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Valorant betting sites April 2023

Looking for the best Valorant betting sites? Look no further! In this article, we share the best Valorant betting sites, explain how to place a bet on Valorant, and detail the various Valorant betting markets and tournaments available to wager on. We also share our top Valorant betting tips and strategies, and answer your Frequently Asked Questions.

Top 5 Valorant Betting Sites

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Our Top 5 Valorant Betting Sites

Not all Esports betting sites offer Valorant bets so obviously we have made sure that our top five all do.


Bet365 has always been known for having a large range of sports for you to bet on and Esports is no exception. They are a good Valorant betting site to have an account at because of the way they always provide a large number of Esports betting markets regardless of what specific game it is. Their sports betting new customer offer is compatible with being used for Valorant bets.

✅ Pros:

  • Great live betting platform and live streaming for most events.

  • Huge variety of betting lines to choose from, including in the Bet365 app.

  • Great odds for a variety of markets.


Betway is a great Esports betting site that has some of the best Valorant betting odds. As well as that, they allow in-play betting and the ability to stream and watch the games as the action unfolds. There are various betting markets to choose from whether they be on the attacking team or the defending team. Furthermore they have an "Esports Club" and each week when you bet £25 on an Esports double (or more) you get a £10 Free bet.

✅ Pros:

  • App with a built in Cash out feature.

  • Excellent odds on Valorant matches.

  • Esports Betclub - £10 Free bet every week!


Paddy Power is a well known brand that you would expect to be one of the better Esports betting sites given the impression you get that the appeal to younger bettors who will be more likely to be Esports betting. They have all the major tournaments covered with competitive Valorant betting odds and promotions.

✅ Pros:

  • Many international competitive Valorant matches covered.

  • Competitive odds.

  • Good bookmaker customer support.


Mr.play are a less well known bookmaker but they are a reliable site and they provide odds on many Valorant leagues from around the world as long as it is an official tournament. They have good Esports odds which is obviously important when you are real money betting. There is a Welcome bonus which is compatible with Valorant gambling and also PLAY boosts with special odds for existing customers.

✅ Pros:

  • One of the top Esports betting sites.

  • All popular Esports titles covered.

  • Super fast customer service response times.


Unibet have a competitive platform when it comes to Esports betting, and for Valorant they cover all the different regions where Esports fans like to watch, play, and bet on the games. They have a number of promotions regularly available to all players and although they are not always the best Esports odds they are always competitive.

✅ Pros:

  • Most professional Valorant matches are covered from all over the world.

  • Good in-play bet options.

  • Cashable welcome bonus.

Ultimate Guide on How to bet on Valorant

Looking to bet on Valorant for the first time, but not sure where to start? Simply follow our simple step by step guide below. In our example, we have used Bet365 to demonstrate how to place a bet on Valorant, but most online betting sites have similar formats.

  1. Log in to your chosen Valorant betting site.

  2. Select Esports from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

  3. Click on Valorant to see the most popular markets available.

  4. You can then click on the number to the right of the main event markets, to see further betting odds related to that event. 

  5. We have chosen to back Watermint to win their event. To do this, click on the outright odds on the event page.

  6. The selection then appears in the betting slip which pops up on the web page. 

  7. You can then enter your stake. 

  8. Finally, click ‘place bet’ to confirm your bet. 

How To Choose The Best Valorant Bookmaker

We want you to have the best possible Valorant betting experience, so we assess and review bookmakers so that you do not have to. When searching for the best Valorant betting sites, we use a number of parameters to assess the quality of each bookmaker. We detail some of the parameters that we use, in this section.

Esports Betting Options

Quite obviously, our first judgment is based on the number of Esports betting options available. Only a select group of online betting sites offer odds on Valorant, so we have sought out the best of them, for you to enjoy. 

We also review the range of Valorant betting options available, as some offer a limited selection of outright markets, while others offer a wider range of Valorant betting odds. Therefore, we suggest the Valorant betting sites with the widest selection of Valorant betting markets available.

Customer Support

All UK betting sites have customer support but they are of hugely varying quality. Some can be contacted by many different methods, on the phone, Email, live chat, or even via Social media. The more methods the better all things being equal but remember the contact methods are only as good as the response on the other end. Having a live chat that is answered quickly by a real person and you get a coherent and useful answer straight away that is what we look for. Spending hours on hold only to get through to some kind of AI bot is not what we are looking for.

Bonuses & Promotions

Everyone likes a bonus! If you can get a little bit of a reward for placing bets that you were always going to anyway, then why not! Any Free bets and bonuses offered by bookmakers can absolutely increase the value of your bets and are a good thing. They should not be treated as the reason to place a bet though unless you already planned to.

Payment Methods

The more payment methods that a bookmaker has the more flexibility you will have when gambling online. The top betting sites will provide free deposits and withdrawals, and allow debit cards, E-wallets, and all the modern methods such as Google Pay.

Low-Profit Margins

The lower the profit margins a bookmaker has means the better the value that they are offering. Lower margins means better odds, and this means that in the long run you will either be making more profit or taking longer to lose but both of those outcomes are preferable to betting with poor odds and high margins.

In-Play & Mobile Betting

Long gone are the days when bookmakers would offer bets on upcoming events and that was it. These days betting on events as they take live is hugely popular, and it complements mobile betting whilst you are on the go. Betting sites that cater to these things, with many in-play betting options, preferably on a mobile App, are what you should look for when you are Valorant Esports betting.

Tips & Strategies for Valorant Betting on Real Money

If you are just starting out with Valorant betting, the following tips and strategies may help you to get the best results from your wagers. It is important to remember that these are simply suggestions to help you and there is no guarantee that your bets will win.

Learn About the Gameplay

The best thing that you can do when starting out with betting on Valorant is to watch some of the best Valorant tournaments, live, to get a good idea of gameplay. As you gain experience with this, you will start to  see which players and teams are most successful, allowing you to place bets accordingly.

Assess the Game’s Esports Scene

In order to gain more information about which players and teams have the best chances in different tournaments, you can start to explore the Valorant Esports scene, such as chatrooms and Reddit threads. By doing this, you can start to learn more about the opinions of other Valorant fans and bettors to increase your understanding and, therefore, your chances of placing a successful bet.

Explore the META

It is commonly agreed that the META is an acronym for the Most Effective Tactics Available. By exploring the META, you can learn more about the various strategies used by different players and teams, and determine which you think will be most successful, allowing you to tailor your betting strategy accordingly.

The Most Popular Valorant Betting Markets

If you are just starting out with Valorant betting, you may find the different types of Valorant betting markets confusing. In this section, we describe some of the most popular Valorant betting markets available at the best Valorant betting sites.

Match Result

Probably the most popular Valorant betting market available at all Valorant Betting sites, are the match result markets. With this bet type, you are quite simply betting on who you think will win the match. 

Correct Score

When it comes to Valorant, a correct score betting market market refers to the number of maps won by each team. So for example, you may bet on a team to win two maps to nil, or 2-0.

Total Rounds for Each Map

Each game of Valorant is played as a best of 25 rounds, with the first team to win 13 rounds being declared the winner. In a total rounds betting market, you are betting on the number of rounds to be played before a winner is declared. This may be presented in the form of an Under/Over bet.

Map Rounds Against the Spread

Spread bets are about who wins the game, and the margin they win by. So in a map rounds against the spread market in Valorant, you are betting on a particular side to win by a specific number of maps ahead of the losing team.

Valorant Betting Apps

If you want to bet on Valorant from your mobile device then chances are that you will be doing so from a betting App. Some sites have put more effort into their Apps than others though and not all of them have all the features and functionality of the desktop versions. The Apps which have retained all (or at least the majority) of the features, look good, and are easy to use, are the ones that we rate the highest.


The Bet365 App is identical in terms of the features that are available as their full website. The only notable difference is that the App is in landscape (horizontal) and the website is in portrait (vertical). The main positive that comes from using the Bet365 mobile App is that you gain the ability to play while on the move no matter where you are or what time you want to bet.


The Betway App offers a great user experience. It is well designed and easy to navigate. The Betway App has the ability to send you notifications for a variety of different scenarios when you are betting which can help you miss out on any action.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is one of the largest bookmakers in the UK and Ireland, and they have put a lot of effort into their App. With an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate interface the betting process is quick and simple. The Paddy Power App is a great tool for betting anywhere at any time.

Valorant Live Betting

Most of the best Valorant betting sites will offer live betting, so Valorant bettors can place wagers in-play. Live betting markets may include the player or team to win the next round or map. 

Valorant Bonuses & Promotions

Many of the best Valorant Betting sites offer bonuses and promotions to attract new customers. Here, we share some of the different types of promotions available to Valorant bettors.:

Welcome Bonuses

Most Valorant betting sites offer a welcome bonus to new customers. These usually take the form of a Free bet, following sign up and placement of a qualifying bet at minimum odds and a minimum wagering amount. Check the Terms and Conditions of the individual promotions though, as bets on Esports may or may not qualify. 

Free Bets

Some Valorant betting sites offer a Free bet following a qualifying bet. These can sometimes be specific to initial bets on Esports markets, which makes them well-suited to Valorant betting fans. 

Biggest Valorant Events To Bet On

There are a number of different Valorant events to choose from when it comes to Valorant betting. In this section, we share some of the biggest Valorant Events to look out for.




VALORANT Champions 2023

Feb 13th - Mar 4th, 2023


Ascension Tournament


Qualify for 2024 International League in their respective international territory.


June 2023

Best teams directly qualify to Champions.

Game Changers (Womens League)

End of the year

The best teams from each region compete in an international event at the end of the year

Valorant Champions Tour

Without question, the biggest event in the Valorant calendar is the Valorant Champions Tour. This event is covered by all of the Valorant betting sites on the market, and it is no surprise. In 2022, the Valorant Champions Tour pulled in over 1,500,000 viewers and had a prize pot of several million dollars. 

Organised by Riot Games, 23 minor leagues worldwide compete within themselves during the first half of the year, with the victors competing against each other in the Masters in June. The winners of the Masters then compete in the Champions between August and September. This means that there is almost always a VCT event to wager on, for the best part of a year.

Valorant Challengers

The Challengers circuit is for teams that did not secure a partnership with Riot Games and therefore do not get to take part in the Champions Tour. The first leg takes place during January, February and March, with the second leg starting soon after the first ends in May.

Valorant Ascension Tournament

The Ascension tournament is big news for unpartnered teams as it allows a select group of winners to qualify for the international leagues the following year. The Ascension tournament is due to take place in July.

Red Bull Campus Clutch

The Red Bull Campus Clutch is where university student teams from around the world compete to win €20,000. The 2022 event took place in December, but at the time of writing, Red Bull are yet to announce 2023 dates for the competition.


In conclusion, Valorant is an Esport which is rapidly growing in popularity, making it an attractive prospect for fans of the sport who also enjoy a flutter. As a result, bookmakers are starting to respond by expanding their Esports offering, with Valorant betting markets becoming more widely available. 

The top betting sites are… 

Here at Legalbet we have also categorised the top betting sites and their features to make them easier for you to find. They are:

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Valorant Betting FAQs

What Are the Best Online Valorant Betting Sites?

We have outlined the best Valorant betting sites at the top of this article. Not all betting sites offer bets on Valorant so our choices are the best of those that do.

How to Find Bonuses on Valorant Betting Websites?

It is common for most Valorant betting websites to have a promotions menu or tab, outlining their current bonuses. It is very rare to have Valorant specific bonuses but many general promotions can be claimed using Valorant bets.

Is Real Money Valorant Betting Legal & Safe?

It is legal to bet real money on Valorant as long as you use a fully licensed and regulated Valorant betting site, in order to make the process as safe and secure as possible. Every site listed on legalbet.uk has a licence from the UKGC and is completely legal for UK citizens over the age of 18 to use.

What’s the Minimum Deposit on Valorant Bookies?

Minimum deposit amounts vary between bookmakers, so check the Terms and Conditions of your chosen Valorant betting site. The lowest amount you will find is £5 and it could be as much as £10. More than £10 is incredibly rare.

Can I Register Multiple Accounts on Online Valorant Bookmakers?

All online bookmakers licenced by the UKGC only allow one account per customer, per household.

What Is the Best Valorant Event to Bet on?

There are many Valorant events available to bet on. The most popular are detailed in this article, with the biggest being the Valorant Champions Tour.

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