The Best Boxing betting sites for the UK in 2022

In 1681 the very first recorded bout of English boxing took place when Christopher Monck engineered a bout between his butler and his butcher! Since then the rules and gear the fighters follow and use has evolved vastly, but the sport itself is still held in the same high regard to this day.

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On this page we have put together a list of the best boxing betting sites, available to UK bettors. We’ve done the hard work for you and have researched the UK online betting markets thoroughly and applied a range of different criteria, before carefully compiling our list. However, you should read all of the reviews carefully and consider which bookmaker (or bookmakers) is the best online betting site for you, personally, to place your bet. Ultimately whilst we consider the below to be the best bookmakers for boxing in 2022, our results are based on our own views.

Criteria for our ratings

When we are considering the pros and cons of UK bookmakers we look at many different criteria. What makes a bookmaker the “best” is subjective and because two people will have different preferences there is no one answer for who is the best that everyone will agree with. Because everybody is different we hope that people will look at our ratings from their own perspective and just use our information as a guideline for helping to decide what is best for you.

The criteria that we look at include, probably first and foremost, “how good the odds are”. This is for some people all that they are interested in and nothing else matters. Other things to think about though can include looking into firstly which sports can you bet on, and then in more detail are the minor leagues covered as well as the major ones. Another thing to consider is how many betting markets are available for each event is it just who will win or are there other variables too. A major thing many people look for and consider important is the bonuses on offer and for some high rollers even the quality of the loyalty or VIP scheme will be important if you are someone likely to qualify. In todays world you need to look at the mobile version of the site and whether they have a mobile app to download. All these factors come together in the search for a great bookmaker and as we said what matters to one guy wont matter to the next, so you have to think for yourself. At the end of the day the final word on which are the best boxing betting sites is up to you.

TOP 10 bookmakers reviews

1) William Hill

William Hill offer a huge range of markets when it comes to boxing, You can take a punt on the outright winner, the win method and even the round or rounds you think the fight will finish in. You can also bet on the winner of each individual round, if it takes your fancy.

2) Ladbrokes 

Ladbrokes also offer a very wide range of boxing betting options. As well as the outright winner, win method or how many rounds the fight will last, you can also bet on a fighter winning within the first 60 seconds or to win after being knocked down.

3) Coral 

You can choose from a good range of boxing markets. Choose the outright winner, which round the fight will end in, and if you can’t predict a winner, simply wager whether or not the fight will go the distance.

4) Unibet

Unibet offer bets on outright winners or a draw on most fights, with a wider range of markets for some select fights, including the win method, number of rounds and whether or not the fight will go the distance.

5) BetVictor

At BetVictor you can bet on a fighter to win, lose or draw in most bouts, with a wider range of markets offered for bigger title fight.

6) Bet365

Bet365 offer a wide range of different markets for boxing, including round betting, win type and whether the fight will go the distance.

7) Betfair

Betfair offer win, lose or draw odds on all matches, with a far wider range of markets available for big name fights. Odds are displayed as decimals, making it easier to calculate your potential winnings.

8) Paddy Power

At Paddy Power you can choose from a wide range of markets including the exact round the fight will end, the win method and even for both fighters to be knocked down. Paddy Power also offer ‘Power Prices’ on specific markets, with enhanced odds, so you can get a little more for your money.

9) Parimatch

Parimatch offer odds on both outright winners or a technical draw, for fights over the next three month.

10) Sky Bet

Sky Bet offer oodles of different markets for boxing, so you could choose to bet on pretty much anything! From the outright winner, a draw or a winner of a specific round, there’s plenty of choice. They also offer ‘price boosts’, which are enhanced odds on some markets, so if you choose those, you can get more bang for your buck. 

Boxing Bet Types

There are many different ways to bet on boxing across many different sites. Here are the most common ways for you to choose from.

To win the fight

This bet places your money on the overall victor of the bout. In a duel between two opponents, your payout totally relies on the winner of the fight and the odds placed on your winner. 

Fight outcome (method)

Fight outcome places your bet on how a fighter will win (or the match end) and by which method. The list of potential methods a fighter can win by is:


This stands for technical knock out, or knock out. Technical knock out is when although still conscious and even standing, the referee decides that you are concussed and can not safely continue.

Disqualification or technical decision

Disqualification is when you cheat in someway, one of those ways is by biting made famous by Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield. Technical decision is where you are injured due to a headbut and can no longer continue.

Draw/technical draw

A fight is a draw when one of the three judges scores the contest in favor of one fighter, another judge scores it in favor of the other fighter, and the third judge scores the contest as a draw. If you have bet on a boxer to win  the fight and it is a draw you will not have your stake returned unless draw was not an option to bet on.

Round betting

There is round betting in boxing where you bet on the exact round in which the fight will end combined with the fighter that will reign victorious. This is useful for increasing the odds when you are certain somebody will win also think it will be either earlier or later on.

When will the fight end

Not to be confused with round betting. A bet on when the fight will end does not matter who the victor is and it only matters which round of the fight it ends in or if the fight will go the full distance.

Boxing Betting Strategies

Research, Research, Research.

In boxing, it’s not a good idea to just bet on your favourite fighter. Do your research. With social media today, it’s possible to follow the fighters more closely and see what’s going on with their training, and what their current form is like. Keep a track of their recent history and follow boxing news closely. Use this information to decide who it’s best to back, and the type of bet to place. For example, if a fighter has a good recent record of winning a fight by knockout, that might be a good place to put your money.  

Know each fighter’s style

Knowing how a boxer fights is as important as knowing how well a boxer fights. It’s not just about knowing the style of your favourite, either; knowing and understanding the opposition is equally important. Understanding how the two styles are likely come together will give you a better idea of the outcome. 

Don’t listen to public opinion…

...unless you’re sure they’re right! Often the public can get swept up by what’s being said in the media and get carried away. Use what you’ve learned from your research to place your bet and follow your head, not your heart. 

Shop around for the best odds

Once you’ve chosen your bet, shop around with some of the bookies from our guide, to find the best odds. Not all bookies will offer the same.

Advantages of Betting on Boxing Online

There are many advantages to betting online with such a huge online market there are sure to be a variety of sites that suit your needs.

Higher odds

Due to the vast amount of online sites all trying to be the one you bet with, competition is strong. As well as the low operating costs of an online broker a higher return on every winning bet makes a huge difference to your bankroll over a period of several months.even a low difference in odds between a physical bookie and an online bookie could be the difference.


Online betting allows you to bet from anywhere at any time as well as giving you access to inplay odds on certain sports which may be broadcast from areas with different time zones that don't allow you to bet in a physical bookies.


If it's your first time betting with certain sites there is a very good chance that you will receive a first deposit bonus giving you a free bet or bonus money to play with. This will give you in effect two bits at the cherry which you will not get betting at land based bookmakers. They also run boxing specific promotions where even existing customers get free boxing bets for betting £X amount or if a certain bet type loses. If that is what you are after then the best online betting sites for boxing are either Parimatch or BetFred

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