Best NHL Betting Sites February 2023

This article gives you the lowdown on our picks for all of the best NHL betting sites. After consulting the list of specific features we look for, we have sifted through and compiled the best sites for you to bet on NHL games. With the NHL being an action packed game to watch and with over 30 teams competing in an 82-game season, there are almost infinite possibilities and opportunities for enhancing your excitement by betting on the NHL.

Top 12 Hockey Betting Sites

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Our 5 Best Hockey Betting Sites


Bet365 is a very popular online bookmaker which offers its customers a huge variety of betting lines and live NHL content. As well as a great new customer offer, Bet365 offers a good amount of standard promos and bonuses.

✅ Pros:

  • Great live betting platform and live streaming for most events.

  • Huge variety of betting lines to choose from.

  • Great odds for a variety of markets.


888sport is another industry giant providing high-quality betting on the NHL. Offering a wide range of markets at good odds as well as high-quality statistics centers and bonuses, 888sport is a great option for you to use to bet on NHL games online.

✅ Pros:

  • Easy to navigate website and mobile app

  • Wide range of markets

  • Good odds

  • Wide range of bonuses

William Hill

William Hill is one of the oldest registered bookmakers in the UK and has a reputation to fit. With NHL betting being available on the William Hill site, it is naturally a good option for NHL betting. Offering enhanced odds on NHL bets as well as a good range of markets for you to choose from, William Hill is a good option for NHL betting.

✅ Pros:

  • Long history in the industry

  • Odds boost for NHL bets

  • Great user interface


Tonybet, founded in 2011, has very quickly charged to the top as a great option for NHL Betting. With one of the best ranges of markets on this list as well as a great user interface and fairly decent odds, Tonybet is a great pick for those looking to start betting on the NHL.

✅ Pros:

  • Decent odds

  • Good user interface on the website and mobile app

  • Great range of markets


Betway is an online bookmaker which provides good-quality NHL betting. Offering great animations and statistics as well as the option to In-play bet and cash out on a lot of NHL games, Betway is a great option for betting on the NHL.

✅ Pros:

How We Rank The Best NHL Betting Sites

To rank our top 5 NHL betting sites we used a long list of criteria. Below are each of our criteria and an explanation of what each of them means!

The Sign Up Process

The first element to joining a betting site is signing up. If the signup process is subpar then it may discourage you from continuing on the site. Each of the bookmakers listed above offers a fluid and easy signup process which allows users to quickly create an account without bother.

Depositing & Withdrawing

Depositing and withdrawing your funds is one of the most fundamental parts of sports betting, and having a fluid and useable system to deposit and withdraw quickly is very important. All of the bookmakers that we recommend have good deposit and withdrawal options and almost everyone on the list offers many different withdrawal options.


Arguably the most important aspect of a betting site at the end of the day is the odds. It is the equivalent of the "price" when considering anywhere else. Each of the sites listed above offers above average odds for betting on the NHL. If a site were to have below-average odds you will be either losing money more quickly or even in the best scenario winning more slowly over the long run compared to using above average odds.


Bonuses are one of the most entertaining parts of the betting experience and what betting sites can use to differentiate themselves from each other. Often providing each user with either bonus money, boosted odds, or Free bets to name just a few promotions can enhance a users betting experience.

In-Play betting

In-play, betting is one of the most exciting forms of betting due to the speed with which things can change. In-play betting allows you to place bets on the fly as the game goes on and includes micro markets which may be decided in the next minute or two, instead of placing them before the game starts and having to wait hours or even days for a result.

Betting Apps

A bookmaker having a good mobile App not only demonstrates their commitment to their customers but also allows their customers another level of functionality. Betting on the go or even just at home on the couch allows customers to have a more enjoyable betting experience and not be restricted to the inside of a bookmaker or sitting at a desk.

How to Bet on Hockey

Betting on hockey has several steps and if it's still something you're new to, it can be a little daunting the first time. In the guide below we show you the basics of discovering NHL bets on a betting site and how to place the one that you want.

  1. Locate the NHL section of your chosen site. This can be done either by using the search bar built into most bookmakers' sites or by navigating to the hockey page down the available sport.
    How to bet on NHL matches.

  2. Choose your market. There are a wide variety of markets available for NHL games each of which is described and explained in detail in the next section!
    Find the NHL market that you want to bet on.

  3. Step 3) Choose your team and add the selection to a betslip.

  4. Enter your stake amount and submit.

Types of NHL Bets

With a long list of markets available knowing the specifics of each available bet can be difficult. Below we list almost all of the major betting types for the NHL and explain how they work.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline betting is essentially betting on the winner of the match. The major difference in ice hockey is that no draw can occur meaning that all bets for the winning team will be money line bets as opposed to sports like football where you can also bet on a draw.

Puck Line (Spread)

Puck line betting functions similarly to handicap betting. Due to the low-scoring nature of ice hockey, the favourite to win often gets -1.5 and the underdog gets +1.5. If you were to bet on the favourite to win they would need to win by 2 or more goals.

Over/Under (Totals)

Over/Under betting is essentially betting on certain statistics and whether they will be over or under a certain amount. For example, you can bet that there will be over 5 goals total in a match, or that there will be fewer than 2 penalties in a match.

NHL Prop Bets

A prop bet or "Proposal bet" is essentially betting on whether something will or won't happen in a game. For example, a certain player to score, assist, a certain player to take over or under a certain amount of shots etc. In hockey, there are many different types of prop bets and anyone who has a depth of player knowledge can use that to potentially really reap the rewards.

Total Goals

Total goals are as the title implies, betting on the total amount of goals scored in the match. Typically total goals scored as a bet comes in more/less than in a certain time frame (full match or extra time etc)

Correct Score

Correct score betting is a bet placed on the specific final score of the match. For example, placing a correct score bet saying that the Winnipeg Jets beat Washington Capitals 3-2. Your bet will only pay out if they beat them with that exact score.

Next Team to Score a Goal

As the name implies this bet is on the next team to score a goal. No matter the current score or any other statistic the next team which scores a goal is the only important factor. This bet is found when In play betting otherwise it would be the first team to score a goal.


Parlay betting on the NHL works identically as it does for almost every other sport. Parlay betting also known as accumulators or combo bets essentially links together two or more individual bets into one bet where all bets involved must come back winning for there to be any payout.

The Top Hockey Tournaments To Bet On

Ice hockey is a popular sport around the world as well as being an Olympic sport, the NHL plays for hundreds of thousands of viewers each year and is the biggest hockey tournament.



National Hockey League (NHL)

October 22 - June 23

National Hockey League (NHL)

September 22 - February 23

The Olympic Games

August 2024 (Every 4 years)

American Hockey League

October 22 - April 23

Swedish Hockey League

September 22 - March 23

Stanley Cup Final

June 2023

National Hockey League

The National Hockey League also known as the NHL is the biggest ice hockey tournament worldwide. With 32 teams comprising 25 American and 7 Canadian teams, it is considered to be the top-ranking ice hockey tournament in the world and is one of the big 4 American sports leagues.

Champions Hockey League

The Champions Hockey League or CHL is considered to be the top level of European ice hockey. Similarly to the NHL, the CHL consists of 32 teams and is considered to be Europe's greatest hockey league.

The Olympic Games

The Olympic games occur once every 4 years and feature Ice hockey as one of its many major sports. With international teams competing against each other to be crowned the best in the world, the Olympics is a highly competitive tournament.

The Stanley Cup finals

The Stanley Cup is the championship trophy awarded annually to the National Hockey League (NHL) playoff champion. The trophy is named after Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston, who purchased the original silver cup that became the Stanley Cup in 1893.

Hockey NHL Betting Tips & Strategies

Betting is a complicated task and can be difficult at times. Below we compiled a variety of tips and strategies that you can employ when betting on NHL games!

Bet on Teams or Players You Know Most About

Betting on teams or players you know the most about is easily one of the best tips when it comes to betting on both the NHL (and most other sports). Having knowledge of a team or players gives you a huge edge when it comes to betting. For example, if you know a specific player is known to take a massive amount of shots on goal then placing a bet for that player to be shooting lots is obviously a good idea. If you know a team is prone to second-half comebacks, carefully paying attention to odds while live betting and being prepared to bet on that second-half win could be lucrative.

Dime or Nickel Lines

This is an Americanism and it is referring to the odds that a bookmaker is offering. American bookmakers traditionally pick a handicap that can be given to one team, perhaps 1.5 goals, and from that point on the chances of each side winning are now 50/50 (or very close to it). The word "Dime" in American language means 10 cents, and "Nickle" means 5 cents. A Dime line is one that has a 10 cent margin for every dollar you wager, a Nickle line will have just a 5 cent margin and is therefore much better odds. In practical terms, it means that for the same bet one bookmaker is giving you odds of 1.95 and the other odds of 1.9 only.

League Coverage

For UK online sports betting sites ice hockey betting is not top of their list of priorities because there are just not that many hockey bettors. If you are hockey betting though you will want an NHL betting site that covers as many games as possible and have as many betting options as possible, to give you the maximum amount of bet options.

Best NHL Betting Apps

The best NHL betting apps (not surprisingly) are correlated to the best NHL betting sites. Each of the best betting sites for the NHL offers betting apps with identical functionality and useability. Listed below are each of the apps again and the ways they can benefit you over using the site!


The Bet365 app offers identical functionality and useability as their website. With the only real difference is that the app is in landscape and the website is in portrait. Other than that the two are identical in almost every way. The main bonus that comes from using the Bet365 mobile app is the ability to play while on the move no matter where you are or what time the game is on. The ability to be notified when a game is starting and a variety of other information about your bets are massive advantages for when in-play betting and Bet365 offer this functionality.


888Sport offers a polished app with a great user experience. The user interface functions excellently and is easy to navigate. The 888sport App also offers the ability to receive notifications for a variety of different actions when betting.

William Hill

William Hill is one of the oldest registered bookmakers in the UK and has an App that oozes class. With an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate user interface and a very smooth and well-optimised bet process, it is a great tool. The William Hill app is a great aid for betting at home or on the go.


The Tonybet app is skinned and functions very similarly to its site. With a few minor differences in the locations of certain features, every other part of the great functionality and useability remains. Offering notifications, on-the-go live betting, and statistics, the Tonybet app is a great option to use at home or while out of the home.


The Betway App is one of the best-reviewed Bookmaker apps on the app store. With a whole host of excellent features and incredible useability, the app deserves its almost 5-star rating. Including the same functionality as the website, the app allows users access to statistics, on-the-go live betting, and notifications when a variety of events occur.

In-Play Betting On NHL

In-play betting on the NHL works in exactly the same way as other sporting events. By allowing users to place bets midgame, Live betting opens up a whole new realm of fun even opening allowing them to make a range of different bets as well as place previously unavailable bets that can only be placed live. An integral part of in-play betting is that the NHL odds change as the game goes on (and the movements will depend on the state of play). This allows the opportunity to take advantage of sporting knowledge and make well-informed bets with an upper hand.

Best Hockey Betting Offers

There are not a huge number of specific NHL betting offers and promotions but there are a large number of bookmaker bonuses that can be used for NHL bets. We will look at the most common ones below.

Free bets

The most common type of bookmaker reward which you are likely to find at an online sportsbook is Free bet offers. These are most likely to be found as part of a welcome bonus and will involve depositing and wagering a certain amount at certain odds, then you receive the Free bets. It is highly likely that you will be able to use NHL betting markets to both qualify for the Free bets and also when you use the Free bets.

Sometimes you get Free bets as an existing user when a betting site tries to encourage an inactive customer to return, and these can be either "no deposit" Free bets or "Deposit" Free bets. These too can be used on NHL betting odds unless it is specifically stated otherwise.

Acca Insurance

A promotional bonus that has become popular with online sports betting sites in recent years is "Acca Insurance". Now as the name suggests this bonus involves placing an Acca, and the exact terms and conditions will vary but as a general rule the Accumulator bet must have at least four legs and minimum odds of at least 3/1. Then should just one leg of your Acca let you down, the "Acca Insurance" means that your stake amount is returned to you either as cash or as a Free bet. During the NHL season there is no reason why NHL bettors can not use hockey odds to qualify for this offer.

Price Boosts

In order to encourage their customers to place specific bets an online sportsbook will boost the odds of certain odds. The betting markets that they choose is random really and ultimately up to them but a good NHL betting site will boost hockey bets at least some of the time.

Loyalty Schemes

It is worth looking for an NHL betting site that has a loyalty or reward scheme of some kind to give you something back at the end of the week or the end of the month. Each scheme will vary in the specifics but commonly after wagering a certain amount of a certain type of bet there will be either Free bets or Free spins or even cash credited to your betting account.

Payment Options at NHL Betting Sites

Depositing and Withdrawing are two of the most important features of a betting site. Making sure bookmakers provide users access to good withdrawal options is imperative.

Debit Cards

The most common way (and indeed the recommended way) to deposit into an online sports betting site these days is to use a debit card issued to you via your bank. In doing so you will find deposits almost always instant and free, withdrawals instant if your bank is part of the "Visa Fast Funds" scheme, and importantly you will be eligible for all of the promotional bonuses that are on offer. All NHL sportsbooks that we have listed on will accept debit cards to fund your account.

  Bookies that accept Debit Cards

Credit Cards

It is no longer possible to deposit into any UK licenced online betting site using a credit card.


PayPal is probably the most widespread deposit method out of all the E-wallets mainly due to its link with eBay. There are some advantages to using PayPal because it will keep any gambling transactions you make off your main bank statements and it can be used to easily ringfence your betting bankroll to help prevent spending more than you can afford.


The other E-wallet worth considering is Skrill. It comes with all the advantages that PayPal has with instant deposits and quick withdrawals, a layer of privacy not available from using a bank account and the ability to easily allocate specific gambling funds. An additional benefit some people may find use in is the ability to use Skrill as a complete financial package. They provide a day to day bank account with a real debit card, easy money transfers at competitive rates all around the world, and even the ability to buy cryptocurrencies as well.

Betting Sites With NHL Bonuses

Star Sports

If you are NHL betting then there is a great bonus waiting for you at Star Sports. NHL bettors get 50% of their stake refunded if their selection is beaten in overtime as a Free bet. For anyone NHL betting this could be a very nice consolation, especially given the competitive odds available at Star Sports anyway.


In conclusion, there are a number of UK NHL sportsbooks that offer odds all through the season. There are a large number of betting markets offered and it is certain that you will be able to place bets on a game involving your NHL team. The exact bookmaker that is the best for you will differ from one person to the next, but we hope this guide has helped you in finding the one that is right for you.

The top betting sites are… 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Betting on NHL Games Legal?

Yes absolutely! Betting on NHL games is offered by a huge variety of the most well-renowned bookmakers in the UK all of which are licensed by the gambling commission.

Can I Place Real Money NHL Wagers from My Phone?

Real Money wagers can be placed on NHL games from your phone using any one of the apps listed above! As well as those listed above almost every major bookmaker offers a mobile app or mobile site of some sort so placing real money wagers from your phone is absolutely possible.

Are NHL Betting Sites Safe?

Although this question does depend on the site you are playing at, every major site which is licensed by the gambling commission can reasonably be described as "safe". Regardless it is still essential to never gamble (or even deposit) money that you can not afford to lose.

Where to Bet on the NHL Playoffs?

You can bet on the NHL playoffs on any of the bookmakers we listed above! Betting on the playoffs is also available on a variety of other sites however those listed above are our picks for some of the best!

What Payment Methods Are Available on NHL Betting Sites?

Although it depends from site to site, almost every major bookmaker offers both Visa and Mastercard Debit as well as some E-Wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

What’s The Best Way to Bet On NHL?

The best way to bet on the NHL is purely opinion based so essentially only you will know what is best for you. It can be said however that with a wide variety of excellent Apps and Sites available you are spoilt for choice and will have fun searching for what is best for you.

What’s a Puck Line in Hockey?

The Puck Line is a market offered on most bookmakers' sites. When betting on the Puck Line you are essentially betting on whether there will be more or less than a set amount of goals. For example, you can bet that there will be more or less than 4 total goals in a match. The winning result is 2-1 and you are a winner!

What’s the best app for NHL betting?

In our opinion, the best app to bet on the NHL with is the Bet365 app due to its excellent usability, high-quality user interface, excellent range of markets, high odds and good in-play betting service.

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