Which are the best UK betting sites to accept PayPal?

PayPal began as the payment method of choice for users of Ebay, replacing the need to send cheques in the post.  These days they have branched out and can be used to send money to virtually anybody virtually anywhere and for virtually any purpose.  The gambling industry is one of the sectors to have added PayPal in recent years as an accepted and trusted payment method.

PayPal is what is known as an “E-Wallet”, they are a place to spend and receive money from and to which act just like a bank, but without being a bank, they have no physical real world presence. There are several reasons why people prefer to use an E-Wallet compared to simply using their debit or credit card directly from their bank.  One is security, and having to only provide your bank card details once to the E-Wallet is considerably less risky than having to do multiple transactions to multiple different bookmakers.  When using PayPal you simply tell the gambling site your Email and password, they do not need to know any further details about your bank account or credit card. There is also the matter of privacy to be considered, some people do not want the World to know their gambling patterns or history and so can hide it from their bank records with a payment to the E-Wallet instead..

Where can you use it

Fortunately there are many bookies which accept PayPal so you can pick the one that best meets your needs.  Be it attractive promotions, high wagering limits, a large range of markets, the ability to bet in play or the choice to “cash out” there will be a betting site which accepts PayPal for you!

How to use it

So how do you join PayPal? Well firstly they accept customers from virtually the whole World, there are over 200 Countries catered for with 25 Currencies supported. The UK is obviously covered but on the off chance you are not from the UK you can check the full list here:


So for UK users, you can go to this page here to join: https://www.paypal.com/uk/welcome/signup

At the initial stage you will just need to tell them your Full name, Email address, and you select a password. At this stage you will receive an Email from Paypal, once you have clicked on the link provided your account Is set up and you can receive money.

In order to send money though you need to put in a few more details and also upload some £s to get the ball rolling. You need to tell them your address and also credit or debit card details to upload funds. They will need to see proof of your age and address before allowing you to ever withdraw any money back to the card so it is a good idea to upload a scan of a utility bill and your passport too at this stage.

Once you have money deposited into PayPal and confirmed your identity you are good to go!