The best F1 betting sites for the UK in 2022

The best F1 betting sites for the UK in 2022

Formula One (also known as Formula 1 or F1) is the highest class (fastest!) type of international motor racing. It has grown to be one of the truely Global sports, with revenue from betting playing a growing part.

The best F1 sites

Bookmaker Formula 1 Odds Margin Formula 1 Markets Welcome Bonus
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(The above table is based on data for the Italian “Emilia Romagna” Grand Prix, April 2021. Odds comparison is for the top 4 drivers in the market to win the race)

Formula One is organised and governed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (also known as the FIA). Formula One has been the main form of international motor racing since it began in 1950. A Formula One season consists of a series of races, known as Grands Prix (Which is French for 'great prizes'). These races take place around the World with the exact circuits chosen changing year from year, sometimes they are purpose-built tracks and sometimes the races take place on closed public roads.

On this page we have compiled a list of the best F1 betting sites available to UK bettors. We have researched them all thoroughly and looked at several different criteria when making our choices. You should read the reviews carefully and consider the factors which are most important to you when deciding which bookmaker, or bookmakers, you are going to bet at. At the end of the day our results are based on our opinions and our experiences, but only you know which of those are going to be the ones important enough to make you choose one bookmaker over and above another for your sports betting.

How did we chose the bookmakers:

1) Odds

To bet profitably in the long run, or even just to lose more slowly, you will need the best F1 betting odds possible. Having a winning bet is of course half the battle but you need to maximise your returns, and the following F1 bookies consistently give you the best returns on your Formula One bets:

2) Depth of Markets

 Formula One is not a major area of concern for UK betting sites if truth be told. It has a very fanatical following but they do not tend to do much sports betting and not for large amounts. For this reason there can be quite low (or even no!) levels of F1 coverage at the bookies. The sites we recommend do not only have coverage but also have a depth of betting options and markets for you to chose from

These are the best F1 betting sites for offering betting action on all of the races, and also the qualifying stage, the long term constructors championship, and proposition bets for each driver, to name just a few things that set them apart.

3) Bet Limits 

Being able to bet to the stake levels YOU are happy with is important, this encompasses both the amounts you can deposit and withdraw as well as the amounts you can win and lose. Here we list the online bookies who give you the most flexibility and offer the best limits.


Min Deposit

Min F1 Bet Size

Max Win (F1 Bet)

Can set “Loss Limits”






Betfair Exchange





Betfair Sportsbook




























£25,000 (a day)







4) Live Betting 

As any professional gambler will tell you, it is imperative that you can amend and hedge your positions as the races are taking place live, this is known as betting “in play”. F1 betting does not have a huge amount of in play possibilities due to the fast and furious nature of the race, but obviously a lot can still happen to make betting opportunities available to you. Some of the possible “In Play” bets are listed below, these we think are the “must have” bets that the F1 bookies must offer:

5) “In Play” F1 Bets

The main Formula One bets which gamblers in the UK choose to use are

  • Race winner

  • Podium Finish

  • To classify (finish the race)

  • Safety Car - Yes/No

  • Total number of finishers

  • Fastest Lap

Obviously there can be more than just those, but that should give some flavour of what options you should be looking for. For “In Play” Formula One betting then really the Betfair exchange is the best place to go.

(Pro Tip: If you intend to bet “In Play” on Formula 1 then it is important to not only watch the race but also listen to what the commentators are saying. Often they are Ex Professional Formula One drivers themselves and they are experts at reading the races and predicting who will do what and what will happen next. For an extra edge again many TV services stream the team Radios live, so you can find out what the drivers themselves are planning next in terms of tyres and pit stop strategies.)

6) New User Bonus

If you are looking for a NEW online Formula One bookmaker then the current offer available as a sign up bonus is a factor to be considered. Betting sites tend to frequently alter both the amounts and the attached T&C’s of these bonuses. At time of writing some of the best New User Bonuses which are eligible to be used in conjunction with F1 bets are from:

The Bet365 offer requires a medium sized bankroll to be taken advantage of but we like the way it is staggered, giving more than one bite of the cherry. No matter how it comes, £100 in Free bets is to be welcomed.

The BetFred offer is a fantastic % boost for those on a lower budget, perhaps gambling recreationally and wanting their money to go a bit further. With just a £10 deposit £30 of Free bets means you have a 300% leverage to your chosen bets.

Worth mentioning is the Unibet offer, with a £40 deposit you can have a good bet on a solid choice perhaps, but safe in the knowledge that if that bet looses, as it is your first bet, the deposit will be returned (as bonus funds) and you get a second roll of the dice.

7) User Experience (website design)

It is very important to feel comfortable and relaxed when you are gambling, the best F1 betting sites are well designed website can help a lot with that. Some bookies have eye catching images of the big stars on their screen, whilst some bookmakers just make it simple to get a bet on with as few clicks as possible. In our opinion some of the best designed betting websites for the UK market are:

Both betting sites combine an informative, easy to read layout with just enough graphics to appear interesting but without so much that it compromises the amount of space given to information you actually need. Both have obviously spent a lot of time on their navigation systems making maneuvering around their sites seamless and easy to do.

8) Mobile Apps

In 2022 the days of sitting at a PC to “surf the web” are long gone. A lot of people access the internet, and therefore bet, mainly from their Smart phones. They do it whenever and wherever they want to and a dedicated mobile app gives them all their betting options in one easy to navigate, convenient place. The majority of bookmakers provide mobile apps to their customers these days, some of the best we have found for Formula 1 bets are Bet365, 888Sport, and BetFair.

The Bet365 betting App displays a wealth of statistics to help you with your research, you can view details of any betting offers that may be applicable. The Bet365 App also allows you to “cash out” a bet at the click of a button, to take away those last minute nerves as a bet comes in (or not!).

The 888Sport betting App is available for both Android and iOS phones. It has incredibly intuitive navigation to find the bets you want to place and it supports the option of live betting on a huge number of Formula 1 events. Early Cash Out is an option for those who want to lock in their winnings or cut their losses. Any Bonuses available to website customers also apply to those who register or use the 888Sport App. 

The BetFair betting App is as you would expect a first class product, with ALL the betting markets available via the website also available via the App. After just one click you can jump to all events either “In Play” now, starting today, starting tomorrow, or starting in the next 7 days. There is the ability to cash out automatically or you can partially cash out as you wish by manually hedging your bets, a level of customisation which is unique to the Betfair App. 

9) Customer support 

When looking for a Formula One bookmaker to bet with, customer service is an area which shouldn’t be overlooked. Having questions dealt with quickly and efficiently helps build trust between you and your bookie and provides reassurance that you are in safe hands. Some bookmakers focus on live chat services, while others may concentrate on Email or Phone. The rise of social media has also seen the reach of customer service spread to Facebook and Twitter. For all round great customer service, defined by being able to provide an accurate answer in a timely fashion, BetFred, Ladbrokes, and BetFair are amongst the best you get.

TOP 5 bookmakers review


If you are not yet a member they have a very generous welcome bonus, and if you have an existing account then you will already know about there fantastic VIP loyalty program. On top of this all F1 bets at odds of over 4/1 which win are rewarded with a £5 free bet. Keep your eyes open for the orange arrow next to your bets, whenever you see this it means you are getting a boosted Formula One bet price. 


With a £30 welcome bonus after opening an account and placing a Formula One bet for just £5, joining BetVictor has got to be tempting and up there as one of the best Formula 1 bookies to choose from. They have loads of existing promotions and bonuses for existing customers to keep yours open for and when it comes to placing a Formula One bet there is a massive range of markets to choose from. Of course if they don’t have what you are looking for yet you can use their “Price it Up” feature to get the odds you want.


One of the best bookmakers out there when it comes for existing user bonuses is Betfred. If you check the promotions tab on the site you can see which ones are relevant to F1 bets. Even if there are none right now you can at any time join as a new user and take advantage of the welcome bonus when you place your Formula One bets. As one of the oldest High Street brands out there you are also constantly reassured that with over 50 years of experience you are going to be well looked after, and winnings can even be picked up as cash in any of their shops.


As an exchange Smarkets has one of the largest range of Formula One betting markets out there. Liquidity is always high on the day of the race and you are spoilt for choice with betting options. There is also no limits on winnings, so if you want to place big bets on Formula 1, win, and come back time and time again Smarkets is the place.


As an all rounder when it comes to F1 betting SwishBet is a solid bookmaker to choose. Of all bookmakers they have the most Specific F1 promotions, as well as a decent sign up offer and ongoing bonuses applicable to all sports. They will Email offers to all users for most Formula one races that come along. When you come to place your bets you will have solid odds and a large range of markets to bet on

Popular Formula One Betting Markets 

When betting on Formula One there are not as many betting options as some other sports for two main reasons, it is a much simpler sport in terms of objectives, and there is far fewer variables to consider. We list some of the most popular bets and explain what they are below:

Race Winner: Who will win the race

Pole Position: Who will win the qualifying race and begin at the front of the grid

Winning Constructor: The winning car will belong to which team

Fastest Lap: Which driver will have the fastest lap in the race

Podium Finish: Will a driver finish in the top 3

Classified: Will a driver officially finish the race

F1 Betting Tips

There is not often any value to bet on the outright winner of a race. In the 2019/20 Season Lewis Hamilton won over half the races. The remaining races were split between just four other drivers, and so the odds on an eventual winner were frequently offering no value as Hamilton was priced up odds on every race. It was better, and the same will apply in the 2022 Season, to look at some of the competitive drivers who make up the rest of the field and have a chance of finishing on the podium, here much more generous odds can be found on events with a better chance of happening.

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