Bet Club, the validity period is 30 days.

You can’t use any Free bet to stake on a Free Bet Club qualifying bet. All qualifying bets for this Betway offer must be placed using a real money stake.

As with all bookmaker bonuses, Betway terms and conditions can change at any time. It’s important you read and understand all terms before you attempt to qualify for any offer, as well as before you sign up to an operator.

That’s quite a lot of information to take in, so now we’ll try and be as concise as possible to explain the Free Bet Club. Opt-in to the promotion and place at least £25 on sports markets each week to receive two £5 Free bets the following week. Odds and bet type restrictions do apply, which you can read about above, along with other terms and conditions. 

To become part of the Betway Free Bet Club, follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the Betway site, you can do so via any of the links on this page

  2. Create an account, if you don’t already have one

  3. Opt-in to the Promotion

  4. Place your qualifying bet(s)

  5. Receive your Free bets the following weekend

Betway Football Free Bet Club

Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the UK and worldwide. It’s also one of the most common ways in which customers take part in the Betway Free Bet Club.

You can bet on any football match in the Betway roster and qualify for the Free Bet Club. Whether you like betting on major competitions like the English Premier League or UEFA Champions League, or whether you’re fond of betting on lesser known divisions such as Argentina’s Regional League or Bahrain’s Second Division, your bets will qualify for this Betway promotion, as long as you meet the terms and conditions stated.

In the below image, we’ve placed a bet on the English Premier League. We’ve gone for Manchester City to beat Tottenham Hotspur, Nottingham Forest to beat Everton and Newcastle United to beat Manchester United. This gives us a treble bet, with odds of just over 7/1. This meets the criteria and odds requirements so this bet will count towards our £25 total.
Betway Football Free Bet Club

As we discussed earlier, Bet Builder bets also qualify for this offer. In the image below, we’ve built a bet based on the Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur match. We’ve had City to win, over 3.5 goals in the match and Phil Foden to score anytime. As we’ve made three selections and we have total odds of 16/5, this bet will count towards our qualifying total.
Betway Football Bet Builder

All football matches are eligible in order to claim your Free bets from the Betway Free Bet Club. Almost all markets are too, with the exception of Betway Boosts, which are available on most major football matches, and enhanced prices.

Betway Horse Racing Free Bet Club

Betway Horse Racing Free Bet Club

Horse racing is another incredibly popular sport for both viewers and bettors. Betway offer a fantastic range of horse racing odds on meets taking place in the UK, Ireland and beyond. Horse racing is also part of the Betway Free Bet Club, so long as the terms and conditions are met. 

Popular bet types on horse racing include Lucky 15’s, Lucky 31’s and Patents, for example. Remember, though, that these types of bets, and any other system bets, will not qualify towards your Betway Free Bet Club bet tracker. It’s vital to note that only trebles and straight accumulators qualify towards your bet tracker total.

Betway Tennis Free Bet Club

Betway Tennis Free Bet Club

Another hugely popular sport for bettors and general sports fans alike is tennis. There are a huge number of major and minor tennis tournaments and competitions taking place through the sporting year, meaning plenty of opportunity to bet on the sport. 

Tennis bets contribute to your total stakes required as per the rules in the Betway Free Bet Club.

Betway Cricket Free Bet Club
Betway Cricket Free Bet Club

Another hugely popular choice for many bettors, fans of betting on cricket will be pleased that their bets are eligible for the Free Bet Club. Whether you’re betting on the Cricket World Cup, the Ashes, or domestic league games, each bet will contribute towards the £25 minimum, as long as the terms and conditions are met.

Betway Other Sports Free Bet Club
Betway Sports Free Bet Club

As we’ve discussed at the top of this guide, almost every sport Betway provide odds for is eligible for their Free Bet Club. What other sports are available here? There are over 30 different sports and events you can bet on with this operator. The table below details each available sport and event. Note that all sports listed in the table are eligible for the Free Bet Club, with the exception of Esports.

Horse Racing
Rugby Union
Table Tennis
American Football
Aussie Rules
Beach Volleyball
Formula 1
Gaelic Sports
Rugby League
Virtual Sports

How to Get the Most Out of the Betway Free Bet Club?

This promotion can give you two £5 Free bets if you bet at least £25 on sports accumulators and Bet Builder bets in a week period. There is no Betway promo code or Betway bonus code needed to claim this offer, all that is required is that you opt in to the Free Bet Club via the Promotions page. We’ve listed the terms and conditions of this offer and how you can claim it above. Remember, you don’t have to spend £25 on one bet, the amount can be spread across numerous wagers.

Let’s now look at some of the things you might consider when you join the Free Bet Club.

  1. Be careful of betting more than you’re comfortable with

This promotion is particularly useful if you already place £25 or more on bets in a weekly period. Be careful, though, of how you bet and how many bets you place. £25 is a decent amount of money to bet each week and if you’re not comfortable with betting this amount, or more than this amount, don’t be tempted into trying to reach the threshold just for the opportunity to receive Free bets. 

  1. Choose from a range of sports and events

One of the most attractive aspects of this promotion is that it’s available on almost every sport in the Betway repertoire. If you have a wide range of betting knowledge and know how to bet on many sports, this could be a useful Club to join. Whether you like betting on football, horse racing and rugby, or if you prefer betting on American divisions and leagues such as basketball’s NBA, Major League Baseball or the NFL in American Football, all of these bets count towards the £25 threshold.  

  1. Think about how to use your Free bets

Many can get tempted to spend their Free bet on a wild accumulator or a crazy thousand-to-one shot, thinking that as the bet is free, it’s not costing them anything. Firstly, it has cost you something, it’s cost you £25 worth of bets just to qualify. Secondly, while the temptation is there, it’s wiser to think of your Free bet as a real money stake. Think carefully about how to use your Free bet, just as you would if you were placing a cash bet.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a risk free bet, or risk free betting. While a Free bet can be useful, use it carefully and think about what you’re betting on. 

  1. Consider Bet Builder bets

The option to create your own bet has proven incredibly popular in the last few years. Most top bookmakers offer some form of Bet Builder feature. The Free Bet Club allow you to qualify by placing Bet Builder bets as well as straight accumulators, with the potential of giving you more flexibility with your betting choices.

Pros and Cons of the Betway Free Bet Club

The Betway Free Bet Club could be attractive to those bettors who place a number of bets each week. There are no additional fees attached to this offer, other than the stakes you place on your bets. If you were planning on placing those particular bets anyway, then this offer could be worth your consideration. 

It’s available on almost every sport, too. The only exception is esports markets, which are ineligible for this promotion. Almost all markets can be bet on in order to qualify for this offer, with the exception of any enhanced prices of Betway Boosts that might be available at the time of betting. 

There is a £25 minimum total stake across all bets required in order to qualify for this bonus. Keep checking your individual bet tracker to see how much you’ve bet in a specific qualifying period. 

The promotion could be an attractive one to those who place a number of bets, particularly on accumulators. Bet Builder options are also available. 

An offer like this, though, could encourage you to place more bets than you’re comfortable with, in order to meet the £25 threshold. This is why it’s so important to keep track of all the  bets you place and, most importantly, the money you are staking.

Pros of Betway Free Bet Club

Cons of Betway Free Bet Club

Available on almost every sport and market

Might encourage bettors to place more bets than they’re comfortable with

Reasonable odds requirement

Available on accumulators and Bet Builder selections

Reasons To Claim the Betway Free Bet Club

There are many reasons why this offer has proven incredibly popular amongst Betway customers. Below, we’ve listed some of the reasons why opting in to this promotion could be worth your consideration.

  1. Available on a huge range of sports

  2. Easy to claim

  3. Available on Bet Builder

  4. Only three selections required

  5. Odds requirements reasonably low

  6. Free bets can be used on any sports

How to Claim the Betway Free Bet Club?

The Free Bet Club is available to both new Betway customers and existing members. If you’ve not yet created a Betway account, here’s how to do just that and opt-in to this promotion.

First up, head over to the Betway betting site. You can do this via any of the links on this page. From the landing page, hit the Register icon, which you’ll find across the top of your screen.
Betway registration

The first page of your Betway registration form will open. From this page, you can select a welcome offer. A Betway welcome bonus is available for sports, vegas, casino, live casino and esports. You can choose any of these offers, or hit the No Welcome Offer. If you do select a Betway new customer promotion, make sure you read and understand all the terms and conditions attached before you attempt to claim it.

There are three sections to complete on the next page of your registration form. The first part asks for your personal information. Ensure all the information you enter here is valid and accurate - you could be asked to verify this information at any point and any false information you provide could result in your betting account being suspended or deleted.

The next part asks you to create your account information. Type in a username and password to use in conjunction with your betting account, as well as an email address.

Finally, enter your contact details. You will need to provide your address and mobile phone number. You also have the opportunity to enter a deposit limit, either daily, weekly, or monthly. Choose your marketing preferences and hit the Register button to confirm your account.

Once you’ve created an account, you can opt-in to the Free Bet Club. Typically, the Free Bet Club is advertised on the landing page. Alternatively, hit the Promotions tab and you can join from there.

Let’s summarise how you can create a Betway account and join the Free Bet Club. Follow these steps to begin.

  1. Head to the Betway site

  2. Hit the Register button

  3. Choose a welcome bonus, if you wish to do so

  4. Complete the sign up form

  5. Click on Free Bet Club

  6. Opt-in to the promotion

Betway Free Bet Club Terms and Conditions

The Betway Free Bet Club has, as do all bookmaker offers and promotions, a number of terms and conditions attached. Significant terms and conditions are listed below. Note that any or all of these terms can change at any time.

  • 18+

  • New and existing customers

  • Opt-in required

  • £25 or more on sports

  • Trebles or higher

  • Bets must be settled within a week

  • Bet Builder bets accepted

  • First £5 Free bet credited the Saturday after qualification

  • Second £5 Free bet credited the Monday after qualification

Betway Existing Customer Promotions

In addition to the Free Bet Club, there are a number of offers and promotions available for existing customers at Betway. These promotions incorporate all features of the Betway website, including casino, live casino, esports and vegas. We’ll talk about these alongside the sports offers available shortly.

We’ll also mention each of the Betway facilities’ welcome offers at the end of this section.

Betway promotions include price boosts, Free bets and best odds guaranteed. Minimum deposit and stake requirements can apply to some bonus offers. No matter which offer you’re looking to take, make sure you read and understand all terms and conditions associated with that particular offer. 

Let’s take a look at the current existing customer offers available.

Fantasy Football Heroes

Betway customers can earn Free bets by playing Fantasy Football Heroes. How does it work? Bet £10 or more on any Players market and Betway will give you a £1 Free bet for each FPL point you score, up to a maximum of £20. You can find the Players markets under the Players tab for any English Premier League match taking place on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

In addition, there are minimum odds requirements of Evens (2.0) for each bet. Place your bet before the Saturday 3pm kick offs and you’ll receive your Free bet the following Monday. A real money stake is required for your qualifying bet, no Free bet stakes will qualify.

Casino Rewards

Betway offer a range of casino functions, including live casino and vegas. As such, there are a number of Betway casino promotions available, one of which is Casino Rewards. To start, opt in to the promotion from the Promotions page. You can receive up to 200 Free spins, a £50 casino bonus as well as £20 in Free bets each week.

The offer is open from Monday to Thursday every week for eligible customers. If you deposit at least £20 each week and bet a minimum of £50 you can qualify for the offer. You can place your wagers on any casino, live casino or vegas games.

You’ll receive your Free spins, Free bets and Casino credit depending on your level of bets. There is a wagering requirement of 30x, as well as weighting requirements, to take into consideration.

Daily Free Bet Special

For fans of horse racing betting, Betway offer their Daily Free Bet Special. You can be credited a £5 Free bet each day when you place a horse racing accumulator with a stake of at least £20.

To qualify, your horse racing accumulator must contain a minimum of four selections. Each selection must have odds of at least 1/2 (1.5). Only straight accumulators count. No system bets, like Lucky 31’s or Trixie bets, will qualify.

You can claim a Free bet every day. Each Free bet is valid for seven days.

Greyhounds Bet Bundle

Another Betway Free bet promotion is for greyhounds bettors. The Greyhounds Bet Bundle can reward you with a £10 Free bet if you place a minimum of five bets with a stake of at least £20 on each bet on any greyhound races between Monday and Sunday.

There are minimum odds requirements of Evens for each bet. All greyhounds markets are eligible with the exception of virtual markets. To claim your Free bet, all of your qualifying bets will need to be settled within the period of Monday to Sunday. You can claim one Free bet per week.

NBA 3-Pointer Special

In addition to Free bet opportunities, Betway also offer a number of Money Back Specials. One of these is their NBA 3-Pointer Special promotion. Available to selected UK and Ireland account holders, you can get money back as a Free bet on losing bets if the last score is a three pointer. You can claim one Free bet per game. The offer applies to the first bet you place on that particular NBA game.

Qualifying bets are Single bets on any NBA game. There is a minimum odds requirement of 1/2 to bear in mind. If you’re entitled to a Free bet, this will be credited to you within 24 hours of the game ending.

4 To Score

A promotion that has been available for a while, Betway also have available their 4 To Score promotion. This is a free to play game, there is no need to place a real money stake to claim this offer.

It’s a prediction game open to new and existing Betway customers. To take part, you need to predict the first goalscorers in the four selected games before the first match kicks off. If you get all four correct, you could win up to £50,000. If there’s more than one winner, this prize pot will be shared.

4 To Win

Betway’s 4 To Win promotion is another free to play competition, this time based on horse racing. To take part in this daily competition, predict the winners of four selected races. The daily prize pot is £1,000. This prize pot is increased to £10,000 for Saturday ITV meets.

If there is more than one winner of a daily competition, a tie break question will be asked. The question will be to work out the combined winning distances of all four races that day. You can enter the competition once per day. To ensure you qualify, make sure you submit your predictions before the first race starts.

Extra Place Special: Enhanced Places

Horse racing promotions make up a large part of Betway offers. This promotion sees the operator pay enhanced extra players on selected meets and races.

The list of selected races on a particular day can be found under the Promotions tab. Single and Multiple Each Way bets with minimum odds of 1/5 qualify for the offer. Minimum runners rules apply to this offer. Your bets for this promotion can still also qualify for the Betway Best Odds Guaranteed offer, but only if you place a Win Only bet. Each Way bets will not qualify here for Best Odds Guaranteed. We’ll talk a little more about BOG offers at Betway shortly.

Win A Trip To Vegas

A promotion available for Casino bettors, Betway offer their Win A Trip To Vegas promo. Customers can earn tickets for the prize draw by spinning the Super Prize Wheel. Each week a draw will take place where the winner will win the trip to Vegas. There are also £10,000 worth of prizes to win each day.

There are two Wheels - the Prize Wheel and the Super Prize Wheel. To qualify for the Prize Wheel, you need to make a minimum of one deposit. New customers are eligible to take part 24 hours after making their first deposit.

You get one spin per day on the Prize Wheel. You can also get one spin per day on the Super Prize Wheel, providing you’ve met the wagering requirements associated with this offer.

Note that only spins on the Super Prize Wheel give you tickets for the prize draw.

You can get a maximum of eight tickets per week for the draw.

Betway say that each player is guaranteed to win a prize of some description. The prize value will vary day to day.

Betway Boosts

Betway Boosts are this operator’s version of enhanced odds. Boosts can be available on football or horse racing events, as well as other sports. An example of a boost could be increased odds on Erling Haaland to score or Jeremy Doku to have at least one shot on target in a particular match. There is a dedicated Betway Boosts tab that you’ll find across the top of your screen when you log into your betting account. Here, you’ll find all the latest and upcoming Boosts options.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Betway’s Best Odds Guaranteed is available on all UK and Irish horse racing. The offer is available on Race Winner bets placed from 09:00 GMT on the day of the race. There is no opt-in required for this offer - place a qualifying bet and you’ll automatically be part of the BOG promotion.

There is a minimum stake of £1 required, or 50 pence Each Way. The offer is available on all bet types, with the exception of Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 bets. 

As we mentioned before, there are a number of welcome offers you can choose from if you’ve not yet created a Betway account. Next, we’ll look at your options. Note that you can only choose one welcome bonus, and must do so from the first page of the registration form. Also, you don’t have to choose any welcome bonus if you don’t want to. If you don’t want a welcome bonus, you can select this option on the registration form.

Listed below are the current Betway welcome bonus options you have. All bonuses have terms and conditions that you must adhere to in order to receive the bonus. Make sure you read and understand all t’s and c’s before you attempt to claim any offer. We’ll briefly explain the significant terms here, but it’s vital you read all terms for any offer you’re looking to take. 

Sports Welcome Bonus #1

£30 Matched Free Bet if your first ACCA loses + 50 Free Spins on Big Bass Bonanza

With this Betway welcome offer, you can get a matched Free bet up to a total of £30 if your first accumulator loses. You can also get 50 Free spins on the classic slots game Big Bass Bonanza. 

Available only on football or horse racing, your qualifying bet must have at least three selections. Bet Builder bets do not qualify for this offer.

There is a minimum stake requirement of £5 attached to this offer. In addition, only deposits made via a debit card will qualify for the offer. Your accumulator must have odds of at least 2/1 to qualify.

Other terms and conditions apply to the offer, so it’s vital you read these before you complete your sign up.

Sports Welcome Bonus #2

Get £10 In Free Bets

Alternatively, new customers at Betway can choose this second welcome bonus if they so wish. Customers can get a matched Free bet of £10. To activate, make a £10 first deposit using a debit card. You will need to do this within seven days of creating your account. Then place a £10 bet. For Single bets, minimum odds must be 3/4 . For Each Way bets, there is a min odds requirement of 2/5. For System bets, min odds of 2/5 are required.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Get up to £50 Welcome Bonus

For new Betway Casino customers, there is a 100% matched bonus up to £50 available. You will need to opt-in to this promotion from the registration page. It’s a matched deposit bonus, with £50 the maximum available bonus amount. So, if your first deposit is £50, you can receive a £50 bonus. If your first deposit is £10, you can receive a £10 bonus.

The minimum deposit amount required to qualify for this bonus is £10. Only first deposits made using a debit card will qualify. There are also wagering requirements attached to this offer. Different games offer different percentages towards the wagering requirements.

Vegas Welcome Bonus

Stake £10 & Get 125 Free Spins on Big Bass Bonanza + Win A Trip To Vegas

Available to all new customers, you can choose this offer from the registration page. Deposit and stake a minimum of £10 on selected Casino, Live Casino or Vegas games. To qualify, deposits must be made using a debit card. You’ll receive your Free spins once you’ve wagered your £10. 

Live Casino Welcome Bonus

Get up to £50 Welcome Bonus

This offer is similar to the general Casino welcome bonus we looked at earlier. You can qualify for a 100% Match Bonus up to £50 on your first deposit. Select the Live Casino welcome bonus option on the registration page to start to claim this offer. A minimum deposit amount of £10 is required, and this deposit must be made using a debit card.

Esports Welcome Bonus

Get up to £10 in Free Bets

This offer is similar to the second Sports welcome bonus we looked at above. New customers can receive a £10 Free bet when they deposit a minimum of £10 using a debit card. This must be done within seven days of creating your Betway account. 

Betway UK Sportsbook Review

So far, we’ve spoken a lot about the Betway existing customer promotions, including the Free Bet Club. We’ve also looked at the numerous welcome bonuses available for eligible new customers. The promotions and bonus options are definitely one of the major reasons why many bettors have chosen Betway as their bookmaker of choice. There are, though, many other reasons why this operator is one of the favourites in the industry amongst bettors in the UK and beyond. Let’s take a look at how well Betway competes in the other areas which determine the best betting sites.

Betway Mobile App

The Betway mobile app is amongst the most user friendly in the industry. There are two Betway apps you can download - the Sports app and the Casino app. Both apps are available on iOS and Android devices.

The option to place bets no matter where you are is a huge pull for many bettors. All parts of your betting account are available using the app. This includes placing bets, making deposits and withdrawals and cashing out bets. You can also access live streaming and in-play betting functions using your mobile device.

New customers can also register an account after downloading the Betway app and take advantage of whichever welcome offer you want to take. 

If you don’t want to download an app, you can access the Betway site using your mobile browser. 

Betway Betting Markets

There are a huge range of sports and events you can bet on as a Betway customer. There are over 30 options for you, encompassing the most popular sports such as football, horse racing and tennis, to novelty markets like politics and television specials.

As you’d imagine, the most popular sports have an array of betting markets attached. A typical Premier League match, for example, can have hundreds of different odds across a wide variety of markets. Markets include the universal Match Result, Total Goals and Both Teams To Score. Other markets include To Score A Header and To Score From Outside The Box.

In addition to general betting markets, Betway also offer a Bet Builder facility. Available on major events, you can create your own bet by choosing from the list of markets on that particular game.

Betway Acca Insurance 

Currently, Betway don’t offer standard Acca Insurance that you might find at other bookmakers. They do, though, have a range of bonuses for accumulator bettors, that you can read about above.

Betway Best Odds Guaranteed

Betway do offer Best Odds Guaranteed on UK and Irish horse racing. Available from 09:00 GMT every day, place at least £1 (or 50 pence Each Way) on a selected race. If the odds at the start of the race are longer than those you took, you’ll get paid out at the higher odds on winning bets. If you take a price but by the start of the race these odds have shortened, you’ll still get paid out at the higher odds. Read more about Betway Best Odds Guaranteed in the Existing Customer section above.

Betway Betting Accumulators

For fans of placing accumulators, there are a number of Acca-based promotions and bonus options available at Betway. We’ve discussed these in detail above. This also includes the Free Bet Club, which you can read about at the top of this article.

Accumulator bonus opportunities are mostly available on football and horse racing. However, with the Free Bet Club, you can place accumulator bets on almost every sport Betway offers odds on.

Betway Live In-Play Betting

Betway offer a comprehensive in-play betting facility. You can find live odds on a massive range of sports. As you’d expect, football tends to dominate the live betting feature with this operator, but there are many more live odds on other sports available, too. Expect to find live betting odds on rugby, snooker, American Football, volleyball and basketball as well as a host of other sports.

All Payment Methods at Betway

An under-appreciated but extremely important aspect of betting sites is their banking section. It’s vital you have a range of options for making deposits and withdrawals in a safe and secure way. It’s also important that there are few, if any, fees to pay and that minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are reasonably low.

At Betway, you can choose from a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. Each method has different minimum and maximum amounts attached, so be sure to check these terms before you attempt a payment transfer.

We’ll take a look at your withdrawal options shortly. First, we’ll discuss what Betway deposit methods are available to you.

Betway Deposit Methods

All Betway deposit methods are free to use. However, it’s important to check with your banking provider that no fees will be incurred or charged by them for making a deposit into a betting account.

Note that generally, promotions are only accessible if you make a qualifying deposit using a Debit card. Remember, it’s important to check the t’s and c’s of any offer you wish to take before you attempt to claim it.

Debit Cards

Depositing via a Debit card is one of the most common ways customers transfer money into their betting accounts. You can use your Debit card to make deposits at Betway. To do so, hit the Bank icon and select Debit card from the list of options. If it’s the first time using that card to deposit, you will need to enter all required information, including card and CVV number. Once you’ve registered a card, you can then use the Express Deposit option for quicker transfers. The minimum deposit using this method is £5.

Pay With Bank

If you have a Vyne account, you can use this to transfer funds directly from your bank into your betting account. You don’t even need to be logged in to your banking app to make a deposit using this method. The minimum deposit using this method is £5.


PayPal is one of the most popular online wallets across the globe. If you have a PayPal account, you can transfer funds from here into your betting account. Using an online wallet can add an extra layer of security to your funds and personal information. The minimum deposit using this method is £5.


Trustly is becoming a more common way to make deposits into your betting account. You can use this method at Betway, too. The minimum deposit amount when using this method is £5.

Direct Bank Transfer

If you prefer, you can fund your betting account via a Direct Bank Transfer. Funds are usually available to bet with immediately after confirmation of the funds transfer. The minimum deposit amount when using this method is £5.

Betway Withdrawal Methods

There are a number of Betway withdrawal methods you can choose from, too. Withdrawals can take between two hours and two business days, depending on which method you’re using. Note that generally, you can only make a withdrawal using a method that you’ve previously used to make a deposit.

Let’s take a look at how you can withdraw your winnings from your Betway account.

Debit Cards

If you’ve used a Debit card to make a deposit, you can make a withdrawal using the same method. To do so, head to the Bank section of your betting account and select the Debit Card option. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm the transaction. The Betway withdrawal process is usually complete 1-2 business days after request.


If you have used your PayPal account to deposit into your betting account, you can also use this as a withdrawal method. This is also the quickest way to receive your winnings, with processing time typically between 2 and 12 hours.

Bank Account

You can have your winnings transferred directly to your bank account if you so wish. Usually, the withdrawal process takes between 1 and 2 business days to complete.

Visa Direct

It’s also possible that you can use Visa Direct to make a withdrawal. This is typically quicker that withdrawing to your Debit card, with processing time no longer than 12 hours.

Betway Responsible Gambling Policy

Before odds, promotions, betting markets and winnings, the single most important aspect of any form of betting is that you do so safely and securely. It’s so important that you keep a tight check on your bankroll and only bet what you can afford to lose. Betting is never a way of making money and it should never be considered as such either. To help you stay in control of your betting and to ensure your safety and security, Betway have a number of measures in place that you can utilise.

When you register, you’ll be given the option to set a deposit limit and a session time reminder. If you go past the reminder, Betway will log you out of your account. This can help you stay in control of the amount of time you spend betting. With the deposit limit option, you will be unable to deposit more than the daily, weekly or monthly limit you set. You can change these settings at any time by visiting the My Account section of the betting site. 

You can also request a cooling off period or self-exclusion. Betway also provide help if you’re struggling with your gambling habits.

For UK customers, Betway are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. The bookmaker also employs a Know Your Customer scheme, to ensure your safety. This is why you might be asked to validate your account. If you’re asked to do so, you may have to provide proof of ID and proof of your address.


The Betway Free Bet Club is one of the better loyalty-type promotions we’ve seen in the industry. If you bet regularly on accumulators, it’s certainly an offer you might wish to consider. There are no fees to joining the Free Bet Club, the Betway Bet Tracker will, as its name suggests, keep track of the bets you place. Once you reach the threshold, you’ll soon receive your two £5 Free bets credited to your account.

While Free bets are always welcome, it’s important that you stay in control of your betting. Don’t spend more, or place more bets, than you’re comfortable with, just because you’ll receive Free bets once you’ve staked enough. However, if you already place £25 worth of accumulator or Bet Builder bets each week, it could be a good idea to check out all the terms and conditions of this offer.

There is plenty more that this operator offers, too. There is an extensive live betting service available, and a huge range of sports to choose from. There are a range of markets available on a host of sports, ranging from the most popular such as football and horse racing, to less common events, like volleyball and futsal.

A reminder of the current  significant terms and conditions of the Betway Free Bet Club. Opt in to the Free Bet Club and bet £25+ on accumulators or Bet Builder bets with 3+ selections each week and receive two £5 Free bets.

#ad / 18+. New UK customers only. Min Deposit: £5. Maximum Free Bet: £30. First bet on Football or Horse Racing multiples with 3+ selections. Odds 3.00 (2/1) or higher. Free Bets awarded on settlement of qualifying bet. Offer valid for 7 days. 50 Bonus Spins credited on placement of qualifying Acca. 50x bonus wagering, bonus Spins expire after 7 days. Debit card deposits only. Full T&Cs apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

To end our guide, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about the Betway Free Bet Club below.

What is the Betway Free Bet Club?

The Free Bet Club can reward you with two £5 Free bets if you bet £25+ on accumulators or Bet Builder bets each week. You can bet on almost any sport on the Betway site. You can place as many bets as you like to meet the £25 threshold. For more information and all the terms and conditions of this promotion, head to the top of this page.

What sports can I bet on in the Free Bet Club?

Bets on almost every sport at Betway will count in the Free Bet Club. Whether you’re a fan of betting on football, horse racing, basketball, American Football or baseball, all of your bets will count towards the £25 threshold. For more information and what sports are exempt from the offer, take a look at our guide that starts on the top of this page.

What sports can I bet on at Betway?

Betway offer odds on a wide array of sports and events. Popular choices include football, horse racing, cricket and rugby. You can also bet on novelty markets such as politics and movie specials. There’s over 30 different sports and events available to bet on with this operator.

Are there any other Betway promotions?

There are a number of promotions and bonus offers available at Betway. Most tend to be focused on football and horse racing, though with the Free Bet Club you can bet on almost any sport.

Is there a Betway welcome bonus?

There are a number of welcome bonus options for Betway new customers. You can choose from sports, casino, vegas, live casino and esports options. These offers can change regularly, so make sure you examine each offer before you sign up.

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