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When looking to choose a snooker betting site there are many things to consider. UK players have a large choice of online snooker bookmakers to choose from, here we look at everything you need to know.

These places are paid by the bookies

Snooker (pronounced Snu-Ka) originated among British Army officers stationed in India in the second half of the 19th century. The World Snooker Championship was first played in 1927 but the "modern era" began in 1969 after the UK TV company the BBC commissioned the snooker television show Pot Black and later began to air the World Championship in 1978. Professional players now compete regularly around the world and earn millions of pounds on the World Snooker Tour, which features players from across the world. Despite being a global sport the UK snooker championship (Open to all Nationalities) is still one of the Sports Crown Jewels.

When choosing a snooker betting site it is important to consider several factors. At the end of the day you can only make a profit from gambling if the odds are good, so having good snooker betting odds is the primary thing to look for in a bookie. A large choice of betting lines is also highly advantageous, just who will win the match is not enough, really you want to have frame betting also along with proposition bets if possible.

Most popular markets

In-Play Betting

The latest betting craze is In-Play betting, and live Snooker betting is an incredibly exciting activity. Snooker is truely one of the best sports for online betting In-Play. It is a game with enough pace to make it exciting, but not so frantic as to make the bets a lottery. You can analyse how the match is going and how lucky one player has been and what the true odds should be, and then you also have time to look at the available odds and bet accordingly. There are some bookmakers who also allow streaming of the matches once you have bet on them.

Popular types of snooker bets (match result, frame betting, total points, etc)

The most common type of bets online bookmakers offer when gambling on snooker is either match betting, which is who will win that particular game or frame betting which is who will win that particular frame. It is also possible to bet on a matches correct frame score, for example, the game may be best of 11 frames, you can bet that the final score is 6:2 which will get you much higher odds than simply betting on who will win. There is also snooker handicap betting where you can bet on the winner given a head start off for example 1.5.


Snooker has been a traditionally UK sport but its global appeal is spreading, especially in Asia, and it is certain that bookies shall cater to the gambling interest which shall follow. Snooker bets online have no real complications or things to worry about, it is very self-explanatory and given the slow pace of the game betting "in play" is relatively stress-free compared to some other faster-paced sports where every second count as odds fly about all over the place. Snooker betting odds move slower and have more nuanced variables to consider, making it a sport requiring skill to profit from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are In-Play Betting Markets?

Snooker betting "In-Play" involves placing bets on an event which has already started and is currently in progress. This is normally done by people watching the event in question who think that by watching it unfold they can predict more accurately what will happen next and which way the game is going. It is a much more fast paced and exciting way to bet as the odds can jump dramatically and change often depending on the sport and what happens, for example in a snooker game one bad shot may move the odds a little as the other player comes to the table with more chance of winning now, but it will be a smaller change than if a goal is scored in a football match.

How to bet on snooker?

Betting on snooker is the same as any other bet. You locate the match or tournament that you want to bet on and select it to see the available markets and odds. From there you chose what you want to bet on and this will be moved to your betslip and on that you can enter your stake amount and confirm your bet. You will be given a message indicating that the bet has been accepted, and that is it you are done.

Is snooker betting fixed?:

This is a very topical answer and it is hard to answer, overall we would like to say "No" it isn't, but there are odd occasions where it is. All professional sports suffer from the risk of fixed matches where the results or certain aspects of the game are pre arranged, and some people know and bet on what will happen to the disadvantage of those not in the know. There are a number of regulatory bodies in the snooker World who work with the gambling authorities and the bookmakers to identify and stamp out this kind of thing. Having said that, it does happen, just one high profile incident we can publish was Stephen Lee who "was suspended from WSA competition on 12 October 2012 on match-fixing charges. He was found guilty by an independent tribunal in September 2013 of influencing the outcome of seven matches in 2008 and 2009" (Source Wikipedia). It is highly likely that there have been other cases which we can not publish as they have never been proven. We are confident that all is being done to minimise the amount of fixed games though and those who are caught doing so are punished.

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